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(GSoC 2012 project : Rendering and Multithreading)
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GSoC 2012 Project : Rendering and Multithreading
Ale has put up a new idea "Rendering and Multithreading" on the ideas page.
Imo  its a very good idea, but i think it needs a clearly defined scope. The  whole code base of Scribus cannot be converted to use multithreading  within GSoC ( around 3 months ), so i am creating this page, to decide  on the parts of Scribus that need Multithreading to be done first.
Please suggest on what all fields it should cover keeping in mind the time duration of project.
This  project though it can be extended and the process continued after GSoC,  but Google needs us to have a definite scope that can be completed in  the given time.

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