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Announcement: This page's function is for Scribus volunteers to post bugs that are possibly closed
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In order to save time, we need to create a wiki page that is easy to read and understand for developers (their time is precious :) ).

Closing bugs

Bugs categorization

At the moment there are two main categories to fill with bug reports:

  1. Bugs to be closed: includes reports which are already implemented or fixed in the current releases such as 1.4 or 1.5.
  2. Bugs need information: includes reports which are "useless" in their current state as do not contain enough information to find and fix the issue or are simply related to very old Scribus versions. We may send a message to the reporter and, if there is no response, close them.

0. Bugs that need a verdict

1. Bugs to be closed

Note : there is a #tobeclosed tag in the bug tracker. See list of #tobeclosed bugs

Id Category Priority Created Updated Summary Comment
0006230 Graphics / Image Frames normal 2007-09-17 2015-11-05 Feature request: alignment of images within an image frame works on 1.4.4 with the plugin "align_an_image_in_its_frame". port the script to 1.5.0.svn?
0005590 Story Editor / Text Frames normal 2007-04-25 2015-04-12 queer toolbar refresh issue in SE when applying a style to a selection seems obsolete
0003347 General normal 2006-03-07 2015-03-28 Ruler just keeps on growing over the pages works on 1.4.5.svn and 1.5.0.svn (likely due to a bad usage of scribus). mrb: proposed behaviour seems better than current
0005708 Printing normal 2007-05-18 2014-09-19 Does not print in landscape can we close this?
0008183 Scripter normal 2009-06-20 2009-06-24 Python plugin load error
0004808 Import / Export normal 2006-12-14 2006-12-14 Issue with 1.3.3.x import (imported elements from a master page)

2. Bugs need information

Id Category Priority Created Updated Summary Comment
0011624 Scrapbook normal 2013-06-24 2015-12-01 Scrapbook: name of element is too much summarized needs ideas (requested feedback: 14-jul-04)
0009296 General normal 2010-07-26 2015-11-24 collect for output files don't seem to save correctly can someone reproduce this?
0011447 Color Management normal 2013-03-03 2015-11-11 Creating own colour palette does not work. not sure if it's an issue or wrong usage of scribus (updated: 13-mar-05 / requested feedback: 14-jul-08)
0003822 Fonts normal 2006-05-15 2015-10-10 Stroke of letters overlap the inside of the letters themselves. should be reproduced or closed
0008254 Printing normal 2009-07-06 2015-06-30 Page becomes rotated 90 degrees clockwise when printing to postscript level 3
0009159 Import / Export low 2010-06-11 2015-06-20 impossible to embed some PDFs
0011605 Shape Drawing normal 2013-06-18 2015-03-04 Shape Vertices Coordinates Error needs info
0003096 OS-Win32 normal 2006-01-25 2015-02-05 Network shares unavailable on file open/save dialog updated! bug still exists in certain conditions
0002568 Internal normal 2005-09-15 2014-10-22 Sanitise ghostscript calls
0009365 Typography normal 2010-09-21 2014-10-09 The maximum ascent of the capital czech letters with punctuation (??ŽŠ?ÁÍÉ) behaves incorrectly
0005283 Story Editor / Text Frames normal 2007-02-01 2014-07-18 Cursor doesn't follow text outside the frame.
0011361 Styles normal 2013-01-07 2013-01-07 whole paragraph style edit pane keeps grayed taking a more in depth look later (updated: 13-jan-07)
0010265 Styles high 2011-09-15 2012-02-07 Style attributes aren't set properly to the text no steps or files to reproduce with (updated:12-feb-07)
0009169 Import / Export normal 2010-06-15 2010-06-15 Colour profiles in SVG files are ignored
0007147 General normal 2008-07-17 2009-04-23 regexp in outline dialog not working with cyr letters
0006079 General normal 2007-08-08 2008-06-08 Running Scripter with Tkinter causes menus to disappear
0006205 Graphics / Image Frames normal 2007-09-07 2007-09-08 Update Image ignores change of resolution in image
0004883 Story Editor / Text Frames normal 2006-12-18 2006-12-19 tab "zones" with margins and overflow control / warnings
0004885 Story Editor / Text Frames normal 2006-12-19 2006-12-19 additional text flow options for tab sets and "alignment styles"
0000393 Graphics / Image Frames normal 2004-04-01 2006-05-26 SVG inside a picture frame
0002583 Story Editor / Text Frames normal 2005-09-19 2005-12-26 Applying overrides to styles loses baseline grid attachment should be reproduced or closed
0002421 Story Editor / Text Frames normal 2005-08-11 2005-09-09 Default charset for text import on Mac OS X