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This page shows the preferred basic layout of a tutorial. It contains the standard sections and formatting to be used. Copy the whole page text to make a new tutorial.
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This article uses these graphical conventions
Tutorial template icon window.pngWindow ⟩⟩ Tab/Panel in Window


This is where you tell the reader something about what the tutorial does.

You should include a message telling the reader what sort of difficulty level the tutorial is for.

Specific techniques used in this tutorial

  • First technique.
  • Second technique.


Here you should tell the reader what sort of things they need to do before starting the tutorial.

For example, this might be to download a font or image to be used later.

First Section

Each tutorial should be split into a number of logical sections.

Second Section

With each section following on the the one before it.


Here you can give the reader a summary of what they've done and/or give suggestions for further reading and/or experiment.