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Scribus doesn't support footnotes yet[1]. Worse, loading texts with foot- or endnotes into scribus doesn't work with OO.o and ODF files. Try importing an OO.o or ODF file with foot- or endnotes into a text frame and you will see the result: the text ends after the last foot-/endnote and the notes themselves appear in the text where the foot-/endnote mark is placed.

There is, however, an easy workaround for the problem. Write your text in OO.o/StarOffice and save your file as HTML. Then import the HTML file into scribus. All text is preserved, including foot-/endnotes, which are placed at the end of the text.

Note that you still have to place your footnotes by hand if the text or the text frames are changing, but at least all of them are imported correctly and placed as separate items.

Contributed by Christoph Schäfer

  1. Footnotes are supported in 1.5