How to apply a patch to scribus sourcecode

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Apply a patch

  • Get the patch. Usually you get download it off the Scribus bug tracker. Its extension is usually .diff or .patch
  • Look for the date the patch has been created and deduce the svn version that was used to create the patch : the patch fits a specified svn state, and might not be ok in a later state. This is particularly important for patches that modify lot of files, or files that change often, or that have been changed recently.
  • Checkout svn for that specific version, using the -r option
  • go to your svn source folder and copy the patch file there
  • Apply the patch using the patch command.

When the patch file has been correctly prepared with normalized options, the following command should be ok : patch -p1 < thepatchfile.patch

Create a patch

Create a patch file out of your modified source, against svn version :

svn diff -x -u -x -w -x -b > nameofyourpatch.patch