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  • What is Scribus and what can it do?
  • Download Scribus
  • How to get support
  • How to be part of the community
  • Keep it small: Offer all in the visitor's language and keep it up to date

We should limit the landing pages to a small set of easy to translate pages that will create a multi-lingual entry point. Nothing dynamic or frequently changing should go there. They must define the categories, which will get expanded upon in the official/user parts of the wiki. /malex 20:36, 10 December 2010 (UTC)/

Draft screenshot

Website proposal ale.png



  • scribus logo
  • a top navigation
    • about
    • download
    • community
    • development
  • a short description of scribus (300 to 500 chars)
  • a feature list (3 sections with few words and a link)
  • bigger download button with link to the current stable version for the visitor's current system
  • one or more screenshots presented in a fancy way (transparences, irregular form)
  • One highlight (300 to 500 chars)
  • list with max 3 news (not older than 3 months)
    • title + short description + link (+ picture?)
  • a "beginning with scribus" button
  • a keywords cloud (manually defined)
  • bottom link list (more on the administration side...)
    • contact
    • sitemap
    • sponsors
  • a "standard" way to show special promotions (like the lgm pledgie, the new book)
  • if no special promotion show one sponsor randomly picked each time + link to all the sponsors
  • a top navigation bar with some special links
Hard requirements
  • Short overview of Scribus
  • Screenshot
  • Sponsors - see Sponsors for the content
  • News
  • Search
  • Navigation menu

malex 21:02, 10 December 2010 (UTC)

Graphical page structure

Website proposal ale description.png


  • about scribus (2'000 chars description)
  • team
    • name, nickname, competences, picture
    • how to contact the team
  • scribus association
  • complementary projects
    • fontmatrix
    • littlecms
    • gimp
    • inkscape


  • download
    • short introduction to download according to the visitor's current operating system + link to the documentation for more infos.
    • bigger download button with link to the current stable version for the host system
    • stable version
      • for each platform
    • unstable version
      • for each platform
    • development version
      • link to the latest available snapshot for each platform
      • svn link + link to how to compile from svn


  • community
    • link to documentation
    • why and how report bugs + link to bugs
    • link to ML and to our web irc client
  • eventually user friendly subscribe / unsubscribe form for the mailing list
  • web irc client




  • sitemap
    • entries are manually added (not generated)
    • several columns


  • sponsor
    • list with logo, name, website and a description of what the sponsor is doing for scribus