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'''Other languages:''' [[Twój pierwszy artykuł w Scribus Wiki|Polski (pl)]]
{{TIP Index}}
[[new information]]
* If you don't have a Wiki account, <!-- [http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php?title=Special:Userlogin&returnto=Special:Userlogout create one for yourself], you are only three text fields and one click away from it. --> send a short e-mail to  [mailto:wikiaccountNOSPAM@scribusNOSPAM.info wikiaccount (at) scribus (dot) info] and ask for it.
* Log in, click onto one of the categories: '''[[:Category:HOWTO|HOWTOs]]''', '''[[:Category:TIP|Tips and Tricks]]''', etc.
* Click on '''Edit''', add a Wiki link to your new article, e.g.:
  <nowiki>  [[This is a sample]]</nowiki>
* Click on '''Save page'''
* Click on your new Wiki link
* You will see a new editing frame, start to write your article
* On top of your document, add one of our category templates, e.g.:
  <nowiki>  {{HOWTO Index}}</nowiki>
* Click on '''Save page'''. Done!
* Click on '''Save page'''. Done!

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