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... how to fix some nagging UI issues
... how to fix some nagging UI issues
* [[Scribus as a Server]] -- how to use scribus for web-to-print
* [[Ghostscript Features]] -- render pdf and images with gs on the commandline

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Hi from Germany!

About me

  • Marketer & Copywriter
  • Using Scribus since 2003 for some flyers & newsletters
  • Non-developer, but I can read some code and make sense of it
  • Mac, Win, Suse-Linux-Boxes
  • Filed some bug reports

Why here

  • learning more about stuff, and updating wiki info

Need to know...

... more about Scribus scripting for a newspaper project

  • text-out
  • text-in
  • some kind of database integration
  • some kind of wiki integration
  • picture-database integration

... how to fix some nagging UI issues