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Just one more idea: take a look at MathML. In contrast to LateX/TeX, MathML is an XML standard which would make it more compatible to the Scribus file format.

There are some C++ - libs which can be a good starting point:

As stated in one of the feature request linked from the proposal, MathML is good for software, but it is hard to write for humans. OTOH the output of your first link looks quite good and it would remove the dependency on external software. So here's a list of pros and cons I can think of:


  • No external dependency
  • Better integration with XML


  • Hard to edit by humans
  • Many people are familiar with latex
  • With LyX a pretty good editor for latex exists
  • mml-widget has font problems *)
  • Porting form GTK might be required

*) (From the mml-widget webpage) Warning: you may notice some differences between the rendering of GtkMathView and the screenshots above. This is primarily due to the actual fonts installed on your system. Note also that some fonts are buggy, that is they have wrong/strange metrics for some symbols. In particular, the symbol font (75dpi) usually shipped with Unix/Linux has a buggy vertical bar for the integral sign, so that large integrals have the middle part misaligned.

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