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Latest releases:

Stable 1.6.1
Devel  1.7.0


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New Scribus Users

  • Scribus newbies may enjoy starting with this tutorial,
  • The Wiki page may be a good starting point if you are looking for a particular category or a how-to.
  • The category tree on the left side strives to present a structural view of all articles in the wiki. Be sure to click the [+] to see the various subcategories for help in finding what you're looking for.

If you are using 1.4, please be sure to check the online manual (F1), which will likely give you much more up to date information than you will see on the documentation site.

The Official Manual

Our own comprehensive manual, detailing everything you need to know to get started and use Scribus, can be ordered from Amazon and other online booksellers. The manual covers usage of the 1.3.3.x versions. See all Scribus books on the Scribus Books Page.

Wiki Contributors and Editors

  • Please see Your first Scribus Wiki contribution for information on account creation.
  • Those who are interested in contributing should start with reading the Scribus Wiki contributor and editor hints to learn how to participate in improving and growing this wiki, which is the main clearing house for the Scribus online documentation.
  • Contribution Score Tables for information on the most active wiki writers and editors. Those are the people who could help you get started contributing to the Scribus Wiki as well.

Scribus developers

  • Scribus Development section lists all developmental sub-projects and opportunities for interested people.
  • Development category is the main hub of documentation related to Scribus development, which can be used for a rapid lookup of the relevant section.
  • The main areas of Scribus development consist but are not limited to:
    • Coding Scribus core in C++/Qt5
    • Writing plugins and scripts in C++ and Python
    • Translation of the Scribus interface & documentation
    • Writing and maintenance of user documentation in the wiki and svn for the help browser
    • Support in #scribus IRC channel on Freenode & Scribus mailing list.

Sponsors and Affiliates

Sponsors: Hosting provided by Modirum MDPay/, Linux-Magazin and Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie sponsor members of the team.

Affiliates: Inkscape/Open Font Library/Open Clipart Project/The Create Project/Fontmatrix

Copyright Notice: Please read the Licensing page for some information about the Scribus sites and their copyright licenses.