1.5.0 (= 1.6.0 Alpha 1) Roadmap

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Here's a list of issues that need to be resolved before version 1.5.0 (= 1.6.0 Alpha 1) can be released.

  • Fix critical bugs (crashes, PDF export, undo)
  • Create unified import dialog ("Place"): 11626 (patch available), 12015
  • Create unified export dialog (fschmid)
  • Rewrite the ODT import using the new ODG importer instead of Qt. Enable character style import. (fschmid)
  • Import of OpenDocument Hatchings and OpenDocument Pattern Tables: 12077 (fschmid)
  • Shortcuts for styles: 10289 (patch available)
  • Sort file type entries in the Open File and Get Text dialogs alphabetically: 11857
  • Update and prepare Scribus plug-ins based on Document Liberation libraries for librevenge: 12327
  • Fix the eye dropper on Mac OS X (cbradney): 12328