Release Procedure: Text Files, Documentation and PR

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Updating text files in the source tree


Updating documentation files

Some doc files need to be updated and translated for every new release, most notably:

  • specs.html
  • readme.html
  • releases.html

specs.html is a complex HTML file and should be edited with LibreOffice Writer Web.

Depending on new/altered/removed features, documentation files, as well as the content.xml file, may require updates or removals.

Creating and uploading PDF data sheet

The data sheet is a PDF version of specs.html. It should be uploaded to the Wiki and be linked to in the announcement. (Use LibreOffice)

Creating a Wiki page

  1. Update (if applicable)
  2. Update (if applicable)
  3. Add a short article to the "Latest Announcements" section (, including a screenshot of the current splash screen or another meaningful screenshot and a link to the full announcement on the Wiki.

Updating the Wiki

  1. Update the specific Stable (1.4.x) and Developmental (1.5.x) pages on the wiki (See [[1]])
  2. Update Announcements with above 1.4.x and 1.5.x links
  3. Update Template:Stable-version with new Stable version number and link to sourceforge
  4. Update Template:Developmental-version with a new Developmental version number and a link to Sourceforge

Getting the message out

  1. Send out the release notes from the Wiki page minus the logos and in plain text form to the recipients (partners, potential multipliers, press) in the distribution list (currently handled by Christoph). Be careful to separate the three categories, in other words: send one email to all press contacts (using CC or BCC), one to partners etc.
  2. Social Media: g+
  3. Social Media: twitter

Updating external resources

The most important external resource that needs to be updated is Wikipedia. Note that many of Wikipedia's Scribus pages haven't been updated for years, but some are up to date, especially the major ones (English, German, French, Italian etc.).