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Native version of Scribus for Win32 as of 22 Nov 2005

Status in short

  • Windows port is work in progress, expect first test builds around the version 1.3.2 or 1.3.3
  • See the RFE 15 for more

Long description

  • Jean Ghali has been submitting a series of patches to improve win32 compatibility and MSVC++ support, with the goal of getting a full-featured win32 build. See this mailing list post and the thread it spawned under the title "Scribus compiled with 2002 : let's start debugging".
  • The win32 support bug contains a list of related bugs and discussion that may be useful.
  • Since Jean is working on MS Visual Studio based builds, the Visual C++ Express Edition might be of interest to anybody who wants to help out. Note that Microsoft is releasing it for free download until November 2006 (license doesn't expire), and for US $49 after that.

If you are a student though, you can get the whole Visual Studio 2003 (and 2005?) for $25 from [1] As authorised by Microsoft.