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[[Category:Scribus development]]
'''Other languages:''' [[Twój pierwszy artykuł w Scribus Wiki|Polski (pl)]]
'''Other languages:''' [[Twój pierwszy artykuł w Scribus Wiki|Polski (pl)]]

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Other languages: Polski (pl)

This article is part of the Tips & Tricks series.
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  • If you don't have a Wiki account, send a short e-mail to Wiki account at scribus info.jpg and ask for it.
  • Click on Edit, add a Wiki link to your new article, e.g.:
   [[This is a sample]]
  • Click on Save page
  • Click on your new Wiki link
  • You will see a new editing frame, start to write your article
  • On top of your document, add one of our category templates, e.g.:
    {{HOWTO Index}}
  • Click on Save page. Done!

Here is a sample article that you can play with: