File formats that should be supported by Scribus (wish list)

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Below is a list of file formats users think should be supported by Scribus. This doesn't mean that they will be actually supported, but the list will save numerous bug reports/RFEs. Feel free to add your suggestions. Please also see the Scribus FAQ on propietary imports

Note: Some of these formats may impossible to support for patent (in the U.S) and/or other practical reasons. Notably, no public documentation or mis-matches where a program X has a feature or vice versa. I have added some comments with * to indicate status or existing request --mrdocs 00:24, 17 March 2007 (CET)





  • Corel Photopaint – CPT files are based on TIFF, so that an import filter shouldn't be hard to write, according to Boudewijn Rempt.
  • GIMP - The GIMP developers have specifically recommended against using XCF as an interchange or import as some of the format relies on GIMP internals. Export TIFF or PNG. DONE (GSoC 2008, via GraphicksMagick)
  • IMG/IMG GEM (still used by Corel Ventura Publisher)
  • Kodak Photo CD See here. DONE (GSoC 2008, via GraphicksMagick)
  • Krita (KRA): According to Boudewijn Rempt from Krita, "the pixel data is 64x64 blocks of as many bytes as needed for a pixel, and the rest is xml and self-explanatory."
  • Mac Pict PICT tech doc from Apple. XaraLX has a PICT import filter. DONE (GSoC 2008, via GraphicksMagick)
  • PaintBrush Image (PCX) (See: DONE (GSoC 2008, via GraphicksMagick)
  • PaintShop Pro (GIMP has an import filter), See here, here and here.
  • Photoline
  • Picture Publisher
  • Sun Rasterfile File Format Doc DONE (GSoC 2008, via GraphicksMagick)
  • Truevision Targa (TGA/VDA/ICB/VST) – TGA v1 specification, TGA v2 specification DONE (GSoC 2008, via GraphicksMagick)
  • Windows Bitmap (BMP, RLE) DONE (GSoC 2008, via GraphicksMagick)


  • Acorn Draw (Cf. UniConvertor can convert AFF to SVG and EPS. The spec is available here. DONE (GSoC 2008)
  • Adobe Illustrator - The native format of Illustrator 9.0+ is actually PDF. PARTIALLY DONE FOR 9+ IN 1.3.5
  • Calamus Vector Graphics (CVG) DONE
  • Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) DONE
  • Corel Draw – UniConvertor can convert CDR 7-X4 files to SVG and EPS. DONE (GSoC 2008)
  • Corel Presentation Exchange Format *UniConvertor can convert CMX to SVG and EPS. DONE (GSoC 2008)
  • Dia (See
  • Enhanced Metafile - libEMF is a LGPL library.
  • Karbon14 (KARBON) from KOffice
  • KChart (CHRT) from KOffice
  • Kivio (FLW)
  • Macromedia Freehand
  • Micrografx/Corel Designer (DSF)
  • Micrografx Draw (DRW)
  • OpenDocument charts (ODC)
  • PICT (vector content) DONE
  • StarOffice Draw 3x-5x – Use OO.o code? --C schaefer 02:19, 16 February 2008 (CET)
  • MS Visio (vsd) and Visio XML (vdx). See vdxtosvg and the vdx spec. See also:
  • Windows Metafile *Cf. libwmf DONE
  • WordPerfect Graphics DONE
  • Xara Xtreme – The spec is available here (fschmid) DONE
  • Xfig DONE
  • XPS (The spec is available from MS).


  • GIMP gradients (ggr) DONE
  • OpenDocument gradients (sog) IN PROGRESS
  • Photohop gradients (grd) IN PROGRESS
  • Illustrator gradients (ai)
  • Illustrator vector patterns (ai)
  • Photoshop patterns (pat)
  • GIMP patterns (pat) DONE
  • OpenDocument hatching (soh)
  • OpenDocument pattern table (sob)


  • Acorn !Impression (Cf.
    • A spec (sort of) can be found here.
    • Code to read files can be found here.
  • Apple Keynote
  • Presentation
  • OpenDocument Presentation
  • PowerPoint 95
  • PowerPoint 97-2003
  • StarOffice Impress 3x-5x

The difficulty with presentation file formats is they often have embedded objects beyond the native graphics.

  • InDesign Proof Profiles (IDPP)


  • PDF/X-1a DONE
  • PDF/X-4 DONE
  • PDF/X-5
  • XPS
  • IDML