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early draft

<greg> add a slider like in oo.org

<ale> here the zoom functions i (would) need:

  • an easy way to get back at 100% (eventually see the current %... which could be an input box)
  • eventually a way to switch among two zoom levels (mostly all page on screen / detailed view)
  • ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom in and out
  • + / - in non edit mode and ctrl++ / ctrl+- in edit mode to zoom in and out
  • a zoom tool to make a "selected area" fill the window
  • eventually some keys like in inkscape (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) to fit to screen with different criteria
  • for the beginners it should be possible to zoom in and out with the zoom tool

Some Comparisons

Scribus Zoom

Zoom scribus.png Zoom scribus1.png To the far left are the basic zoom items, the spinbox and the buttons
  • The spinbox changes by 1% as default
    • Holding Ctrl or Alt causes each change to be 10% (absolute)
    • Holding Shift: 0.1% (absolute)
    • Holding Ctrl+Alt: 100% (absolute)
  • - button reduces zoom by 50% (relative to current)
  • 1 button brings zoom to 100%
  • + button increases zoom by 100% (relative to current)

Right-clicking on the spinbox brings up this dialog to the immediate left, and the only pertinent items are Step up and Step down, which merely behave like clicking the arrows of the spinbox.

OpenOffice Zoom

Here it's a bit more complicated.

Zoom openoffice.png Here is the slider, where you can click-drag or simply click some position along the slider for the zoom to jump to. Minimum is 20%, maximum 600%. Clicking the - and + buttons changes by 5% (absolute). It's also worth noting that spinning the mouse wheel with the cursor over the slider has no effect.
Zoom openoffice1.png If you right-click the number (%), you get this dialog, with some sensible choices.
Zoom openoffice2.png If you double-left-click the number (%), this large dialog pops up with some additional choices.

Inkscape Zoom