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Anomalies and Issues

The "Keyboard Shortcuts by Key" page notes various shortcut functions - listed below - that couldn't be verified. If you have more information about these areas please edit the page as appropriate or get in touch with the author of the page.

  • Document Information - Control-I.
  • Stacked Objects, next in Z-order - Control-Shift-LMouse.
  • Resizing object when other object on top - Control-drag.
  • Move image in image frame without entering frame edit mode - Control-Alt-drag.
  • Resize to a square - Shift-drag.
  • Scale text - Alt-Shift-drag.
  • Scale text proportionally - Alt-Control-drag.
  • When in Image Editing mode (double click on an image frame first), SHIFT + MOUSEDRAG enables to rotate the image.