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When placing a text frame over an image, the problem often occurs that the colour of the text and the underlying images are interfering. Here are two simple tricks to avoid this.


  • Create a rectangular shape with approximately the same size as your text frame, fill it with white or another color, set its opacity to 30% or another value smaller than 100% and put it under your text, but above the image:

Text over image1.png

  • Create a text frame for your text, convert it to outlines by using Item > Convert to Outlines. Move it over a shape, for example a rectangular. Select both objects and use Item > Combine Polygones. If you move the new object over an image now , the image can be seen through the text:

Text over image2.png

  • The "wave" has been produced in a similiar way: I started with a rectangular shape. By using Edit shapes > Move Control Points in the Shape tab of the Properties Palette, the points of the shape can be re-arranged and changed to curves:

Text over image3.png

  • In this case, a polygon with 7 corners and an applied factor of -45 was used to create a star. As described above, the price is "embossed" into the star and a duplicate of the result is used as a shadow:

Text over image4.png

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