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Revision as of 19:10, 8 March 2005 by Hap0 (talk | contribs)
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There is the error "There are no Postscript-Fonts on your system" when executing scribus.exe

What can i do there? Where do i have to install the ps-fonts to?

install xorg-X11-fscl/fsrv packages

1. Rerun cygwin setup.

2. make sure you selected the two packages:

  • xorg-X11-fscl
  • xorg-X11-fsrv

3. rerun scribus

Once I did that the error went away. :)


Thanks for trying it out!

@hap0: Hey, cool! That works...Now i want to run 1.3cvs!!! Thanx for your great work

One thing id like to add: there is no real mdi-interface now. all property windows etc are opened as extra windows, not as windows inside scribus. is there a solution? -- Oh no as far as the question of mdi vs. sdi goes, that is a matter of how the software is designed at the source and thus if you feel that would be a good idea you would have to submit that as a feature request. Personally I think I prefer the sdi better myself. :)