1.4.0 Release Supplemental Notes

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This page is for notes about changes from previous versions, separate to the 1.4.0 release notes.

From the opensuse 11.4 announcement...

The previous stable Scribus series (1.3.3) was built upon Qt 3. The port to Qt 4 took about a month, and it took another 2 months to remove the need for compatibility libraries with Qt3. However, it took well over 3 years to really take advantage of all the new functionality in Qt 4 and implement over 1500 RFC's. This includes porting the canvas over to Cairo which offers better performance and several needed features, as well as some major refactoring in several area's.

The many improvements to this release include a new render frame type for rendering of latex, povray and other files, significant vector file import improvements (incl. AI, PSD, EPS) and better picture and color management including more palettes. In the text handling area, there is a new text storage system, undo and redo now also take care of text changes and there is now support for separate paragraph/character styles.

Need to add a list of bugs from bugs.scribus.net and group by type and functionality, then reduce until we have a nice list....

Build System: Moved to Cmake
Build System: Added more platform support such as *BSD, OpenSolaris
Translations: Updates for English, German, Indian, Chinese, German, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Galician, Greek, Hungarian, Japaenese, Italian, Russian, Swiss German, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, French, Korean, Slovenian
Translations: Increase coverage of translated strings
Windows: Correct compilation of various libraries and tools
Windows: Corrected operation of installer regarding file locations, silent install and uninstall
OSX: The Qt4 port allowed for significantly better platform compatibility for OSX. Fixes for better OSX compatibility for fonts, colours and GUI. Better searching for installed Ghostscript. Moved to OSX Preferences location.
OS/2: With Qt4 ported to OS/2 & eComStation, Scribus now runs on these platforms
Qt4 Port: Migrated to Qt4 for Scribus 1.3.4, with enhancements and bug fixes over time. Moved various classes to now inbuilt Qt classes. Qt4 migration of the canvas lead to a number of code cleanups including a major canvas rewrite.

8661: [User Interface] Selection by shift-clicking is not possible (avox) - closed.
9886: [General] Increasing the font size within a text frame will crash Scribus when the font is too large for the the frame (cbradney) - resolved.

0052: [-] incorrect style hierarchy caused by use of forward references on save (jghali) - closed.
2400: [-] resizing document won't affect masterpages (fschmid) - closed.
3259: [-] Turning off "simulate printer colors" is ignored for current document (jghali) - closed.
3718: [-] can't snap on "non-preferred" side (fschmid) - closed.
5599: [-] 1.3.4cvs: Extras/Manages Pictures: Crash while searching for pictures (subik) - closed.
5669: [-] Sweep selection and click selection have the same effect but noticable different performance (fschmid) - closed.
6086: [-] Print-Preview doesnt zoom correct (fschmid) - closed.
7819: [-] crash in preflight checker (jghali) - closed.

0074: [Canvas] name of template file not visible (jghali) - closed.
0288: [Canvas] resizing a frame with keyboard is not blocked when resizing is off (jghali) - resolved.
10328: [Canvas] Grouped object contour editable in Windows but not in Ubuntu (jghali) - closed.
10345: [Canvas] [BUG] PP lost contact with document window after droping group from scrapbook (jghali) - closed.
6456: [Canvas] Drawing a frame opens the frame size dialog (avox) - closed.
6467: [Canvas] Drag ruler lines are invisible (avox) - closed.
6472: [Canvas] Freehand drawing is missing preview (fschmid) - closed.
6476: [Canvas] Wrong size is displayed when resizing a shape first time (avox) - closed.
6482: [Canvas] Selected items aren't indicated (fschmid) - closed.
6493: [Canvas] Selection rectangle is offset by page offset (avox) - closed.
6502: [Canvas] canvas preview mode isn't updated correctly -- problème affichage lors de bascule "affichage déficiences visuelles" (avox) - closed.
6510: [Canvas] Drag scroll to the right and down do not work (avox) - closed.
6515: [Canvas] Edit modes missing keypress handling (fschmid) - closed.
6516: [Canvas] Resizing a line from the left endpoint resizes like another shape type with resize frame showing (avox) - closed.
6570: [Canvas] magnetic snaping imprecise (jghali) - closed.
6582: [Canvas] Crash when resizing and pressing escape (fschmid) - closed.
6627: [Canvas] Changing the gap between pages results in faulty display of right pages (fschmid) - closed.
6714: [Canvas] sticky tools: new frames are invisible until clicking "select item" (fschmid) - closed.
6725: [Canvas] Text cursor is too fat at higher zoom levels (fschmid) - closed.
6737: [Canvas] sticky tools: right click should activate the select tool (fschmid) - closed.
6783: [Canvas] sticky tools: select last created items (fschmid) - closed.
6797: [Canvas] Selection with the mouse broken with certain text frames (pierremarchand) - closed.
6937: [Canvas] No wrapping of lines with script (jghali) - closed.
6971: [Canvas] Faint diagonal line appearing when in edit mode of text frame (fschmid) - closed.
7009: [Canvas] Outline window not refreshed (cbradney) - closed.
7243: [Canvas] Need option to remove drop shadow behind page (cbradney) - closed.
7419: [Canvas] Rotation can be extremly slow (jghali) - closed.
7494: [Canvas] The constraint in rotation with Ctrl doesn't work anymore. (jghali) - closed.
7495: [Canvas] Selection redraw issue with multiple items selected (jghali) - closed.
7499: [Canvas] Shift Click has stopped working (for creating items between the margins) (jghali) - closed.
7520: [Canvas] Measurements Palette shows wrong dy value (jghali) - closed.
7524: [Canvas] After conversion to another frame type, a frame is no longer selected (works in (cbradney) - closed.
7558: [Canvas] Assert fault when creating a Latex frame (jghali) - closed.
7608: [Canvas] New rotated cursors work well for all objects apart from lines (pierremarchand) - closed.
7683: [Canvas] "pagewidth" and "pageheight" don't work if unit isn't pt (fschmid) - closed.
7726: [Canvas] unselect group from a multi (shift left-click) does not work properly (pierremarchand) - closed.
7827: [Canvas] Guideline position indicator at cursor displays wrong value (fschmid) - closed.
7844: [Canvas] Page margin guides appear incomplete. (cbradney) - closed.
7848: [Canvas] scratch space values incorrect for new documents (jghali) - closed.
7849: [Canvas] Scrolling/painting speed is slow (patch attached) (fschmid) - closed.
7895: [Canvas] Line fill/thickness drawing while dragging inconsistency (fschmid) - closed.
7896: [Canvas] Dragged line while drawing set via line style does not join up correctly (fschmid) - closed.
7897: [Canvas] Line style fill colour not drawn on most if not all applied-to shapes (fschmid) - closed.
8362: [Canvas] Snapping to guides/margins moves frames/objects, not resizes (jghali) - closed.
8426: [Canvas] guides jump with double-sided layout and asymmetric margins (subik) - closed.
8442: [Canvas] ctrl+d should import vector files (ale) - closed.
8542: [Canvas] "windows > arrange pages" doesn't close with the ESC key (jghali) - closed.
8752: [Canvas] "drag selecting" is not as accurate as scribus drawing capabilities (jghali) - closed.
8761: [Canvas] width/height spinboxes do not update while you resize using arrow keys (jghali) - closed.
8813: [Canvas] column / row guides are not correctly shown when reopening a document (jghali) - closed.
8859: [Canvas] bad master page margins in double page layout (jghali) - closed.
8989: [Canvas] No visual indicator for the contour line (fschmid) - closed.
9116: [Canvas] Can't draw at integral coordinates with certain display dpi settings (jghali) - closed.
9230: [Canvas] changing to the baseline grid does not update the text alignement (jghali) - closed.
9585: [Canvas] Horizontal ruler markers misplacement (jghali) - closed.
9642: [Canvas] drag selecting on canvas changes the "active" page (jghali) - closed.
9643: [Canvas] copy pasting on different pages pastes on the wrong page (ale) - closed.

6107: [Color Management] Decide on small standard color set for 1.3.5 release (plinnell) - closed.
6328: [Color Management] Grayscaled PSD not supported (fschmid) - closed.
6501: [Color Management] Registration (fschmid) - closed.
6583: [Color Management] small inconsistency in the colour list (fschmid) - closed.
6842: [Color Management] RFE : color palette sampler (fschmid) - closed.
7596: [Color Management] Segfault on new color from Scribus SVG palette (fschmid) - closed.
7699: [Color Management] Dropdown lists for colours don't show the type of colour (RGB, CMYK, Spot) (fschmid) - closed.
8424: [Color Management] Pure black CMYK(0,0,0,100) is wrong in PS when Color Profiles Applied (jghali) - closed.
8529: [Color Management] Errors in the color swatches (cbradney) - closed.
8530: [Color Management] Errors in BS swatches (cbradney) - closed.
8535: [Color Management] OpenOffice colors (cbradney) - closed.
9831: [Color Management] Doc prefs do not save PDF/X-3 info string (jghali) - closed.
9856: [Color Management] Frequent ""Unable to find the requested color..." error in color wheel (jghali) - closed.
9935: [Color Management] Enable LCMS2.1 support (jghali) - closed.

10131: [Documentation] New paragraph for online help in Other information > Community > Français (jghali) - closed.
10138: [Documentation] documentation updates (cbradney) - closed.
10242: [Documentation] some corrections in the docs pointed out by A Levati (jghali) - closed.
4058: [Documentation] Add CMake build instructions to the docs. (cbradney) - closed.
4755: [Documentation] Really outdated informations in the help files (plinnell) - closed.
4798: [Documentation] Scripter documentation (subik) - closed.
6248: [Documentation] Allow users to have user installable docs in their own directories (cbradney) - closed.
7363: [Documentation] GS fonts page isn't displayed in the help browser - check tags (cbradney) - closed.
7364: [Documentation] Update about1.html (plinnell) - closed.
7376: [Documentation] Write new .dmg based OS X Readme (christoph_s) - closed.
7440: [Documentation] install3.html and toolbox4.html aren't displayed in the help browser (cbradney) - closed.
7441: [Documentation] The "Acrobat Reader" entry in the menu.xml file should be changed to "Adobe Reader" (cbradney) - closed.
7442: [Documentation] The info in readme.html is outdated and partially wrong (plinnell) - closed.
7443: [Documentation] The pagenumber.html file is missing in the de and fr doc directories, which results in the display of index.html instead (cbradney) - closed.
7444: [Documentation] The links to images are broken in the German toolbox files (cbradney) - closed.
7455: [Documentation] Updated pagenumber documentation files (christoph_s) - closed.
7517: [Documentation] Missing plugin license info for older plugins (cbradney) - closed.
8063: [Documentation] New online docs, part 1: Quick Start Guide (plinnell) - closed.
8074: [Documentation] Render Frame Documentation (plinnell) - closed.
8327: [Documentation] A few doc updates (cbradney) - closed.
8601: [Documentation] Readme content is average at best (cbradney) - closed.
8911: [Documentation] Swatchbooker toolbox file (cbradney) - closed.
8991: [Documentation] man page needs updates (plinnell) - closed.
9127: [Documentation] Updated documentation for Working With areas of documentation (cbradney) - closed.
9148: [Documentation] updated screengrabs, settings1.html, also files which can be deleted (cbradney) - closed.
9191: [Documentation] Broken link in the IRC doc (cbradney) - closed.
9193: [Documentation] Missing copyright info in some files (jghali) - closed.
9201: [Documentation] Updated AR Toolbox file (cbradney) - closed.
9210: [Documentation] .de man page needs updates (cbradney) - closed.
9389: [Documentation] Scripter API for "setLineCap(...)" shows wrong example "setLineEnd(endtype, ["name"])" (cbradney) - closed.
9519: [Documentation] Required documentation updates for 1.4 (christoph_s) - closed.
9879: [Documentation] selected documentation updates (cbradney) - closed.

3472: [Fonts] Diacritics in font paths make Scribus sad (avox) - closed.
3530: [Fonts] Scribus is using internal freetype headers (avox) - closed.
3661: [Fonts] Kerning works only for Postscript Type 1 Fonts (avox) - closed.
3849: [Fonts] Unable to change or select a different font (cbradney) - closed.
3950: [Fonts] can't delete additional font paths. (subik) - closed.
4571: [Fonts] More font infos in the font preview (subik) - closed.
4863: [Fonts] Issue with decorative font (fschmid) - closed.
4988: [Fonts] scface crash in version (jghali) - closed.
5312: [Fonts] sla contains "empty" font (jghali) - closed.
5414: [Fonts] crash on adding font paths (fschmid) - closed.
5859: [Fonts] Browsing through fonts in Text Frame Properties causes memory leak (jghali) - closed.
6032: [Fonts] Can't choose black for font style colour (subik) - closed.
6402: [Fonts] Font Preview doesn't work (jghali) - closed.
6431: [Fonts] Font list in the Font Preview takes into account uppercase letters (subik) - closed.
6543: [Fonts] trouble in extra/font preview (subik) - closed.
6747: [Fonts] Default font always embedded in PDF (fschmid) - closed.
7244: [Fonts] Missing some characters in Render frame (equations) (Herm) - closed.
7630: [Fonts] Font used in paragraph style does not get added to "Available Fonts" list in PDF Export (fschmid) - closed.
8509: [Fonts] Crash after deselecting all used fonts except one. (jghali) - closed.
8679: [Fonts] "Modified Font found" at every startup (jghali) - closed.
9382: [Fonts] Crash signal 0000011 when adding font directory (cbradney) - closed.
9477: [Fonts] scribus crashes when modiying a font path (jghali) - closed.
9862: [Fonts] Crash when using Garamond Premier Pro font (pierremarchand) - closed.
9924: [Fonts] scribus crashes during font preview (jghali) - closed.

0128: [General] TeX rendering engine library (Herm) - closed.
0130: [General] Pica measurements in base 12 (cbradney) - closed.
0344: [General] Numbering in Multiple Duplicates (cbradney) - closed.
0923: [General] Object size in Multiple Duplicates (cbradney) - closed.
0956: [General] Add a "duplicate layer" feature (fschmid) - closed.
10065: [General] changing item level in a group causes havoc! (jghali) - closed.
10072: [General] Loop on file save caused by broken style hierarchy (jghali) - closed.
10137: [General] Infinite recursion in ScrSpinBox on FreeBSD (jghali) - closed.
10165: [General] Typo in Italian sample text (jghali) - closed.
10174: [General] the return of the brownish color (jghali) - closed.
10211: [General] Undoing last page deletion crashes Scribus (jghali) - closed.
10252: [General] Status bar displays X and Y positions in points even when picas are the document unit (cbradney) - closed.
1030: [General] [RFE] Add support for Math (Herm) - closed.
10379: [General] Scribus crash when opening .sla document (jghali) - resolved.
10396: [General] impossible to access to pages after 9 (cbradney) - resolved.
1044: [General] Add a markup field to make it possible to create a text frame showing the total number of pages in the document. (fschmid) - closed.
1284: [General] dragging an item from scrapbook doesnt snap to grid (fschmid) - closed.
1533: [General] Lock/unlock layers (fschmid) - closed.
1702: [General] Move Load and Save functions into a "master/slave" plugin (cbradney) - closed.
1709: [General] Add a Start -up dialog to set preferences and choose files. (plinnell) - closed.
1747: [General] Naming of Object Groups? (fschmid) - closed.
2338: [General] Manage Page Properties: Changes are not recorded by the undo system (cbradney) - closed.
2851: [General] New pagenumbering feature doesn't work with Roman numbers (avox) - closed.
3106: [General] Need means to find out what layer an object is on. (fschmid) - closed.
3208: [General] Add an option to disable the splash screen in preferences (cbradney) - closed.
3292: [General] Objects with text flowing around their outlines affects text on other layers, too? (fschmid) - closed.
3295: [General] Display problems when entering rotation from keyboard (pierremarchand) - closed.
3341: [General] text outlines are drawn below underscores (fschmid) - closed.
3348: [General] Add a button to delete all guides at once to the guides dialog (subik) - closed.
3460: [General] Improve Color Management support in the interface, displays wrong colors. (jghali) - closed.
3473: [General] Pasting from clipboard does not work (jghali) - closed.
3519: [General] Print preview: CMYK preview wrong (fschmid) - closed.
3575: [General] Pattern fill (fschmid) - closed.
3584: [General] Insert page always creates right page margins first page specified as right page) (fschmid) - closed.
3590: [General] A single page section starting at document page 1 cannot be specified in Document Setup->Sections (cbradney) - closed.
3625: [General] The longer Scribus is running in the background, the longer it takes to reappear (cbradney) - closed.
3652: [General] Text always flows around objects (fschmid) - closed.
3653: [General] Impossible to copy links from the help browser (cbradney) - closed.
3706: [General] Provide separate profiles and rendering intents for solid colors and RGB images (jghali) - closed.
3727: [General] group resize disables corner rounding option (cbradney) - closed.
3733: [General] Make PDF export use solid colors profiles when exporting to RGB and not monitor profile (jghali) - closed.
3738: [General] guides are not saved in 1.3x file format (subik) - closed.
3784: [General] Value for groups of rotated objects is always zero degrees. (fschmid) - closed.
3818: [General] Wrong display of shades (jghali) - closed.
3841: [General] Scribus can't open ICC profiles (jghali) - closed.
3881: [General] SIGABRT when editing a text (avox) - closed.
3885: [General] sig11 crash when activating default button on preferences (subik) - closed.
3891: [General] pictures losing their effects, copying the page (fschmid) - closed.
3906: [General] missing ability to assign Edit > Preferences in the keyboard shortcuts (cbradney) - closed.
3907: [General] External links don't work in the "About" dialog (subik) - closed.
3912: [General] Preferences location is an unnecessary challenge. (cbradney) - closed.
3925: [General] scribus crashes quite often when closing a document or Scribus (avox) - closed.
3944: [General] opening and closing document preferences makes scribus freeze (subik) - closed.
3961: [General] crash when opening preferences (avox) - closed.
3981: [General] enabling CMS in Doc prefs corrupts display (subik) - closed.
3989: [General] crash when using layer palette after opening preferences (subik) - closed.
3994: [General] crash on doc save (avox) - closed.
4019: [General] prefs: layer reference crash (subik) - closed.
4029: [General] Line Spacing in Properties Palette not working (avox) - closed.
4030: [General] Crash on close (avox) - closed.
4032: [General] Allow user to check for updates within Scribus GUI (cbradney) - closed.
4033: [General] Scribus/Help/About Plugins/Short Words: Crash (cbradney) - closed.
4047: [General] Guides: spacing cannot be set if guide count is set to 1 (subik) - closed.
4050: [General]  isn't a valid xml character and should not be used in the SLA format (avox) - closed.
4054: [General] Let Scribus create default master pages (fschmid) - closed.
4060: [General] Guide manager doesnt handle not having a document (subik) - closed.
4064: [General] open/close/open crash (subik) - closed.
4065: [General] open, open 2nd, close one - crash (subik) - closed.
4079: [General] Problem with colours displayed in properties and elsewhere (jghali) - closed.
4094: [General] Dragging frame border in "edit shape" mode causes a crash (fschmid) - closed.
4143: [General] Applying a gradient for severals items (fschmid) - closed.
4146: [General] Crash on close with docs open and unsaved (avox) - closed.
4148: [General] manage guides automatic uses wrong page if page has been "rotated" (subik) - closed.
4149: [General] compile error w/o cms (jghali) - closed.
4156: [General] Horizontal alignement with the page (cbradney) - closed.
4184: [General] Repaint issues (fschmid) - closed.
4266: [General] New "Insert > Frame" feature doesn't recognise margins correctly (cbradney) - closed.
4284: [General] Gradients from a stop color to another seem to convert to CMYK (fschmid) - closed.
4296: [General] Scribus has always a left page as default for right pages (fschmid) - closed.
4297: [General] Missing strings again: New frame dialog (cbradney) - closed.
4312: [General] Inserting a table triggers crash -- always (fschmid) - closed.
4314: [General] Blendmode becomes out of range with CopyPasteBuffer() (fschmid) - closed.
4327: [General] Configurable rotating steps (fschmid) - closed.
4330: [General] Make the offset for copying items configurable (fschmid) - closed.
4336: [General] Scribus should remember snapping settings even if nothing else has changed in the document (fschmid) - closed.
4346: [General] Add a preview for daltonian (subik) - closed.
4367: [General] New preview mode triggers crash (subik) - closed.
4380: [General] Gamut warning doesn't work for patterns (fschmid) - closed.
4386: [General] Effect curve editor doesn't add extension by default when saving curve. (fschmid) - closed.
4388: [General] Patterns do not display transparency correctly. (fschmid) - closed.
4397: [General] Preflight check should treat disabled layers differently (fschmid) - closed.
4398: [General] Scribus switches page margins in left master pages (fschmid) - closed.
4415: [General] Scribus crashes when Auto Text frame selected for a new document (cbradney) - closed.
4444: [General] Scrapbook eps don't undo correctly (Tsoots) - closed.
4445: [General] Scribus>Help>About: some typos and one question (cbradney) - closed.
4456: [General] Document containing colorized image may load incorrectly (jghali) - closed.
4474: [General] Patterns of grouped objects do not load (and/or) save correctly (fschmid) - closed.
4498: [General] Automatic guides don't use page margins (subik) - closed.
4504: [General] Auto Save should be enabled by default (fschmid) - closed.
4508: [General] Unnecessary text-formatting information in file-format (avox) - closed.
4528: [General] Changing bleeds in inches results in wrong calculations (fschmid) - closed.
4531: [General] Add an option to set the same bleed for all sides and make it default (fschmid) - closed.
4547: [General] Inside and Outside bleed mixed up. (fschmid) - closed.
4548: [General] RGB Black shows out of gamut on screen (jghali) - closed.
4554: [General] Warning for the new preview mode displayed too easily (fschmid) - closed.
4565: [General] crash at remove default paragraph style (Tsoots) - closed.
4566: [General] Preflight Verifyer doesn't recognise text overflow if destination is Postscript. (fschmid) - closed.
4570: [General] More options to Edit > Select All: (fschmid) - closed.
4624: [General] Adopt LyX math control pane once LaTeX support is implemented (Herm) - closed.
4627: [General] Add bleed to the new "Insert Frame" dialog (cbradney) - closed.
4646: [General] SVG as first item in the stacking order makes all other items invisible (avox) - closed.
4652: [General] Editing lines with arrows creates ugly artifacts (fschmid) - closed.
4677: [General] Attach text to path doesn't work at all (fschmid) - closed.
4687: [General] Make scrapbook entries relative to related sce file (fschmid) - closed.
4709: [General] Attach text to multiple paths (fschmid) - closed.
4712: [General] Flip text on path (fschmid) - closed.
4714: [General] More types of text distribution on paths (fschmid) - closed.
4721: [General] Imported vector drawings can't be flipped anymore. (fschmid) - closed.
4750: [General] Scribus 1.3.4 allows pasting from the clipboard and crashes (fschmid) - closed.
4766: [General] Add command line option to show icc profile status (jghali) - closed.
4769: [General] Manage Pictures causes crash (fschmid) - closed.
4792: [General] Dragging a ruler guide to another page crashes Scribus (subik) - closed.
4793: [General] Display insert dialog for lines similar to frames after double click (fschmid) - closed.
4800: [General] Crash using the new Insert > Frame tool (cbradney) - closed.
4804: [General] Copying left pages switches page margins (fschmid) - closed.
4853: [General] Margin and page size settings aren't remembered in the doc setup (fschmid) - closed.
4871: [General] Colour wheel: Correct colour values (cbradney) - closed.
4874: [General] Switching UI language creates new default styles (cbradney) - closed.
4895: [General] Copying a page with a linked text frame triggers crash (avox) - closed.
4896: [General] Broken copying of pages containing SVG or EPS files (fschmid) - closed.
4904: [General] PP doesn't recognise text colour (avox) - closed.
4905: [General] Guides from a import can't be deleted (fschmid) - closed.
4910: [General] Crash when loading document (jghali) - closed.
4911: [General] Pressing ctrl+shift+g twice to ungroup crashes Scribus (fschmid) - closed.
4917: [General] Moving a text frame that has text selected in it shown the selection. (fschmid) - closed.
4921: [General] Select all selects across all pages (cbradney) - closed.
4923: [General] Scribus doesn't save page margins (fschmid) - closed.
4932: [General] Copying a page with overflowing text frame triggers crash (avox) - closed.
4941: [General] adding a layer while editing a shape (fschmid) - closed.
4944: [General] broken cursor on windows (jghali) - closed.
4948: [General] File dialog for colour import doesn't show all relevant files (fschmid) - closed.
4949: [General] Applying the preview mode to files with patterns triggers a crash (fschmid) - closed.
4952: [General] Horizontal flip of SVG doesn't work correctly (fschmid) - closed.
4973: [General] Issue with linked text frames in "Insert > Frame" (cbradney) - closed.
4981: [General] Edit -> Paste is grayed out in SE (fschmid) - closed.
4984: [General] Converting a text frame to outlines changes stacking order (fschmid) - closed.
4993: [General] Auto text frames are created for page margins (fschmid) - closed.
5004: [General] Automatic guides change position if snapping (subik) - closed.
5035: [General] Opening master page mode deletes auto guides (subik) - closed.
5050: [General] remove unused colors: doesn't remove colors no longer used since last save/load (fschmid) - closed.
5052: [General] arrowheads are not applied to groups (cbradney) - closed.
5056: [General] Unpredictable default values for page margins (cbradney) - closed.
5063: [General] Creating a copy of a left master page switches page margins (fschmid) - closed.
5066: [General] after ungrouping frames they should still all be marked active (fschmid) - closed.
5067: [General] remove unused colors: doesn't remove colors no longer used since last save/load (fschmid) - closed.
5068: [General] crash when loading stencil from kivio (fschmid) - closed.
5117: [General] Applying a master page with vector files triggers crash (fschmid) - closed.
5126: [General] Snap to guides doesn't work correctly for tables (fschmid) - closed.
5127: [General] Issues with snap to guides, zoom, and lines (fschmid) - closed.
5128: [General] Snap to horizontal guides doesn't work correctly (fschmid) - closed.
5131: [General] Manage Pictures doesn't work (fschmid) - closed.
5147: [General] Deleting any page/master page triggers crash (fschmid) - closed.
5148: [General] Copying right master pages switches page margins (fschmid) - closed.
5157: [General] crash when resizing the font preferences (cbradney) - closed.
5163: [General] Copying a page duplicates autoguides to standard guides (subik) - closed.
5164: [General] Copying a page x2 and then undoing crashes (Tsoots) - closed.
5178: [General] New Scrapbooks don't import any objects (cbradney) - closed.
5203: [General] Automatic guides aren't inserted (subik) - closed.
5220: [General] Bleed isn't applied to master pages and can't be added (fschmid) - closed.
5225: [General] Scratch space is restored from prefs on reloading doc setup (cbradney) - closed.
5240: [General] Remove limit from Multiple Duplicate (cbradney) - closed.
5241: [General] Scaling lines will scale line width too. (fschmid) - closed.
5247: [General] Scaling multiple objects scales line weight whereas single objects doesn't (fschmid) - closed.
5257: [General] Scaling diagonal lines then undoing changes puts lines horizontally (avox) - closed.
5277: [General] File gets larger with every open/save (jghali) - closed.
5284: [General] Deselection feature (pierremarchand) - closed.
5307: [General] Page numbering is not working properly (cbradney) - closed.
5447: [General] imported graphic behaves strange (avox) - closed.
5454: [General] Behavior of F10-shortcut (cbradney) - closed.
5475: [General] crash on duplicating a layer (avox) - closed.
5498: [General] If text is reversed, the display doesnt work at higher zoom levels (fschmid) - closed.
5516: [General] crash opening a sla file of 1.3.4cvs (avox) - closed.
5518: [General] 0002317 still occurs with color "None" set in prefs (cbradney) - closed.
5529: [General] a color called "None" is treated strangely (cbradney) - closed.
5539: [General] custom margins get lost (cbradney) - closed.
5541: [General] 1.3.4cvs: crash while creating a new doc or opening an existing one (cbradney) - closed.
5552: [General] Importing lines styles does not import colors used by imported styles (jghali) - closed.
5561: [General] After adding/copying pages deleting the first page causes a crash (avox) - closed.
5593: [General] sticky tools ignored when shift-inserting a frame (cbradney) - closed.
5602: [General] Crashes each time you open New document with 'Show Document settings after creation' - closed.
5659: [General] Cut'n'paste doesn't work with layers (avox) - closed.
5668: [General] Scribus crashes when accessing 'preferences' (avox) - closed.
5673: [General] Text on path issue (fschmid) - closed.
5696: [General] margins mixed up in facing pages (fschmid) - closed.
5711: [General] Incorrect positioning and background artefacts when changing object size (avox) - closed.
5717: [General] open multiple files from command line (cbradney) - closed.
5731: [General] everything disappear when deleting one frame (fschmid) - closed.
5768: [General] Closing a doc or Scribus may result in a crash (jghali) - closed.
5782: [General] Failure to print image formats with alpha channel support to PostScript printer (jghali) - closed.
5787: [General] Copy & Paste of Textframes results in Signal 11 crash. (jghali) - closed.
5794: [General] Sticky tools don't work (fschmid) - closed.
5811: [General] "Insert > Frame" doesn't work (cbradney) - closed.
5815: [General] Sending an item to patterns triggers crash (jghali) - closed.
5816: [General] Sending an item to patterns creates a duplicate in the document outline (fschmid) - closed.
5826: [General] Wrong stacking order of items after deleting layer (jghali) - closed.
5841: [General] Opening this file makes scribus use 100% CPU (jghali) - closed.
5843: [General] Color value is not saved, or is not loaded properly (fschmid) - closed.
5857: [General] Copying an item creates a selection (fschmid) - closed.
5863: [General] After deletion some pages, scribus crashes (jghali) - closed.
5865: [General] Complete UI freeze after selecting stroke colour (cbradney) - closed.
5871: [General] Highlighting Text - Strange behaviour of text-cursor (avox) - closed.
5889: [General] Make automatic frame creation with Shift+click less responsive to mouse movements (cbradney) - closed.
5927: [General] Preset layouts in Preferences are ignored (fschmid) - closed.
5956: [General] Wrong values for preset layout in Doc Setup/Preferences (cbradney) - closed.
6006: [General] Scribus shows slash before file name in the "Save As" dialog (jghali) - closed.
6011: [General] Crash upon creating master page after sending certain objects to a new layer (jghali) - closed.
6048: [General] Creating and deleting master pages from existing pages doesn't work correctly (jghali) - closed.
6052: [General] Help browser language doesn't switch after switching UI language (cbradney) - closed.
6053: [General] Exponent caracter at the end of text bloc turn all the bloc in exponent (avox) - closed.
6063: [General] Trying to enlarge frames in editing mode lets them disappear (fschmid) - closed.
6065: [General] Using the drag ruler triggers crash (fschmid) - closed.
6082: [General] Selection in a corner (avox) - closed.
6090: [General] Snapping doesn't work for intersections of grid lines - closed.
6101: [General] Groups of Scribus shapes and text cannot be dragged from the scrapbook (jghali) - closed.
6109: [General] Wrong display of colours in the colour wheel (jghali) - closed.
6127: [General] Copying object with custom CMYK solid color results in object with RGB color. (jghali) - closed.
6133: [General] Purge trash or cache (jghali) - closed.
6147: [General] Impossible to select a colour set (cbradney) - closed.
6180: [General] Arrows display bad when grouped (fschmid) - closed.
6201: [General] Scribus freezes, while loading document created in previous version. (cbradney) - closed.
6208: [General] English is the only available UI language in the preferences (cbradney) - closed.
6219: [General] Objects stop snapping to guides when rotated (avox) - closed.
6225: [General] Redraw issue with "Distribute and Align" (avox) - closed.
6237: [General] Scaling a selection of several objects triggers crash (jghali) - closed.
6245: [General] Margin guides values (jghali) - closed.
6258: [General] The UI language of the menu bar doesn't switch (cbradney) - closed.
6261: [General] Deleting template from new from template dialog triggers crash (jghali) - closed.
6263: [General] Shapes and lines remain visible on canvas after deletion (avox) - closed.
6266: [General] New template category doesnt appear when creating new template (jghali) - closed.
6268: [General] Trying to copy & paste a textframe results in a crash. (fschmid) - closed.
6276: [General] Canvas: Drawing a bézier curve triggers a crash (avox) - closed.
6279: [General] Colour changes to frames/items are displayed only after moving the items (fschmid) - closed.
6283: [General] Canvas: Measurement mode doesnt work at all (avox) - closed.
6285: [General] Impossible to drag a single glyph from the character palette the small palette (subik) - closed.
6286: [General] Wrong cursor after dragging a glyph from the character palette (subik) - closed.
6287: [General] The character palette should remember its previous status (subik) - closed.
6301: [General] Paste with right click doesn't work (fschmid) - closed.
6303: [General] Drawing items on canvas is extremely slow at higher zoom levels (avox) - closed.
6308: [General] Spelling fixes for English strings (cbradney) - closed.
6324: [General] Enable copying of applied master page's items when copying a page to a master page (cbradney) - closed.
6334: [General] Scribus inserts a deleted layer as a new one (cbradney) - closed.
6335: [General] Canvas: A click on an item in the document outline moves canvas (avox) - closed.
6336: [General] Enabling the preview in the "Arrange Pages" dialog moves the canvas (fschmid) - closed.
6337: [General] Importing a page creates a new layer (cbradney) - closed.
6345: [General] Items in the Document Outline aren't updated (fschmid) - closed.
6348: [General] Canvas: Preview not displayed for Polygons (avox) - closed.
6350: [General] Re-selecting an item that contains vector patters triggers crash (jghali) - closed.
6352: [General] Mastro page not avalaible on Italian interface (jghali) - closed.
6366: [General] Opening the help browser after switching the UI language triggers crash (cbradney) - closed.
6389: [General] Page "jumps" on canvas if preview is enabled in the "Arrange Pages" dialog (cbradney) - closed.
6390: [General] Right pages, selected in the "Arrange Pages" dialog, move to the left (cbradney) - closed.
6391: [General] Image data is not available in the "Manage Pictures" dialog if a doc contains a single image (subik) - closed.
6396: [General] Selecting an item in the Document Outline doesn't result in display of the item (subik) - closed.
6399: [General] Blend modes result in artefacts in grouped items (fschmid) - closed.
6401: [General] Selected Items can't be moved with arrow keys (avox) - closed.
6408: [General] Copying or moving items with the right mouse button shows unexpected results (avox) - closed.
6409: [General] Copying or moving items results in line artefacts on canvas (avox) - closed.
6411: [General] Canvas: Magnifyer doesn't work correctly (avox) - closed.
6420: [General] Canvas: Selecting items with Ctrl+click doesn't work (avox) - closed.
6425: [General] Canvas: Double-clicking on frame handles behaves odd sometimes (avox) - closed.
6437: [General] Impossible to apply colours to texts that have been converted to outlines (fschmid) - closed.
6452: [General] Changes to shortcuts aren't saved (cbradney) - closed.
6483: [General] Impossible to create tables (fschmid) - closed.
6514: [General] When not exiting node edit mode and attempting to do something else, Scribus crashes (fschmid) - closed.
6538: [General] Crashes on double CTRL+V (plinnell) - closed.
6565: [General] scrolling page in existing sla from svn 4 dec 2007 causes crash signal 0000006 (avox) - closed.
6594: [General] Text frames lose alignment when sent to the Scrapbook (jghali) - closed.
6613: [General] Baseline settings: units confused (fschmid) - closed.
6619: [General] Resizing doesn't work if frames are in editing mode (avox) - closed.
6655: [General] Plantage à l'enregistrement (record) (jghali) - closed.
6663: [General] Multiple duplicate groups groups together (fschmid) - closed.
6701: [General] Crash for text or image frame (jghali) - closed.
6704: [General] Calling krita instead of gimp within Scribus always starts it twice (fschmid) - closed.
6718: [General] Horizontal scroll vertical-scrolls (jghali) - closed.
6724: [General] Scribus should remember hidden viewing options (cbradney) - closed.
6741: [General] Selecting an item on another layer triggers crash (fschmid) - closed.
6743: [General] Resizing grouped lines triggers crash (fschmid) - closed.
6796: [General] Changing the margin settings in the Doc Prefs isn't applied immediately (cbradney) - closed.
6819: [General] Signal 0000011 crash caused by a text frame incorrectly linked to a non-text frame (jghali) - closed.
6863: [General] Scribus crashes when copying an object outside page area (jghali) - closed.
6878: [General] Corruption when saving document with objects using gradients (jghali) - closed.
6887: [General] Inserting tables takes literally minutes (fschmid) - closed.
6893: [General] Ability to replace color of all items of specified color (fschmid) - closed.
6929: [General] Picas behave as points in New Document (cbradney) - closed.
6954: [General] Lock Guides option in Page > Manage Guides (Guide Manager window) doesn’t work (subik) - closed.
6957: [General] Crash on layer deletion (jghali) - closed.
6960: [General] Object are placed on the wrong page (plinnell) - closed.
6966: [General] Below 12 points, negative values are displayed as positive values in XYZ tab for X-pos and Y-pos when using Picas as unit (cbradney) - closed.
6967: [General] Round Corners accessible only when frame is still selected once created (cbradney) - closed.
6973: [General] No save/discard/cancel request when closing modified document (cbradney) - closed.
7087: [General] Select font size with the mouse gives a bad value (cbradney) - closed.
7144: [General] Doesn't show files/folders with non-ascii characters (jghali) - closed.
7194: [General] Align and Distribute doesn't allow using Guides (pierremarchand) - closed.
7242: [General] Crash on ungrouping multiple groups (cbradney) - closed.
7323: [General] Plantage lors de la réalisation de dégradé. (jghali) - closed.
7361: [General] Spellchecker should pick up UI language setting for new docs (subik) - closed.
7362: [General] Add Elvis Stansvik (elvstone@gmail.com) to the list of contributors (he wrote the search and regexp enhancement to the document (cbradney) - closed.
7405: [General] Crashes at launch (cbradney) - closed.
7427: [General] Contents of Latex Frames can get mixed up because of non-unique temp file names (Herm) - closed.
7447: [General] Set default line width to 0 if not a line (pierremarchand) - closed.
7459: [General] Problem with adding Text/ Pictures... on Pages above 39 (fschmid) - closed.
7478: [General] Some pdf export preferences settings are not saved. (jghali) - closed.
7631: [General] Object layers info not preserved when copying a page (fschmid) - closed.
7690: [General] memory leak in story editor when switching between SE and canvas (jghali) - closed.
7725: [General] Layers not preserved whem page copied. A fix to a previous fix - closed.
7735: [General] Crash when editing shortcuts (jghali) - closed.
7853: [General] Add Tomas Mecir to the list of contributors (cbradney) - closed.
7878: [General] Can't write angle dimension into 'Enter Object Size' dialog for line. (jghali) - closed.
7886: [General] unwanted canvas move when exiting prefs (jghali) - closed.
7913: [General] after inserting a link or an empty text frame into a scribus file and clicking save, scribus crashes (jghali) - closed.
7919: [General] Select Item tool does not select multiple items (jghali) - closed.
7928: [General] Once an image frame is locked, access to other image frames is not possible (cbradney) - closed.
7944: [General] scribus hang when opening file (jghali) - closed.
7973: [General] crash when trying to open a file (jghali) - closed.
7998: [General] build information in about screen should be selectable for copy and paste (cbradney) - closed.
8000: [General] No Close button on Master Pages dialog (jghali) - closed.
8040: [General] crash when ungrouping multiple items at once (jghali) - closed.
8050: [General] Master pages with identical names automatically regenerated (jghali) - closed.
8081: [General] Error in reasoning in autosave feature (jghali) - closed.
8105: [General] Crashes when trying to unset some pdf bookmarks or deleting a frame (jghali) - closed.
8112: [General] crash when editing prefs after char style has been applied (jghali) - closed.
8122: [General] Crash when deleting a specific page. (jghali) - closed.
8134: [General] incorrect copying/pasting (jghali) - closed.
8147: [General] broken group causing page element to disappear (jghali) - closed.
8173: [General] Save As Template breaks links to images (jghali) - closed.
8182: [General] Japanese colour sets (christoph_s) - closed.
8286: [General] page copied incorrectly if there are empty layers (jghali) - closed.
8321: [General] Wrong masterpage is copied (jghali) - closed.
8322: [General] Copying masterpage do NOT copy objects (jghali) - closed.
8365: [General] Saved file cannot be reopened (jghali) - closed.
8372: [General] Scribus outputs invalid XML when saving doc with inline frame (jghali) - closed.
8417: [General] Bleed is not handled correctly on master pages (jghali) - closed.
8443: [General] Layers are lost when a page is converted to a master page (jghali) - closed.
8452: [General] Ctrl+D should be duplicate object (like inkscape etc.) (cbradney) - closed.
8453: [General] use Ctrl+Tab instead of Tab for selecting next window (jghali) - closed.
8488: [General] Crash with Signal 0000011 on loading corrupted document (jghali) - closed.
8512: [General] Scribus crash on changing bleed values (jghali) - closed.
8575: [General] Grouping object on a different layer makes some / all other objects invisible (jghali) - closed.
8576: [General] Grouping/Ungrouping/deleting objects takes forever when outline palette is visible (jghali) - closed.
8603: [General] Incorrect default masterpage name selected in insert page dialog (jghali) - closed.
8606: [General] Informative message when opening file fails (jghali) - closed.
8793: [General] Crash with error 0000011 while trying to cut text block from master page (jghali) - closed.
8824: [General] Guide Manager - Column/Row - Verticals - Refer to Margins doesn`t work (jghali) - closed.
8830: [General] Performance problems on Drag and Drop of images (jghali) - closed.
8831: [General] Image option "fit to frame" is not always followed (fschmid) - closed.
8832: [General] Property palette is after some actions inactive (jghali) - closed.
8849: [General] In the 'New Document' dialog, issue when trying to apply the same margins’ values to all fields (cbradney) - closed.
8852: [General] format date (fschmid) - closed.
8877: [General] Templates Dated (christoph_s) - closed.
8896: [General] "Save" is disabled after "Collect for Output" (cbradney) - closed.
8949: [General] Cannot open saved file: "is not in an acceptable format" (jghali) - closed.
8983: [General] QStrings initialized with 0 instead of QString::null (fschmid) - closed.
8984: [General] Scribus binary doesn't link to libdl, but uses dl*() symbols (plinnell) - closed.
9002: [General] Resize points undraggable when object is aligned to a guide (jghali) - closed.
9034: [General] Mouse pointer shape bugs after moving over guide (jghali) - closed.
9052: [General] "Hairline" is the default line width - closed.
9092: [General] Switching master pages while "Edit content" tool is active makes frames unclickable. (jghali) - closed.
9131: [General] Scribus 1.3.6 fails to build on OpenBSD because it expects locale_t to be defined (cbradney) - closed.
9180: [General] crash when selecting frame after modifying text in story editor (jghali) - closed.
9182: [General] Inserting pages lets Scribus jump to the wrong page in a document (jghali) - closed.
9207: [General] wrong encoding in the about dialog (jghali) - closed.
9247: [General] Incorrect layer handling on page import (jghali) - closed.
9249: [General] Colour picker selection not immediately available in styles (cbradney) - closed.
9250: [General] Undoing "Paste" from another doc crashes Scribus (jghali) - closed.
9255: [General] Template dialog ignores new template categories (cbradney) - closed.
9261: [General] Adding a new colour via the colour picker doesn't trigger a change in documents status (cbradney) - closed.
9292: [General] Line end points position is too sensible to mouse clicks (jghali) - closed.
9426: [General] Adding guides doesn't change document status (fschmid) - closed.
9475: [General] Guides from Master Pages disappear from page (jghali) - closed.
9476: [General] not appearing guide issues when applying masterpages with guides (jghali) - closed.
9492: [General] "Save Colour Set" saves palette to the wrong directory (fschmid) - closed.
9500: [General] Palette does not get disabled when undoing an object creation (jghali) - closed.
9501: [General] Search and Replace: font size unit (cbradney) - closed.
9509: [General] removing an open .sla makes scribus crash (jghali) - closed.
9513: [General] Crash when cloning styles in style manager (jghali) - closed.
9514: [General] Potential crash in style manager after closing doc (jghali) - closed.
9520: [General] A more descriptive warning on opening a faulty file (cbradney) - closed.
9525: [General] When selecting another text frame in edit mode, properties palette switches to XYZ tab (jghali) - closed.
9567: [General] Crash when creating duplicate layer (jghali) - closed.
9572: [General] File > Import does not recognize .odt (ale) - closed.
9631: [General] Addition of help buttons on dialogs that link to documentation pages in the Help Browser (cbradney) - closed.
9650: [General] [PATCH] Correctly record item name change in undo (jghali) - closed.
9676: [General] "Advanced select all" ignores grouped elements (cbradney) - closed.
9747: [General] cannot open this file (fschmid) - closed.
9839: [General] Crash when copying text frame from old doc (jghali) - closed.
9842: [General] Crash when using Gabriola Regular font (jghali) - closed.
9845: [General] Document is always marked as changed (cbradney) - closed.
9845: [General] Document is always marked as changed (cbradney) - resolved.
9851: [General] Move preferences files to 140 versioning scheme (cbradney) - closed.
9864: [General] Search/Replace doesn't work for fonts (regression) (jghali) - closed.
9886: [General] Increasing the font size within a text frame will crash Scribus when the font is too large for the the frame (cbradney) - resolved.
9886: [General] Increasing the font size within a text frame will crash Scribus when the font is too large for the the frame (cbradney) - closed.
9896: [General] Crash when working with very long text chain (jghali) - closed.
9903: [General] The "dirty flag" seems to get set unnecessarily (cbradney) - closed.
9903: [General] The "dirty flag" seems to get set unnecessarily (cbradney) - resolved.
9907: [General] incorrect pdf export of page numbers when two page numbers symbol follows (jghali) - closed.
9969: [General] Table of Contents generates incorrect page numbers (jghali) - closed.

10277: [Graphics / Image Frames] Path included in tif should be correctly flipped with frames (fschmid) - resolved.
1190: [Graphics / Image Frames] Add image meta data to picture frame (fschmid) - closed.
1564: [Graphics / Image Frames] Text to run around a close-cut image (fschmid) - closed.
2349: [Graphics / Image Frames] Adding Picture effects is not recorded by the undo system (Tsoots) - closed.
2388: [Graphics / Image Frames] Add export into tif-files (jghali) - closed.
2978: [Graphics / Image Frames] CTRL + Corner Handle Bar does not proportionally scale EPS Objects Imported through File Menu (avox) - closed.
3190: [Graphics / Image Frames] Manage Pictures: position and size of pictures that are found again are reset (fschmid) - closed.
3191: [Graphics / Image Frames] manage pictures: search button ignores spaces in the filename (fschmid) - closed.
3623: [Graphics / Image Frames] preflight should report the dpi value if it too low (fschmid) - closed.
3867: [Graphics / Image Frames] CMYK Image rendering / output (fschmid) - closed.
3922: [Graphics / Image Frames] Convert to Masterpage does not apply picture effects (fschmid) - closed.
3940: [Graphics / Image Frames] crash when inserting an image into a frame (jghali) - closed.
4073: [Graphics / Image Frames] Transparent PNG displayed as white picture (fschmid) - closed.
4299: [Graphics / Image Frames] Paths from .psd and .tiff files should have an option to be used for textflow (fschmid) - closed.
4396: [Graphics / Image Frames] Making Image-Search case-insensitive (subik) - closed.
4631: [Graphics / Image Frames] Loading GIMP patterns takes minutes if colour management is active (fschmid) - closed.
4632: [Graphics / Image Frames] Option to rename patterns (fschmid) - closed.
4665: [Graphics / Image Frames] Option to disable the thumbnail preview in the "Manage Pictures" dialog (subik) - closed.
4701: [Graphics / Image Frames] Make Duotone, Tritone, and Quadtone in image effetcs mutually exclusive (fschmid) - closed.
4723: [Graphics / Image Frames] New Insert Frame dialog: Scale to image size (cbradney) - closed.
4740: [Graphics / Image Frames] Very near guide lines don't work correctly (guides nearer than the snap-to-guides distance) (fschmid) - closed.
4772: [Graphics / Image Frames] Remote call for image editor doesn't work (cbradney) - closed.
4869: [Graphics / Image Frames] Preview for "Blur" image effect doesn't work (fschmid) - closed.
4891: [Graphics / Image Frames] docking to adjustment lines and borders of a document (fschmid) - closed.
5005: [Graphics / Image Frames] Turning on preview mode switches the preview settings for images (fschmid) - closed.
5171: [Graphics / Image Frames] Context menu for empty image frame shows values that don't exist (fschmid) - closed.
5217: [Graphics / Image Frames] image clipping changes with zoom ration and on pdf export (fschmid) - closed.
5266: [Graphics / Image Frames] image frame not drawn (cbradney) - closed.
5317: [Graphics / Image Frames] "Fit to frame" for images not redoable (cbradney) - closed.
5339: [Graphics / Image Frames] SVG corruption (jghali) - closed.
5576: [Graphics / Image Frames] Default directory for images is the root directory (cbradney) - closed.
5654: [Graphics / Image Frames] Copy of a frame with line style makes crash (jghali) - closed.
5663: [Graphics / Image Frames] Pasting Images From Clipboard (fschmid) - closed.
5694: [Graphics / Image Frames] Images with offset are not rendered with offset. PP shows the offset (fschmid) - closed.
5963: [Graphics / Image Frames] Double-clicking on image frame with missing image should bring user to Get Image dialog or picture manager (jghali) - closed.
5965: [Graphics / Image Frames] PSD file with transparency displayed and printed inverted (fschmid) - closed.
5974: [Graphics / Image Frames] Wrong signal connection for imageEditorExited (jghali) - closed.
6102: [Graphics / Image Frames] Layers & Paths available for all image files in the "Manage Pictures" dialog (fschmid) - closed.
6103: [Graphics / Image Frames] grayscale tiff image displayed as black square (jghali) - closed.
6106: [Graphics / Image Frames] manage guides forgets the column gaps (subik) - closed.
6162: [Graphics / Image Frames] Grouped objects doesn't overhang onto the bleed (fschmid) - closed.
6174: [Graphics / Image Frames] Duplicated Image, Path incorrect (subik) - closed.
6211: [Graphics / Image Frames] Setting Input Profile for multiple Image Frames at once only effective on last selected item (cbradney) - closed.
6232: [Graphics / Image Frames] Image clipping paths are ignored at some point after loading (fschmid) - closed.
6316: [Graphics / Image Frames] Scaling images to frame size doesn't work (avox) - closed.
6325: [Graphics / Image Frames] Grayscale JPEGs are not handeled correctly (fschmid) - closed.
6392: [Graphics / Image Frames] Impossible to adjust image to frame to image size without deselecting the image frame first (cbradney) - closed.
6393: [Graphics / Image Frames] Canvas: Impossible to deselect an image frame after double click (avox) - closed.
6562: [Graphics / Image Frames] Using frame to select objects catches other objects even on another page (jghali) - closed.
6567: [Graphics / Image Frames] zoom problem for pictures frame (fschmid) - closed.
6611: [Graphics / Image Frames] Embedded PNGs are screwed up in exported PDFs (fschmid) - closed.
6634: [Graphics / Image Frames] several crashes at "Get image" preview (subik) - closed.
6649: [Graphics / Image Frames] Allow scaling of image in ImageFrame in canvasgesture (jghali) - closed.
6722: [Graphics / Image Frames] Setting transparency on a layer may affect other layers when exporting to PDF (fschmid) - closed.
6833: [Graphics / Image Frames] Adjust Frame to Image doesn't work after image import (fschmid) - closed.
6867: [Graphics / Image Frames] Manage picture bad update (subik) - closed.
6912: [Graphics / Image Frames] Resizing of a recangular image frame resets Contour Line (fschmid) - closed.
6963: [Graphics / Image Frames] Insert Shape tool have no choice to pick from in the palette. Palette is empty. (fschmid) - closed.
7118: [Graphics / Image Frames] Lose track of image with names including accent (jghali) - closed.
7186: [Graphics / Image Frames] Align and Distribute's Relative To First/Last Selection needs swapping around.... (cbradney) - closed.
7201: [Graphics / Image Frames] Loading eps files gives and error about missing fonts, but the text displays correctly. (fschmid) - closed.
7352: [Graphics / Image Frames] All layers are on (fschmid) - closed.
7353: [Graphics / Image Frames] Grayscale image with embedded profile not handled correctly on PDF export (fschmid) - closed.
7372: [Graphics / Image Frames] Bad display of .eps images (fschmid) - closed.
7429: [Graphics / Image Frames] Properties palette shows wrong image settings (scale etc.) when object is reselected (fschmid) - closed.
7471: [Graphics / Image Frames] edit the nodes of a path (fschmid) - closed.
7479: [Graphics / Image Frames] links to non existing images are deleted (fschmid) - closed.
7602: [Graphics / Image Frames] Image downsampling on PDF export may be wrong when the same image is used several times (fschmid) - closed.
7711: [Graphics / Image Frames] Guides freedom (subik) - closed.
7722: [Graphics / Image Frames] Arrows are not affected by line styles (fschmid) - closed.
7740: [Graphics / Image Frames] Request+Implementation: An ui switch for changing the preview quality of all image frames. (subik) - closed.
7743: [Graphics / Image Frames] Image frame preview resolution not preserved when using "Get Image" (subik) - closed.
7750: [Graphics / Image Frames] Preview resolution of image frames set to normal when copying a page regardless of what it's set to globaly (fschmid) - closed.
7755: [Graphics / Image Frames] Image frame preview resolution not shown correctly when opening a document (fschmid) - closed.
7850: [Graphics / Image Frames] distribute frames with keybooard entered values (jghali) - closed.
7864: [Graphics / Image Frames] distribute windows with distance values entered and no TAB pressed (cbradney) - closed.
7869: [Graphics / Image Frames] Moving image in imageframe on resizing it (fschmid) - closed.
7902: [Graphics / Image Frames] lock the size of the object doesn't work (cbradney) - closed.
8012: [Graphics / Image Frames] problem when editing control points on rotated shapes (jghali) - closed.
8016: [Graphics / Image Frames] undoing large group deletion hangs Scribus (jghali) - closed.
8030: [Graphics / Image Frames] In-line frames do not export to pdf if shifted from one linked frame to another (jghali) - closed.
8070: [Graphics / Image Frames] Scribus crashes when using "Manage Images" to change source of image on master page (jghali) - closed.
8114: [Graphics / Image Frames] Resizing grouped objects automatically groups objects with other non-selected graphics on page. (jghali) - closed.
8138: [Graphics / Image Frames] Bug with image frames offsetting image in relation to the basepoint (jghali) - closed.
8156: [Graphics / Image Frames] Transparency in PSD not exported to PDF (jghali) - closed.
8163: [Graphics / Image Frames] Problem with path of duplicated images (jghali) - closed.
8189: [Graphics / Image Frames] wrapped text not updated after moving image frame (jghali) - closed.
8196: [Graphics / Image Frames] NBS/ISCC colours (plinnell) - closed.
8280: [Graphics / Image Frames] X and Y positions don't get saved when adjusting Latex Frame Contents (Herm) - closed.
8346: [Graphics / Image Frames] No seamless construction of pattern (fschmid) - closed.
8369: [Graphics / Image Frames] After deleting page containing inline frame, scribus crashes on exit (jghali) - closed.
8379: [Graphics / Image Frames] Render frames with non-Auto resolution preview incorrectly (jghali) - closed.
8381: [Graphics / Image Frames] Scribus crashes when window is closed while still rendering preview mode (jghali) - closed.
8393: [Graphics / Image Frames] Import problem of old scribus-documents (fschmid) - closed.
8396: [Graphics / Image Frames] In-line text frames do not display on screen (fschmid) - closed.
8545: [Graphics / Image Frames] Remove the preview option from the load/save dialog for SCU curves (fschmid) - closed.
8700: [Graphics / Image Frames] Copying and pasting image frames and shapes does not work (jghali) - closed.
8716: [Graphics / Image Frames] [PATCH] Fix reloading of blur parameters in effects dialog (jghali) - closed.
8719: [Graphics / Image Frames] [PATCH] Master page items not updated when changing color management properties (jghali) - closed.
8827: [Graphics / Image Frames] Ctrl+E does not raise 'Image Effects' dialog (cbradney) - closed.
8936: [Graphics / Image Frames] Scribus>Help>About/Authors: Typo in my surname (jghali) - closed.
9051: [Graphics / Image Frames] Drag and drop of image frames into an existing frame fails when there is another image frame in the background (jghali) - closed.
9083: [Graphics / Image Frames] SVG Export : incorrect handling of master page elements (jghali) - closed.
9139: [Graphics / Image Frames] Undefined position of imported SVG after rotation (jghali) - closed.
9181: [Graphics / Image Frames] Access violation occurs when pasting something into an image frame which is in "edit frame content" mode (jghali) - closed.
9285: [Graphics / Image Frames] copying objects between documents looses colours of frames (jghali) - closed.
9323: [Graphics / Image Frames] Scribus places EPS files randomly in image frames (fschmid) - closed.
9392: [Graphics / Image Frames] contour line growth does not match the measurement defined (cbradney) - resolved.
9438: [Graphics / Image Frames] Scribus crashes on opening the image (jghali) - closed.
9576: [Graphics / Image Frames] Crash when previewing cmyk jpeg image with no thumbnail (cbradney) - closed.
9576: [Graphics / Image Frames] Crash when previewing cmyk jpeg image with no thumbnail (cbradney) - closed.
9779: [Graphics / Image Frames] Compounding column margin /w image contour (jghali) - resolved.
9870: [Graphics / Image Frames] corner rounding shows wrong result for positiv radii (fschmid) - closed.
9902: [Graphics / Image Frames] Font letters spoiled when using text flow around frame (cbradney) - closed.
9922: [Graphics / Image Frames] Crash on jpeg import with "Exception Access Violation" error (jghali) - closed.
9994: [Graphics / Image Frames] Crash when executing "Split Polygons" under item menu (jghali) - closed.

10258: [Import / Export] incorrect characters in imported word file (jghali) - closed.
10350: [Import / Export] html importer incorrectly assigns heading styles (jghali) - closed.
1260: [Import / Export] text of inkscape svg shows as boxes (jghali) - closed.
1699: [Import / Export] Enhance PDF exporter to enabled embedding PDF within PDF for PDF 1.4+ (avox) - closed.
1700: [Import / Export] Warning on missing fonts in placed/imported EPS files (fschmid) - closed.
1893: [Import / Export] recognition of image file based on extension (fschmid) - closed.
1938: [Import / Export] vectormask not availbale on EPS "image" (fschmid) - closed.
1939: [Import / Export] EPS image with ICC profile not correctly show (fschmid) - closed.
1940: [Import / Export] DCS1 image not supported (fschmid) - closed.
1941: [Import / Export] DCS1 image vectormask not available (fschmid) - closed.
1942: [Import / Export] DCS1 image ICC profile not available (fschmid) - closed.
1943: [Import / Export] DCS2 image multi not supported (fschmid) - closed.
1944: [Import / Export] DCS2 image multi vectormask not available (fschmid) - closed.
1946: [Import / Export] DCS2 image mulit ICC profile not available (fschmid) - closed.
1947: [Import / Export] DCS2 image single not supported (fschmid) - closed.
1948: [Import / Export] DCS2 image single vectormask not available (fschmid) - closed.
1949: [Import / Export] DCS2 image single ICC profile not available (fschmid) - closed.
1959: [Import / Export] Feature request: overprinting and trapping (fschmid) - closed.
2227: [Import / Export] import of gnumeric generated .ps file fails (fschmid) - closed.
2329: [Import / Export] SVG file with text - wrongly aligned, not scalable (jghali) - closed.
2618: [Import / Export] Embedded Profile in EPS from Photoshop 6 is ignored (fschmid) - closed.
2970: [Import / Export] Incorrect import of PSD with transparency (fschmid) - closed.
2971: [Import / Export] Support Photoshop generated Tiffs which have layers (fschmid) - closed.
3007: [Import / Export] Import Text filter does not recognize upper case extension (cbradney) - closed.
3020: [Import / Export] Remove Gif Support (subik) - closed.
3112: [Import / Export] Not obvious how to allow PDF/X-3 export. (fschmid) - closed.
3124: [Import / Export] Importing lilypond-book created .eps with lyrics shows problems in font alignment. (avox) - closed.
3369: [Import / Export] Enhancement for "Collect for output": ICC profiles (jghali) - closed.
3468: [Import / Export] Add export all text from .sla into single text file. (ale) - closed.
3531: [Import / Export] ODT files whose names contain special/unicode characters cannot be imported on Windows (jghali) - closed.
3562: [Import / Export] Duotone PSD will not import (fschmid) - closed.
3670: [Import / Export] SVG cannot be flipped - closed.
3687: [Import / Export] Add 'overprint' option to PS export (fschmid) - closed.
3698: [Import / Export] Latex import (Herm) - closed.
3846: [Import / Export] SVG import plugin may produce incorrect results if other languages than en_us or en_gb are used (jghali) - closed.
3862: [Import / Export] Complex gradients in EPS file from Adobe InDesign crashes import (avox) - closed.
3910: [Import / Export] Page->Import fails on doublesided documents (fschmid) - closed.
3939: [Import / Export] Import Paragraph Style -> Crash (avox) - closed.
3970: [Import / Export] HTML Import crashes (avox) - closed.
4108: [Import / Export] layer blend modes not working right (fschmid) - closed.
4195: [Import / Export] SVG import is broken - example image available. (jghali) - closed.
4349: [Import / Export] CMYK TIFF does not display properly (fschmid) - closed.
4371: [Import / Export] Support CMYKA TIFFs (fschmid) - closed.
4431: [Import / Export] quality loss on CMYK EPS files (fschmid) - closed.
4435: [Import / Export] SVG file does not import correctly (jghali) - closed.
4527: [Import / Export] ODG import doesn't handle beziers properly, EPS does. (jghali) - closed.
4551: [Import / Export] 1.3.4cvs issues with 1.3.x files (avox) - closed.
4552: [Import / Export] 1.3.4cvs issues with 1.2.x files (avox) - closed.
4654: [Import / Export] Sig 11 crash after importing SXD (jghali) - closed.
4743: [Import / Export] Colour import from eps, ps and ai files doesn't work (plinnell) - closed.
4768: [Import / Export] Provide some commands to access the SVG, EPS and OO importers from the Scripter. (fschmid) - closed.
4787: [Import / Export] Support UTF16 in Text Import (fschmid) - closed.
4855: [Import / Export] SVG export crashes Scribus (jghali) - closed.
4862: [Import / Export] Add epsi to the list of supported file types (fschmid) - closed.
4877: [Import / Export] Image and EPS export broken (jghali) - closed.
4950: [Import / Export] Issues with Illustrator SVG (fschmid) - closed.
4995: [Import / Export] ODG file with macros crashes Scribus (avox) - closed.
5006: [Import / Export] Crash while resizing SVG (avox) - closed.
5014: [Import / Export] SVG import freezes Scribus (cbradney) - closed.
5019: [Import / Export] Importing 1.3.3x file crashes Scribus (avox) - closed.
5061: [Import / Export] EPS and ODG/SXD are not opened as groups (fschmid) - closed.
5169: [Import / Export] Opening/Importing an EPS file that contains spot colours, creates each spot colour twice (fschmid) - closed.
5181: [Import / Export] Colours of vector files are imported even if the import is aborted (fschmid) - closed.
5232: [Import / Export] Some exports include displayed control characters, others not (fschmid) - closed.
5308: [Import / Export] cvs hangs on br2 from scribus-templates (cbradney) - closed.
5386: [Import / Export] importing a master page does not preserve locked status (cbradney) - closed.
5405: [Import / Export] SXD/ODF/SVG import : text alignement not correct when importing file in a new doc (jghali) - closed.
5417: [Import / Export] PDF Export : endianness issue with tiff images exported as cmyk (fschmid) - closed.
5425: [Import / Export] PDF Export output not as expected (jghali) - closed.
5427: [Import / Export] Importing of page with baseline-enabled text from (cbradney) - closed.
5496: [Import / Export] EPS can't be imported and lets guides etc. disappear (fschmid) - closed.
5583: [Import / Export] Scribus hangs when trying to open a file in 1.3.4 on windows - closed.
5615: [Import / Export] Scribus crashes when importing a text file (avox) - closed.
5636: [Import / Export] Italic import en html (jghali) - closed.
5714: [Import / Export] Eps graphic doesnt appear after import (cbradney) - closed.
5752: [Import / Export] Crash on text import into empty frame. Use a BUILDING file as it has no extension as an example (jghali) - closed.
5764: [Import / Export] Inconsistency between file formats proposed in startup and File>Open dialogs (jghali) - closed.
5790: [Import / Export] Imported vector objects can't be placed with the mouse (fschmid) - closed.
5805: [Import / Export] Get Text crash in a text frame (jghali) - closed.
5813: [Import / Export] Undoing any vector import lets desktop freeze (cbradney) - closed.
5836: [Import / Export] importing eps file shows progress bar but nothing on the page after import (cbradney) - closed.
5842: [Import / Export] "Export as images" should zero-pad image numbers in filenames (jghali) - closed.
5925: [Import / Export] PDF export lasts for ages on attached document (jghali) - closed.
5964: [Import / Export] crash when converting to outlines (jghali) - closed.
5973: [Import / Export] Add a compatibility warning for imported 1.2x and 1.3x files (subik) - closed.
6070: [Import / Export] Selecting SVG file in the file menu for image frames drives up memory use to more than 90% (cbradney) - closed.
6108: [Import / Export] Problem importing particular Adobe Illustrator SVG (jghali) - closed.
6189: [Import / Export] Scribus fails to import EPS from Sibelius (fschmid) - closed.
6317: [Import / Export] Scribus created SVG blocks the GUI (avox) - closed.
6327: [Import / Export] import ps failure (fschmid) - closed.
6342: [Import / Export] SVG import triggers crash (jghali) - closed.
6347: [Import / Export] Imported SVG behaves wrong when on the top layer (fschmid) - closed.
6369: [Import / Export] Imported vector files are automatically placed on the first page of a document. (fschmid) - closed.
6374: [Import / Export] Scribus version 1.2.2 file fails to open and hangs scribus (jghali) - closed.
6414: [Import / Export] Nothing appears when importing vector file (jghali) - closed.
6464: [Import / Export] eps import hang scribus when importing file with image (fschmid) - closed.
6466: [Import / Export] Hangs, then crashes when importing 1.2Mb eps file (plinnell) - closed.
6569: [Import / Export] HTML-Import: ­ always rendered as a hyphen (cbradney) - closed.
6620: [Import / Export] 1.3.3.x file with master pages of different sizes isn't imported correctly (fschmid) - closed.
6749: [Import / Export] Crash on .ai import (fschmid) - closed.
6752: [Import / Export] Crash during Xfig import (fschmid) - closed.
6753: [Import / Export] UI freeze during Xfig import (fschmid) - closed.
6754: [Import / Export] AI import crashes Scribus (fschmid) - closed.
6758: [Import / Export] Deleting complex Xfig drawings takes forever (jghali) - closed.
6889: [Import / Export] Enable the use of EPS and AI files as swatch files (fschmid) - closed.
6903: [Import / Export] Export to Image (png, jpg) doesn't work as expected (subik) - closed.
6943: [Import / Export] AI import crashes Scribus (fschmid) - closed.
6944: [Import / Export] AI file import causes system freeze (fschmid) - closed.
6947: [Import / Export] Crash during AI import (fschmid) - closed.
6950: [Import / Export] Crash after selecting AI file in the file dialog (fschmid) - closed.
7022: [Import / Export] incorrect handling of transparency in tiff file (jghali) - closed.
7026: [Import / Export] EPS-Import: Spot Colors are listed twice (fschmid) - closed.
7037: [Import / Export] Import of UK-Flag in svg format results in invalid image (jghali) - closed.
7177: [Import / Export] unable to export PDF to a network share (jghali) - closed.
7290: [Import / Export] Scribus reduces equation scale on export when setting up manually dpi (fschmid) - closed.
7349: [Import / Export] Imported eps exported to SVG looks rasterized (fschmid) - closed.
7418: [Import / Export] Scribus keeps freezing when opening large .wmf files (jghali) - closed.
7492: [Import / Export] svg import inaccurate with sgv-compliant file from plplot (cbradney) - closed.
7503: [Import / Export] text and superscript placement (jghali) - closed.
7607: [Import / Export] Scribus can't import Gimp color palette files (fschmid) - closed.
7634: [Import / Export] Text alignment problem when importing a ps file. (fschmid) - closed.
7688: [Import / Export] Render frames store full configuration path (Herm) - closed.
7701: [Import / Export] ODT Import segfaults (jghali) - closed.
7702: [Import / Export] Potential document corruption after using print dialog (jghali) - closed.
7811: [Import / Export] Tabs with fill character don't show up in PDF and printout (jghali) - closed.
7935: [Import / Export] Selecting an imported vector file causes Scribus to hang (jghali) - closed.
7937: [Import / Export] SVG import fails silently on invalid files (jghali) - closed.
7964: [Import / Export] PDF export crash when object uses an end arrow and no start arrow (jghali) - closed.
8069: [Import / Export] Relative render frame paths not handled correctly in all places. (Herm) - closed.
8135: [Import / Export] Get Text - Text Filter loses paragraph prefixes (jghali) - closed.
8184: [Import / Export] Colour palettes: US FS 595, Geology (christoph_s) - closed.
8191: [Import / Export] Crayon colour set (plinnell) - closed.
8192: [Import / Export] CC/Tango colours (plinnell) - closed.
8193: [Import / Export] Invalid .ps file created when masterpage name is a number (jghali) - closed.
8264: [Import / Export] British Standard Colours (plinnell) - closed.
8270: [Import / Export] Resene colour palettes (christoph_s) - closed.
8318: [Import / Export] Open Office Writer importer and odf notes (jghali) - closed.
8335: [Import / Export] Page Import blocks scribus (jghali) - closed.
8367: [Import / Export] File selection dialog is unhelpful for mounted volumes (cbradney) - closed.
8383: [Import / Export] PDF export window misses progress numbers in progressbar in front of % (jghali) - closed.
8400: [Import / Export] Imported PDF images exports the same page regardless of individual setting (fschmid) - closed.
8495: [Import / Export] Save as PDF maximum image resolution, 300dpi != 400dpi (fschmid) - closed.
8531: [Import / Export] crashes opening an odt file (plinnell) - closed.
8550: [Import / Export] Crash when importing UTF-16 text (cbradney) - closed.
8582: [Import / Export] importing SVG into the attached SLA crashes Scribus (jghali) - closed.
8622: [Import / Export] collect elements for output needs existing directory (jghali) - closed.
8751: [Import / Export] Incorrect export of empty pdf fields (jghali) - closed.
8773: [Import / Export] Second page shifted by bleed amount at PDF export (jghali) - closed.
8779: [Import / Export] imported character styles are incorrect (jghali) - closed.
8819: [Import / Export] Use document bleed settings by default (jghali) - closed.
8913: [Import / Export] The Xpos and Ypos parameters of the images are ignored (fschmid) - closed.
8956: [Import / Export] Incorrect loading of 133x doc elements with 0 line width (jghali) - closed.
9076: [Import / Export] SVG file crashes Scribus (fschmid) - closed.
9082: [Import / Export] When exporting to SVG the "Drop Cap" is out of alignment with paragraph (jghali) - closed.
9086: [Import / Export] Versions compatibility (jghali) - closed.
9143: [Import / Export] Incorrect import of SVG files that contain <a> tags (jghali) - closed.
9184: [Import / Export] Unnecessary preview option for text export (jghali) - closed.
9217: [Import / Export] Improvements to the handling of colour palettes (fschmid) - closed.
9258: [Import / Export] Importing HTML adds spaces (jghali) - closed.
9397: [Import / Export] Wrong order of xmax and ymax in eps bounding box (fschmid) - closed.
9461: [Import / Export] EPS palettes are no longer read (fschmid) - closed.
9479: [Import / Export] Crash importing SVG file into scribus (jghali) - closed.
9526: [Import / Export] SVG export crashes Scribus 1.3.8. and 1.5.0.svn (fschmid) - closed.
9616: [Import / Export] Scribus freezes when importing (Get text) Microsoft Word document into text box (ale) - closed.
9855: [Import / Export] Crash when importing EPS file. (fschmid) - closed.

4428: [Integration] Crash when prefs file contains empty font list entry and empty default font (cbradney) - closed.

2215: [Internal] Audit and fix text encoding handling (jghali) - closed.
2384: [Internal] PageItem::DrawObj does lots of non-drawing tasks, gets very convoluted (avox) - closed.
2445: [Internal] Align Text Justified breaks underlining between words (cbradney) - closed.
2537: [Internal] Enabled undo system disabling from preferences (Tsoots) - closed.
2999: [Internal] Document Canvas flashes on screen when app preferences is opened (cbradney) - closed.
3302: [Internal] ASSERT: "currDoc->DocItems.at(Nr)!=0" in tree.cpp (192) (fschmid) - closed.
3529: [Internal] Text frames in scrapbooks lose special characters - closed.
3602: [Internal] Add copyright and Andreas to Help > About (plinnell) - closed.
3617: [Internal] Make 1.3.4 use 1.3.4 versioned preferences files so users can have both installed safely. (cbradney) - closed.
3663: [Internal] New from Template and Save as Template cause an abort on load (jghali) - closed.
3830: [Internal] crash on load with large doc and font substitution (avox) - closed.
3942: [Internal] Crash when opening prefs (cbradney) - closed.
3957: [Internal] Crash when closing Scribus with multiple docs open and one loaded from disk (cbradney) - closed.
4022: [Internal] Console messages with new preferences dialog (subik) - closed.
4023: [Internal] Allow profile loading from the document directory (jghali) - closed.
4157: [Internal] change page orientation in doc prefs (fschmid) - closed.
4158: [Internal] open QDom parse crash (subik) - closed.
4191: [Internal] Crash with new doc and Edit Shape Active (Tsoots) - closed.
4192: [Internal] Win32 build crashes when trying to check for updates (jghali) - closed.
4236: [Internal] Make libtiff and lcms mandatory requirements by build system and in code (ringerc) - closed.
4550: [Internal] Application of margins to master pages is not working (fschmid) - closed.
4668: [Internal] Bump cairo minimum to 1.2.0 for 1.3.4 only (fschmid) - closed.
4990: [Internal] Copying a page crashes due to scribusxml changes. (cbradney) - closed.
5184: [Internal] Autoguides can be placed incorrectly (subik) - closed.
5211: [Internal] Issues with dereferencing type-punned pointer (fschmid) - closed.
5212: [Internal] Issues with dereferencing type-punned pointer (cbradney) - closed.
5228: [Internal] gcc 4.2 warnings (jghali) - closed.
5294: [Internal] Sig6 when closing prefs after commit 10:50 30th Jan with autotools build (cbradney) - closed.
5506: [Internal] Layer duplicate uses copy paste buffer which doesnt copy all paragraph attributes (pierremarchand) - closed.
5573: [Internal] ftface.cpp warnings (avox) - closed.
5574: [Internal] desaxe.cpp warnings (avox) - closed.
5676: [Internal] Deleting colors and replacing them doesn't work (jghali) - closed.
5789: [Internal] Sig6 when saving when theres an image in an image frame (fschmid) - closed.
5808: [Internal] After TextToPath scribus hangs in SM (jghali) - closed.
6000: [Internal] Add CPU detection in CMake for 64 bit builds etc (cbradney) - closed.
6111: [Internal] Crash when hitting application close button when in gradient vector edit mode (fschmid) - closed.
6292: [Internal] Scribus crashes when first page is deleted - closed.
6964: [Internal] remove GDI+ licensing exception (plinnell) - closed.
7053: [Internal] corrupted double-linked list crash on close (cbradney) - closed.
8020: [Internal] string toDouble conversions break when locale changes - closed.
8028: [Internal] Crash when pressing quit shortcut with preferences window open (cbradney) - closed.
8521: [Internal] Overprint setting is lost when copying page (fschmid) - closed.

10189: [Language Tools] missing Slovak (sk_SK) definition in langmg.cpp (cbradney) - closed.
7421: [Language Tools] Can't set the text box language (subik) - closed.
7521: [Language Tools] Measurements Palette does not change name after language change (cbradney) - closed.
7685: [Language Tools] Hyphenation exceptions are ignored? (fschmid) - closed.
7796: [Language Tools] Lorem ipsum for Slovak (jghali) - closed.
8060: [Language Tools] Dutch Translation Update (cbradney) - closed.
9194: [Language Tools] update hungarian hyphenation patterns (plinnell) - closed.
9463: [Language Tools] Croatian hyphenation doesn't work (jghali) - closed.
9724: [Language Tools] lithuanian "lorem ipsum" for Scribus 1.4 and 1.5 (plinnell) - closed.

8252: [Mac OS] cannot open a file through double click in OSX Finder (jghali) - closed.
9570: [Mac OS] drag and drop to Scrapbook no longer works (fschmid) - resolved.

10005: [PDF] Line style with dotted line exports as solid line in PDF (jghali) - closed.
10034: [PDF] "fill rule" setting not correctly exported to PDF (jghali) - closed.
10371: [PDF] Adobe Reader states "Too few operands" when opening a Scribus-generated PDF containing form fields (jghali) - resolved.
10387: [PDF] Missing German date format for PDF fields / ordering the list of formats (fschmid) - resolved.
3282: [PDF] Fonts don't work with text fields of forms. (fschmid) - closed.
3516: [PDF] the pdf export should be in the same directory (fschmid) - closed.
3958: [PDF] PDF field property, format as number has decimals and formatting linked (fschmid) - closed.
4031: [PDF] Crash when editing pdf annotation linked on deleted page (fschmid) - closed.
4250: [PDF] Dropcaps are not large enough in PDF (fschmid) - closed.
4546: [PDF] PDF Export: Despite "Do not embed fonts, do not subset" settings, Scribus converts fonts to outlines (fschmid) - closed.
4742: [PDF] default directory for pdf export should be default location for save (jghali) - closed.
4780: [PDF] Black Images in Grayscale Output (fschmid) - closed.
5216: [PDF] international characters in filenames are not printed in "crop mark" area (ringerc) - closed.
5281: [PDF] Text typed into PDF Textfields is not correct (fschmid) - closed.
5393: [PDF] created PDF crashes Adobe/xpdf/... on print (fschmid) - closed.
5430: [PDF] color bars intended for grayscale are in color (fschmid) - closed.
5450: [PDF] PDF URL link element in Master pages doesn't get rendered in final .PDF (fschmid) - closed.
5476: [PDF] PDF exported has error with PDF from Ale (fschmid) - closed.
5821: [PDF] bleed not working properly for master pages (fschmid) - closed.
5832: [PDF] tabulation fill char disappear in pdf and ps (jghali) - closed.
5864: [PDF] Crash on PDF-export with certain images when embedding color profiles (jghali) - closed.
5977: [PDF] Opening Scribus-exported PDF in Adobe Reader produces "Invalid restore" error message, empty pages (jghali) - closed.
6040: [PDF] Bleed isn't exported to PDF (jghali) - closed.
6181: [PDF] Text stroke / drop shadow is not exported correctly to pdf (jghali) - closed.
6226: [PDF] Always clip the pdf outputs to page margins when master pages used (fschmid) - closed.
6227: [PDF] Pre-press PDF/X-3 export fails to embed/outline page info print mark font (fschmid) - closed.
6304: [PDF] problem with numeric pdf form fields (fschmid) - closed.
6461: [PDF] registration marks not centered (jghali) - closed.
6489: [PDF] Adding weblinks as PDF Annotations adds Helvetica to the PDF (fschmid) - closed.
6492: [PDF] "Clip to Page Margins" leaves bleed area empty (fschmid) - closed.
6669: [PDF] PDF Export produces unreadable files, when a Spotcolor with an empty name exists. (fschmid) - closed.
6817: [PDF] PDF field with number format becomes unresponsive when PDF is generated from a loaded document (fschmid) - closed.
6868: [PDF] Preflight should mention missing image reason (fschmid) - closed.
6904: [PDF] Add PDF 1.5 presentation effects (fschmid) - closed.
6905: [PDF] Starting PDF export triggers crash (fschmid) - closed.
6986: [PDF] Inverted images in PDF caused by incorrect handling of DecodeArray by some rips/softs (fschmid) - closed.
7085: [PDF] Path tools, Boolean path operations, operation N°5 (fschmid) - closed.
7091: [PDF] Mauvais affichage image .psd avec transparence dans le fichier .PDF généré. (fschmid) - closed.
7142: [PDF] Export PDF/EPS on attached file hangs Scribus (jghali) - closed.
7369: [PDF] Export to PDF of text with numbers wrong (numbers replaced by other numbers or letters) [TC] (pierremarchand) - closed.
7378: [PDF] Rotated PDFs are not handled correctly when embedded (fschmid) - closed.
7500: [PDF] Documents with Render Frames Result in PDF Files With Invalid Closepath Operators (fschmid) - closed.
7568: [PDF] Objects that are (partially) outside a page are cut and placed on the next page in PDF export (fschmid) - closed.
7577: [PDF] Scribus PDF with embedded font breaks GPL Ghostscript 8.62 (jghali) - closed.
7606: [PDF] dotted tabs don't show dots in pdf (jghali) - closed.
7654: [PDF] Gradient with spot colors export wrong (jghali) - closed.
7681: [PDF] Page numbers shadows are not exported correctly in pdf (jghali) - closed.
7700: [PDF] If a PDF is imported, the page size of the document is always the default page size, not the one of the PDF (fschmid) - closed.
7756: [PDF] Erreur d'effet de texte dans le fichier PDF généré. Bad text effect in generated PDF file. (fschmid) - closed.
8017: [PDF] Exported PDF with CJK fonts corrupted (jghali) - closed.
8068: [PDF] incorrect export of path text objects if text is too long for the path (jghali) - closed.
8251: [PDF] Selecting "Choose Pages" instead of "All Pages" on the first tab of the PDF export dialog crashes Scribus with Signal 0000006 (jghali) - closed.
8257: [PDF] Incorrect PDF Export of text when outline effect is applied and fonts outlined (jghali) - closed.
8263: [PDF] pdf export crash when ISO-10646-UCS-2 text codec is missing (jghali) - closed.
8293: [PDF] Missing calendar date in PDF field (fschmid) - closed.
8319: [PDF] Acrobat reports "XObject master_page_obj_2_5 cannot be found" on Scribus-made PDF (jghali) - closed.
8326: [PDF] PDF is corrupt (jghali) - closed.
8370: [PDF] Inline Render Frames Don't Always Export Properly to PDF (fschmid) - closed.
8371: [PDF] patterns with spaces/special chars in their names cause PDF corruption (jghali) - closed.
8380: [PDF] Embed EPS/PDF Files produces slightly wrong scale/position when file dimensions are not an integral number of points (jghali) - closed.
8385: [PDF] Tab filler characters are printed incorrectly to PDF and to PS (jghali) - closed.
8549: [PDF] Postscript images backround rendered opaque in pdf's although displayed transparent on canvas (fschmid) - closed.
8928: [PDF] brackets are over escaped in pdf forms (fschmid) - closed.
8943: [PDF] Incorrect pdf export when smallcaps effect is used on ß character (jghali) - closed.
9090: [PDF] PDF Bookmark on no-print layer results in bad PDF output. (jghali) - closed.
9108: [PDF] PDF bookmark adds reverse slash in front of bracket (jghali) - closed.
9135: [PDF] Embedded PDF Shows Upside Down on Exported Output. (jghali) - closed.
9178: [PDF] inconsistency between gradient display and pdf/svg export (jghali) - closed.
9212: [PDF] Line ending arrows are exported incorrectly to PDF if put on master page (jghali) - closed.
9268: [PDF] "Printer color model" option creates PDF with invisible content when pdf embedding option is enabled (jghali) - closed.
9288: [PDF] PDF icon button does not appear. (jghali) - closed.
9332: [PDF] Out of order PDF export keeps 1..n page order (cbradney) - closed.
9378: [PDF] copy field from other document does not save field name (cbradney) - closed.
9385: [PDF] Elements outside bleed zone visible after pdf export (jghali) - closed.
9726: [PDF] chinese word is auto-replaced by another word in generated PDF (jghali) - closed.
9829: [PDF] [FIX] patch for always exporting greyscale images as greyscale in PDF (jghali) - closed.
9852: [PDF] Doc prefs do not save PDF marks related settings (jghali) - closed.

0599: [Plug-ins] Plug-in to make and insert formulas (Herm) - closed.
2599: [Plug-ins] Convert FileLoader system into proper plugins, create FileSaver system (cbradney) - closed.
3399: [Plug-ins] font preview: scrolling with mouse does not update the preview (subik) - closed.
3439: [Plug-ins] font preview: selecting the first two fonts makes the font size and sample fields move left (subik) - closed.
3493: [Plug-ins] Provide user selectable color model for colorwheel (subik) - closed.
3515: [Plug-ins] Build some plugins dependency tree mechanism (subik) - closed.
3771: [Plug-ins] ISBN-13 support (subik) - closed.
3870: [Plug-ins] failure to load plugin (subik) - closed.
4025: [Plug-ins] Scribus reports missing plugins on launch (cbradney) - closed.
4657: [Plug-ins] Sig 6 when cancelling out of ColorWheel plugin (subik) - closed.
4987: [Plug-ins] Presentation template is broken (avox) - closed.
5644: [Plug-ins] Crash running calendar script (subik) - closed.
6217: [Plug-ins] Content of LaTeX frames can't be stored in the scrapbook (avox) - closed.
6474: [Plug-ins] myplugin failed to compile and (subik) - closed.
6578: [Plug-ins] Opening the barcode plug-in takes quite long (subik) - closed.
6662: [Plug-ins] Annoying "User configuration exists already" in short words plugin when closing prefs. (subik) - closed.
6664: [Plug-ins] Default resolution for LaTeX frames should be "Normal" (fschmid) - closed.
6923: [Plug-ins] GetText files are not well commented. (plinnell) - closed.
7007: [Plug-ins] Cannot insert barcode onto objects (fschmid) - closed.
7027: [Plug-ins] The translation of Item > Path Tools doesn't switch unless one restarts Scribus (fschmid) - closed.
7485: [Plug-ins] Crash with aspell (cbradney) - closed.
7797: [Plug-ins] Update for Short Words Slovak (jghali) - closed.
7893: [Plug-ins] Latex frames looks differently after document opening and update image (fschmid) - closed.
8958: [Plug-ins] Add 1.5 import plugins that can be used without risk in 1.3.7+ (fschmid) - closed.
9339: [Plug-ins] Translated template category names lead to the wrong category (jghali) - closed.
9455: [Plug-ins] Autoquote Hungarian support (christoph_s) - closed.
9609: [Plug-ins] Scribus 1.3.9 plugins error - Cannot find plugin: Cannot load specified object (jghali) - closed.
9691: [Plug-ins] add Czech support for Autoquote (plinnell) - closed.
9751: [Plug-ins] wrong indent in Autoquote.py (plinnell) - closed.

0129: [Printing] Bleed functionality (fschmid) - closed.
0194: [Printing] Crop marks and separations crosses (fschmid) - closed.
10355: [Printing] Reading of the PS part size and length from an EPSF is broken (jghali) - closed.
1041: [Printing] Support for art box, bleed box, crop box, media box and trim box (fschmid) - closed.
2693: [Printing] print preview does not reflect mirroring settings (fschmid) - closed.
3534: [Printing] New feauture to get printer margins does not work from Manage Page Properties (cbradney) - closed.
3926: [Printing] Extend zoom options in print preview (fschmid) - closed.
4124: [Printing] Printing with Landscape Orientation buggy (Tsoots) - closed.
4177: [Printing] print settings should be saved per document (fschmid) - closed.
4412: [Printing] CMYK TIFF in printed output and preview have incorrect colors (fschmid) - closed.
4653: [Printing] Print Preview doesn't work with text frames containing sample text (avox) - closed.
5144: [Printing] Print Preview doesn't work with converted spot colours (fschmid) - closed.
5199: [Printing] Print Preview doesn't work if imported vector files are rotated (fschmid) - closed.
5677: [Printing] Too many copies printed (avox) - closed.
5779: [Printing] Postscript file has DSC comment at wrong place (fschmid) - closed.
6194: [Printing] incorrect printing of separations on Windows (jghali) - closed.
6364: [Printing] Unable to print to Hp 2700n color laserjet (jghali) - closed.
6647: [Printing] Crop marks on printout and PDF output incorrect (jghali) - closed.
6915: [Printing] Print layout for embedded pdf : result different than pdf layout (fschmid) - closed.
7409: [Printing] Generation of incorrect pdfmarks in PostScript output (fschmid) - closed.
7475: [Printing] no printer displayed in printer margins dialog (jghali) - closed.
7592: [Printing] frame with tif file not printed (jghali) - closed.
7767: [Printing] preflight verifier: layer's printability and visibility mismatch (cbradney) - closed.
7899: [Printing] color printing after preview fails (cbradney) - closed.
8158: [Printing] printing page numberspage numbers do not print correctly (jghali) - closed.
8197: [Printing] blank postscript created when "set page size" option used (jghali) - closed.
8229: [Printing] Invalid ps file created when two fonts have conflicting postscript names (jghali) - closed.
8592: [Printing] Incorrect postscript separations (jghali) - closed.
9006: [Printing] PS printer output DSC incorrect/contradictory (fschmid) - closed.

7615: [Scrapbook] Memory corruption in Scrapbook drag preview (fschmid) - closed.
9366: [Scrapbook] New Scrapbook pages are only available after relaunching Scribus (fschmid) - closed.
9372: [Scrapbook] Items sent to the wrong Scrapbook folder (fschmid) - closed.

0141: [Scripter] Console syntax highlighting options do not work (jghali) - closed.
0208: [Scripter] createParagraphStyle linespacing parameter don't accept floats (jghali) - closed.
10036: [Scripter] placeEPS() will move already selected objects (jghali) - closed.
10070: [Scripter] Save ... in Scripter Console uses wrong save directory, other errors (jghali) - closed.
2101: [Scripter] Improve the Scripter console (subik) - closed.
2331: [Scripter] Different units for object's dimmensions and position (subik) - closed.
3047: [Scripter] in the dialog Script-> About Script there is only the variant *.py but not *.PY (subik) - closed.
3294: [Scripter] createLine will not create a vertical line properly (subik) - closed.
3905: [Scripter] FontSample.py Index Page does not display correctly (jghali) - closed.
3998: [Scripter] Scripter: CalendarWiz. loops (subik) - closed.
4001: [Scripter] Running Calendar Wizard a second time triggers repeatable crash (subik) - closed.
4112: [Scripter] Need to find out whether a page is left or right from Scripter (fschmid) - closed.
4155: [Scripter] Remove scripter warnings (subik) - closed.
4252: [Scripter] line count in scripter console (subik) - closed.
4611: [Scripter] Scripter Hangs when sample paragraph is enabled (subik) - closed.
5855: [Scripter] Invoke automatic hyphenation via scripter (subik) - closed.
5898: [Scripter] Running the font sampler crashes the scripter (fschmid) - closed.
6062: [Scripter] setStyle problem (avox) - closed.
6160: [Scripter] textOverflows() in Python API seems to be buffered (subik) - closed.
6571: [Scripter] no possibility to hyphenate text frame in python scripter api (subik) - closed.
6581: [Scripter] there's (was) no possibility to scroll/move the view on the current document with the scripter api (subik) - closed.
6625: [Scripter] createCharStyle, createParagraphStyle, sendSelectionToBack, bringSelectionToFront, zoomDocument-doc (subik) - closed.
6757: [Scripter] CalendarWizard crashes Scribus (jghali) - closed.
6759: [Scripter] scripter getText() returns strings 1 byte too short. (jghali) - closed.
7578: [Scripter] Add Scribus Color Script Collection to distribution (subik) – closed.
7695: [Scripter] valueDialog not displaying caption properly (jghali) - closed.
7705: [Scripter] Styles created with a script are not shown in the style dialog (subik) - closed.
7716: [Scripter] Please add spot colour indicator to ColorChart script (subik) - closed.
7736: [Scripter] Incorrect indentation in the ColorChart.py (subik) - closed.
7744: [Scripter] scaleImage(x,y,"name") does not behave correct on some images (jghali) - closed.
7766: [Scripter] scribus.textOverflows() returns 0 despite text overflows (ale) - closed.
7772: [Scripter] A more versatile way to construct gradients for the scripter (jghali) - closed.
7774: [Scripter] groupObjects() function very slow (cbradney) - closed.
7805: [Scripter] setLineSpacing in scripter does nothing (jghali) - closed.
7806: [Scripter] SetTextScaling function for the scripter (jghali) - closed.
7911: [Scripter] Using scribus.importPages() causes a segmentation fault and Scribus crashes (subik) - closed.
8107: [Scripter] setStyle() only sets the first paragraph (jghali) - closed.
8226: [Scripter] Scripter doesn't allow setting object names (AutoName = true) (jghali) - closed.
8227: [Scripter] traceText() function don't works with createText() (jghali) - closed.
8255: [Scripter] Pagesize (cbradney) - closed.
8573: [Scripter] UnicodeDecodeError in scripter (jghali) - closed.
8597: [Scripter] Add getDocName function to scripter plugin. (cbradney) - closed.
8664: [Scripter] Pimp my CalendarWizard (subik) - closed.
8706: [Scripter] setScaleImageToFrame don't works in script imported image (jghali) - closed.
8776: [Scripter] Fix for broken Infobox.py (jghali) - closed.
8804: [Scripter] createPolyLine, createPolygon and createBezierLine with explicit id's make scribus crash (jghali) - closed.
8953: [Scripter] Crash when removing layer in script (jghali) - closed.
8965: [Scripter] [patch] add getObjectType([name]) -> string api (jghali) - closed.
8966: [Scripter] [patch] add fileQuit() api to close scribus (jghali) - closed.
9019: [Scripter] unGroupObject(...) won't work in scripter (jghali) - closed.
9204: [Scripter] Add missing getPageNSize() and getPageNMargins() to scripter docs (jghali) – closed.
9205: [Scripter] patch: wrong value range in setLineWidth command (cbradney) - closed.
9460: [Scripter] Add the Autoquote script from the wiki to the Scripts menu (christoph_s) - closed.
9731: [Scripter] Added Croatian language to calendarwizard (plinnell) - closed.
9745: [Scripter] [patch] the return value of getImageScale() does not really make sense... (cbradney) - closed.

0378: [Shape Drawing] normal, dissolve, overlay, difference, and other modes of transparancy (fschmid) - closed.
0691: [Shape Drawing] inserting lines (fschmid) - closed.
10098: [Shape Drawing] incorrect pdf export of gradients on master page (jghali) - closed.
10144: [Shape Drawing] Shapes are sometimes cutfed off after grouping (fschmid) - closed.
1739: [Shape Drawing] More options to Combine Polygons (fschmid) - closed.
2191: [Shape Drawing] Arrow heads do not redraw correctly (fschmid) - closed.
2726: [Shape Drawing] Properties not updated correctly in grouped selections. (cbradney) - closed.
2767: [Shape Drawing] Active page not marked as active (fschmid) - closed.
2844: [Shape Drawing] Support proportional resize with CTRL from any handle (avox) - closed.
3108: [Shape Drawing] Grouped objects don't have working XYZ properties. (cbradney) - closed.
3109: [Shape Drawing] Changing line/fill properties of a group (fschmid) - closed.
3113: [Shape Drawing] Color substitution. (fschmid) - closed.
3277: [Shape Drawing] Snap-to-guides (jghali) - closed.
3525: [Shape Drawing] wrong scratch space set after changing page properties (fschmid) - closed.
3595: [Shape Drawing] add undo/apply/cancel buttons to node editor (Tsoots) - closed.
3596: [Shape Drawing] allow custom shapes to be changed to a default shape (cbradney) - closed.
3637: [Shape Drawing] Rounded corner are not round (fschmid) - closed.
3657: [Shape Drawing] Line width won't allow anything but tenth decimals (0.x) (fschmid) - closed.
3788: [Shape Drawing] Convert text to outline loses character baseline offset. (fschmid) - closed.
3986: [Shape Drawing] Shape drawing tool doesn't recognise changes in the palette (fschmid) - closed.
4140: [Shape Drawing] Reseting control points is broken (fschmid) - closed.
4304: [Shape Drawing] Add colorblindness options to the preview mode (fschmid) - closed.
4394: [Shape Drawing] lines on master page with basepoint not on page do not show up in the document (fschmid) - closed.
4395: [Shape Drawing] Gradients do not display correct when the object is rotated (fschmid) - closed.
4774: [Shape Drawing] PP > Shape > Round Corners no longer disabled (fschmid) - closed.
4819: [Shape Drawing] Drawing objects broken for non-standard drawing directions (fschmid) - closed.
4902: [Shape Drawing] Dia shapes aren't imported correctly (fschmid) - closed.
4903: [Shape Drawing] Dia/Kivio shape import creates 000000 RGB black and ffffff RGB white (fschmid) - closed.
4926: [Shape Drawing] ugly artifacts when editing a shape (fschmid) - closed.
4958: [Shape Drawing] grouping objects with transparency setting changes transparency (fschmid) - closed.
4959: [Shape Drawing] add objects as patterns creates three internal undo actions (Tsoots) - closed.
4966: [Shape Drawing] Resizing shapes deletes outline settings (fschmid) - closed.
4983: [Shape Drawing] Applying blend modes to outlines freezes Scribus (fschmid) - closed.
5040: [Shape Drawing] Scribus shapes are listed twice in in the document outline (fschmid) - closed.
5079: [Shape Drawing] basepoint selector doesnt seem to know about the page origins (fschmid) - closed.
5080: [Shape Drawing] overprint property not updated correctly in grouped selections. (jghali) - closed.
5224: [Shape Drawing] "Adjust Display Size" range too limited (fschmid) - closed.
5299: [Shape Drawing] copy page merges layers (fschmid) - closed.
5373: [Shape Drawing] rotating and resizing imported eps gives wrong result (cbradney) - closed.
5411: [Shape Drawing] X2 and Y2 values incorrectly linked in line geometry properties (cbradney) - closed.
5432: [Shape Drawing] Resizing a line with control for angle constraint only works on one end of the line (pierremarchand) - closed.
5807: [Shape Drawing] Broken handling of selected nodes (fschmid) - closed.
6175: [Shape Drawing] copy/paste mess up shapes paste when laidout over two pages (jghali) - closed.
6280: [Shape Drawing] Polygon drawing is using (or not using) canvas scale or something.. the items are huge compared to the mouse position (avox) - closed.
6281: [Shape Drawing] Canvas: Freehand line drawing doesnt seem to do anything, could be scale related. (avox) - closed.
6282: [Shape Drawing] Canvas: Bezier drawing seems broken, could be scale related (avox) - closed.
6284: [Shape Drawing] LaTeX frame drawing starts to the bottom right of the mouse pointer, scale related? (avox) - closed.
6297: [Shape Drawing] Canvas: Resizing of frames like text frames, rectangles from lower points resizes to the end of the canvas, scale related? (avox) - closed.
6462: [Shape Drawing] Text flow around Bounding Box does not work (cbradney) - closed.
6770: [Shape Drawing] Crash when cancelling bezier item creation before 2nd click (cbradney) - closed.
6787: [Shape Drawing] enable snap to grid when moving individual shape nodes (fschmid) - closed.
6790: [Shape Drawing] Inserting shapes via the menu entries requires two clicks to work (fschmid) - closed.
7025: [Shape Drawing] Link Buttons in the Transform Tool do not work (fschmid) - closed.
7044: [Shape Drawing] line: end of line and arrow overlap (fschmid) - closed.
7052: [Shape Drawing] Line drawing results in minimal length line (fschmid) - closed.
7236: [Shape Drawing] Add new start and end arrow. (fschmid) - closed.
7467: [Shape Drawing] add a feature of curveing of polygon to Insert Polygon (fschmid) - closed.
7470: [Shape Drawing] Unable to change the size of an image in inches (jghali) - closed.
7570: [Shape Drawing] Rotated frames placed above other frames show the wrong double-sided arrows (pierremarchand) - closed.
7900: [Shape Drawing] - display number of degrees during rotation of object (fschmid) - closed.
7948: [Shape Drawing] moving grouped objects or multiple selection is broken when using properties palette (jghali) - closed.
8033: [Shape Drawing] Copy Item Properties not working with gradients (jghali) - closed.
8059: [Shape Drawing] shape change to rect after shape editing + cut (jghali) - closed.
8330: [Shape Drawing] "Convert Stroke to Path" is buggy (fschmid) - closed.
8392: [Shape Drawing] add resize to align and distribute (cbradney) - closed.
8701: [Shape Drawing] Regression: Resize line no longer works at high zoom level (jghali) - closed.
8758: [Shape Drawing] Custom dotted lines don't export properly to pdf - closed.
8874: [Shape Drawing] shape > edit > shrink by value is not "centered" (fschmid) - closed.
8960: [Shape Drawing] Initial drawing of a line with CTRL doesn't produce the correct angles (jghali) - closed.
9084: [Shape Drawing] Incorrect update of flow around frame when resizing frames (jghali) - closed.
9267: [Shape Drawing] Non-existent default color for frames (cbradney) - closed.
9371: [Shape Drawing] Non-breakable spaces disappear when text is converted to outlines (jghali) - closed.
9728: [Shape Drawing] Drawing a circle causes crash (avox) - closed.

0002: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Ability to have multiple character formats/styles in one paragraph, ie character based styles (avox) - closed.
0305: [Story Editor / Text Frames] column borders should be shown (cbradney) - closed.
0410: [Story Editor / Text Frames] applying the line spacing to a paragraph (avox) - closed.
0418: [Story Editor / Text Frames] justification with user-defined inter-letter and word spacing in percentage (avox) - closed.
10017: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Can't type in text frames (cbradney) - closed.
10017: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Can't type in text frames (cbradney) - closed.
10048: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Updating Linespacing Changes Text Selection (jghali) - closed.
10048: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Updating Linespacing Changes Text Selection (jghali) - closed.
10049: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Zoom affect cursor line width (jghali) - closed.
10049: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Zoom affect cursor line width (jghali) - closed.
10062: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Deleting last text character causes crash. (jghali) - closed.
10062: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Deleting last text character causes crash. (jghali) - closed.
10064: [Story Editor / Text Frames] table of contents with identical attributes for a single frame (jghali) - closed.
10064: [Story Editor / Text Frames] table of contents with identical attributes for a single frame (jghali) - closed.
10163: [Story Editor / Text Frames] put the story editor's icons on three lines (jghali) - closed.
10163: [Story Editor / Text Frames] put the story editor's icons on three lines (jghali) - closed.
10173: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash on search/replace with text alignment change (jghali) - closed.
10173: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash on search/replace with text alignment change (jghali) - closed.
10222: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Current paragraph style not displayed in story editor (jghali) - closed.
10222: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Current paragraph style not displayed in story editor (jghali) - closed.
10251: [Story Editor / Text Frames] [PATCH] wrong text formatting issues (jghali) - closed.
10251: [Story Editor / Text Frames] [PATCH] wrong text formatting issues (jghali) - closed.
1034: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Edit Paste disabled after copy from another program, but Control V works (cbradney) - closed.
10346: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Last line of paragraph at end of textframe disappears. (jghali) - closed.
10346: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Last line of paragraph at end of textframe disappears. (jghali) - closed.
10348: [Story Editor / Text Frames] unwanted text center align in Story editor (jghali) - closed.
10348: [Story Editor / Text Frames] unwanted text center align in Story editor (jghali) - closed.
1117: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Right indent in Edit Style dialog (Tsoots) - closed.
1294: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Aliging text spanning several paragraphs applies not to those above the cursor. (avox) - closed.
1368: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Justified or right aligned text is misaligned when hyphenated (avox) - closed.
1447: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Use only one Insert Page Number character (#) for page numbers over 9 (avox) - closed.
1545: [Story Editor / Text Frames] cut&paste looses linking between text frames (avox) - closed.
1686: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text chaining can consume all cpu (fschmid) - closed.
1861: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Apply ISO 14755 Control-Shift for insertion of Unicode character combinations (cbradney) - closed.
1908: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Dead Keys do not work (avox) - closed.
2180: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Left pane and right pane of SE do not always line up (fschmid) - closed.
2436: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Font width and font height percentage are not correctly copied in the story editor (avox) - closed.
2485: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Preferences/Tools/Text frame needs ability to set background color (ale) - closed.
2527: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Allow switching between traditional / standard and new German hyphenation as an alternative (christoph_s) - closed.
2812: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text shade not updated when editing shade of text on a path on the "text" palette (cbradney) - closed.
2823: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text aligned on the right side is not equally among each other (avox) - closed.
2996: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Select in Story Editor act as copy (jghali) - closed.
3027: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Converting a text frame loses dashes and underlines (fschmid) - closed.
3088: [Story Editor / Text Frames] pressing cursor down jumps over the first line with text if text goes beyond one line (avox) - closed.
3241: [Story Editor / Text Frames] pasting jumps to end of text (fschmid) - closed.
3250: [Story Editor / Text Frames] scribus hangs when trying to open 100 page scribus text files (avox) - closed.
3255: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Changed style doesn't persist when typing - closed.
3264: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Control Characters as a custom color (fschmid) - closed.
3270: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Underlined superscript is moving up (fschmid) - closed.
3315: [Story Editor / Text Frames] ctrl A for many texts frames doesn't select all the text (avox) - closed.
3359: [Story Editor / Text Frames] In SE, selecting a value with the mouse in a spin box deselects text (fschmid) - closed.
3374: [Story Editor / Text Frames] insert sample text: not visible until i move the text frame to another position. (cbradney) - closed.
3424: [Story Editor / Text Frames] coordinates in properties still display wrong for multiple selections/groups (fschmid) - closed.
3481: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Remember tracking adjustments (cbradney) - closed.
3518: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copy/Paste dont work with select all (jghali) - closed.
3568: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text flows very strangely (fschmid) - closed.
3613: [Story Editor / Text Frames] import doc files crashes scribus (avox) - closed.
3618: [Story Editor / Text Frames] align and distribute with locked objects (cbradney) - closed.
3633: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text reversed when directly editing linked frames (avox) - closed.
3648: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Drawing lines affects text layout (fschmid) - closed.
3668: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Closing Story Editor takes forever (avox) - closed.
3674: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Impossible to change line with the mouse in a text frame (avox) - closed.
3684: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Sig11 on insert of glyph, eg double left guillemet (avox) - closed.
3710: [Story Editor / Text Frames] paragraph gets style from previous paragraph when using backspace to delete empty paragraph (avox) - closed.
3739: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Behaviour of text frames and paragraph styles is unpredictable (avox) - closed.
3763: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Search & Replace deletes text (avox) - closed.
3811: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Drag-selection of text is incomplete when moving the mouse up and to the left (avox) - closed.
3843: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus 1.3.4cvs loses tracking information (avox) - closed.
3845: [Story Editor / Text Frames] First two character dont change with manual tracking (avox) - closed.
3873: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Border settings for table cells get lost when copying the table (fschmid) - closed.
3886: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Overwriting text in text frames triggers crash (avox) - closed.
3900: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus sometimes (often) crashs, when I try to change a parahraph style (avox) - closed.
3904: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Columns feature doesn't work (avox) - closed.
3911: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Enable "forced" hyphenation (avox) - closed.
3923: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Delete Content of text frame crashes scribus (jghali) - closed.
3924: [Story Editor / Text Frames] no text visible after converting a picture frame into a text frame (avox) - closed.
3933: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Applying text alignment from the properties palette or the style menu doesn't work (avox) - closed.
3976: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Default number in automatic text frames is always 11 (fschmid) - closed.
4011: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text frame/Convert to/Outlines: Converting chained frames to outlines (fschmid) - closed.
4036: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Story Editor/Edit/Fonts Preview: Crash (cbradney) - closed.
4053: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Editing text on the canvas results in Crash when the 'up' key is used. (avox) - closed.
4055: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Replacing text sets formatting to default (avox) - closed.
4104: [Story Editor / Text Frames] deleting paragraph (in story editor) applies it's style to the next paragraph (avox) - closed.
4159: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus doesn't save hyphenation settings (fschmid) - closed.
4167: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text flow between newly linked frames only shown after choosing the "select" tool (cbradney) - closed.
4183: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Overlaping text in text frames after applying hyphenation (avox) - closed.
4209: [Story Editor / Text Frames] No control over Line Spacing (avox) - closed.
4213: [Story Editor / Text Frames] When turning on automatic text frames, they are not created with the size of the page margins (fschmid) - closed.
4214: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Automatic and unrequested vertically offset of text frames (jghali) - closed.
4220: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cursor positioning at beginning of textframe wrong, chars are inserted in wrong order (avox) - closed.
4221: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Masterpage items with pagenumber not working correctly (avox) - closed.
4222: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Caps and Smallcaps have wrong linewidths (avox) - closed.
4223: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Subscript / superscript not working (avox) - closed.
4263: [Story Editor / Text Frames] First letter problem & last letter cannot be reached. (text cursor bug) (avox) - closed.
4290: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text always reverts to 12pt (avox) - closed.
4326: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Page numbers are placed out of text frames (avox) - closed.
4406: [Story Editor / Text Frames] underline and stroke conflict (fschmid) - closed.
4440: [Story Editor / Text Frames] shadow not copied with text frames (fschmid) - closed.
4473: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text flow between frames broken (avox) - closed.
4478: [Story Editor / Text Frames] alignment crashes story editor (avox) - closed.
4485: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Inserting a character in the Story Editor crashes Scribus (avox) - closed.
4503: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cursor in the text frame should locate text in Sory Editor when Opened (avox) - closed.
4543: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Impossible to change font size in the Properties Palette (1.3.4cvs) (avox) - closed.
4557: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Moving cursor with arrows in text frame makes it disappear. (avox) - closed.
4567: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Kerning bug in 1.3.4cvs (avox) - closed.
4568: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Linked text frames aren't updated after deleting one frame (avox) - closed.
4613: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cancelling font substitution on load leads to crash (jghali) - closed.
4659: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Impossible to change font for an empty text frame (avox) - closed.
4671: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Story Editor: Selecting text overwrites the content copied with CTRL+C. (jghali) - closed.
4691: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Justify acts as block justify when no [Return] at end of paragraph (avox) - closed.
4692: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Right indent does not work (Tsoots) - closed.
4693: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Paragraph style doesn't apply to the first paragraph in a text frame (avox) - closed.
4694: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Tabs not aligning in styled text (avox) - closed.
4695: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cursor seems to stop blinking when using arrows to go past a tab (avox) - closed.
4698: [Story Editor / Text Frames] "Distance from text" field for Drop caps settings affects all lines of the drop cap except the first one (avox) - closed.
4716: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Inline graphics are not attached to path (fschmid) - closed.
4739: [Story Editor / Text Frames] crash on newly created text frame (avox) - closed.
4753: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Opening SE crashes Scribus (avox) - closed.
4754: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Impossible to edit text in SE (avox) - closed.
4805: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Inconsistent behaviour of "Sample Text" and "Get Text" (fschmid) - closed.
4812: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Missing glyphs not rendered, was: Issue with Czech Lorem Ipsum (avox) - closed.
4813: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text effects (colours) are only applied to visible text (avox) - closed.
4840: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Story Editor: crash after pressing ctrl+c with no text selected (avox) - closed.
4852: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Linespacing display in the Properties Palette is broken. (avox) - closed.
4856: [Story Editor / Text Frames] "Pos 1" and "End" keys don't work in text frames (avox) - closed.
4857: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Bad cursor placement in text frames (avox) - closed.
4861: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Font selection in the "Insert Glyph" dialog doesn't work (subik) - closed.
4866: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copied text frames lose alignment (avox) - closed.
4867: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text formatting of imported files from earlier versions is broken (avox) - closed.
4868: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text formatting isn't saved. (avox) - closed.
4914: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Inserting a paragraph messes with tabulation (avox) - closed.
4915: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copy/Pasting loses tabulation (avox) - closed.
4919: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Tabulations are not saved (avox) - closed.
4920: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Tracking only applies in huge increments (avox) - closed.
4922: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Selecting text until last character of a frame reverts to default. (avox) - closed.
4971: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Align to baseline grid doesn't work (avox) - closed.
4977: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Changing any font feature in empty SE triggers crash (avox) - closed.
4978: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Colour issue with sample text in the SE (avox) - closed.
4982: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Issue with inline objects (avox) - closed.
4997: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Selecting a single letter in SE crashes Scribus (avox) - closed.
5036: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Issues with the rulers: Changing indent and tabs (fschmid) - closed.
5037: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text can be moved out of the text frame (avox) - closed.
5045: [Story Editor / Text Frames] insert sample text: not visible until i move the text frame to another position. (cbradney) - closed.
5049: [Story Editor / Text Frames] single space after long word wraps to beginning of next line (jghali) - closed.
5058: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text flow around SVG doesn't work (fschmid) - closed.
5091: [Story Editor / Text Frames] pressing enter to create new line leaves cursor in the old line (avox) - closed.
5092: [Story Editor / Text Frames] aligning small text right moves it out of the textframe (avox) - closed.
5094: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Story editor has wrong font/size setting after startup (subik) - closed.
5102: [Story Editor / Text Frames] rotating text frame causes text in it to reflow! (cbradney) - closed.
5108: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Alignment issue with master page frames (avox) - closed.
5111: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Layout differences with indenting by spaces (avox) - closed.
5112: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Tab leaders missing in text frames (avox) - closed.
5113: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash after Cut&Paste or Copy&Paste in 1.3.4cvs (avox) - closed.
5120: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Opening SE in a saved file triggers crash (avox) - closed.
5121: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Issues with overflowing text frames (avox) - closed.
5149: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text properties: Font selection with arrow keys loses focus (cbradney) - closed.
5185: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copying frames unlink them (avox) - closed.
5186: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copying text should keep styles (avox) - closed.
5188: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text flows outside the frame. (avox) - closed.
5191: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Make it possible to split and join frame with their content (avox) - closed.
5202: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Typing text in the SE is only possible after font change (avox) - closed.
5208: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Entering a FIRST character in an empty textframe gives EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (avox) - closed.
5259: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Double Click on Text Frame -> Signal 0000006 (avox) - closed.
5263: [Story Editor / Text Frames] 1.2.1 doc, 20050102 mag crashes on load (jghali) - closed.
5276: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Shortcut Error in Story Editor (Shift+Enter) (subik) - closed.
5287: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Loading 134cvs doc with linked text frames triggers crash (jghali) - closed.
5289: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when importing page with linked frames (fschmid) - closed.
5295: [Story Editor / Text Frames] pasted text is always inserted at the beginning of a text frame (avox) - closed.
5305: [Story Editor / Text Frames] First line in a text frame is spaced differently to the rest (avox) - closed.
5316: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cutting text crashes Scribus with Error 0000006 (avox) - closed.
5323: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copying text triggers crash (avox) - closed.
5346: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Incorrect hyphenation/line breaking for leading minus signs (on negative numbers) (avox) - closed.
5348: [Story Editor / Text Frames] connect link chains (avox) - closed.
5353: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Selecting second line of text in text frame is impossible (cbradney) - closed.
5387: [Story Editor / Text Frames] crash at copy&paste of text frame (avox) - closed.
5394: [Story Editor / Text Frames] line spacing reverts to default on scaling frames (pierremarchand) - closed.
5418: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Enable Style Manager use from Story Editor instead of old style editors (cbradney) - closed.
5429: [Story Editor / Text Frames] crash at copy of text frame (avox) - closed.
5431: [Story Editor / Text Frames] crash at editing text frame (avox) - closed.
5487: [Story Editor / Text Frames] position of inline polygons changes with zoom (jghali) - closed.
5523: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text redraw problem when changing linespacing after typing in frame (cbradney) - closed.
5545: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copy'n paste in text frames broken (avox) - closed.
5549: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text frames don't remember fonts (avox) - closed.
5550: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Rendering at end of para not working as per screenshot (avox) - closed.
5559: [Story Editor / Text Frames] First line of paragraph takes height from frame font when using auto spacing instead of style or formatted font (avox) - closed.
5566: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text is placed outside or at the bottom of text frames (avox) - closed.
5569: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Properties Palette wrongly remembers/displays text alignment settings (avox) - closed.
5575: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text frames can't be placed as inline objects (fschmid) - closed.
5591: [Story Editor / Text Frames] new since text is always black and gets confused if prefs don't contain black (cbradney) - closed.
5594: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Incorrect line spacing in imported 1.2 files (avox) - closed.
5629: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Deleting linked frame may trigger loop (jghali) - closed.
5635: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Add in "Link to existing frame" to Insert Frame dialog (cbradney) - closed.
5637: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Texte dans un bloc est dans la police par défaut (avox) - closed.
5678: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Problem with opening file with "page number" Special character (avox) - closed.
5695: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Large layout difference in latest mag (avox) - closed.
5712: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Textframes don't re-layout after size of frame change (fschmid) - closed.
5713: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Textframes dont re-layout after Insert Char (subik) - closed.
5724: [Story Editor / Text Frames] font size changes in integer steps (avox) - closed.
5726: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Charstyles with fontfeatures are wrong after loading (avox) - closed.
5735: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus loses hyphenations after saving (avox) - closed.
5757: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Sample text doesn't flow between linked text frames (cbradney) - closed.
5759: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Search/replace tool does´nt work in story editor. (avox) - closed.
5761: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text vertically misaligned if first character is page number (jghali) - closed.
5761: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text vertically misaligned if first character is page number (jghali) - closed.
5761: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text vertically misaligned if first character is page number (jghali) - resolved.
5771: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Kerning is too strong (avox) - closed.
5783: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text is (arbitrarily?) cut in text frame (jghali) - closed.
5822: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text atributes not permanent (avox) - closed.
5823: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text Properties panel resets font style to lowest values (cbradney) - closed.
5824: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Special characters are lost when copying text frame (avox) - closed.
5827: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text frame doesn't refresh properly (avox) - closed.
5831: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text loses shadow/underline words properties when text frame is duplicated (jghali) - closed.
5833: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Duplicating a text frame duplicate character style (jghali) - closed.
5834: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Duplicate a text frame with caps loose them (jghali) - closed.
5845: [Story Editor / Text Frames] pre 1.3.4 text/style data is altered (jghali) - closed.
5848: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Page numbering is inserted but the style applied means the overflow indicator is shown (avox) - closed.
5849: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Page numbers symbols aren't correctly displayed (jghali) - closed.
5849: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Page numbers symbols aren't correctly displayed (jghali) - closed.
5851: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cursor invisible in empty text frames (avox) - closed.
5868: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Impossible to change shade for text colour (jghali) - closed.
5888: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Columns can only be used before inserting text (subik) - closed.
5891: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Various settings of work tracking and glyph extension make text overlap in column gap (jghali) - closed.
5891: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Various settings of work tracking and glyph extension make text overlap in column gap (jghali) - closed.
5891: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Various settings of work tracking and glyph extension make text overlap in column gap (jghali) - resolved.
5950: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Sample text loses paragraph breaks (jghali) - closed.
5959: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Broken display of text after changing style (jghali) - closed.
5960: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Selecting and double-clicking into text frames takes very long (pierremarchand) - closed.
5961: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cursor issues in text frames (avox) - closed.
5993: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text is missing in exported pdf (jghali) - closed.
6031: [Story Editor / Text Frames] selecting a master page frame with shift+alt triggers crash (jghali) - closed.
6038: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Hyphenation is lost after copying of frame (jghali) - closed.
6064: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Deleting text in text frames triggers crash (avox) - closed.
6128: [Story Editor / Text Frames] story editor: crash on breaking the line (avox) - closed.
6144: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Tabs don't work on canvas (avox) - closed.
6159: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus 1.3.4 "Word Tracking" and "Glyph Extension" custom settings overridden upon re-selection of frame (pierremarchand) - closed.
6184: [Story Editor / Text Frames] In the storyeditor the shift key behaves like the control key (jghali) - closed.
6190: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Error occured when I try to autohyphen text in linked text boxes (avox) - closed.
6196: [Story Editor / Text Frames] sig6 crash when entering the characters TH (jghali) - closed.
6214: [Story Editor / Text Frames] re-link textframes causes problems (avox) - closed.
6290: [Story Editor / Text Frames] When importing text with a text filter, paragraphs styles are not shown and interpreted properly (jghali) - closed.
6291: [Story Editor / Text Frames] properties/text: new additions don't behave well (pierremarchand) - closed.
6294: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus crashes when view is diminished (cbradney) - closed.
6295: [Story Editor / Text Frames] New styles window shows standard character and paragraph style in different languages (cbradney) - closed.
6296: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Importing styles from another document may lose dependency information (cbradney) - closed.
6332: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text frames can't be unlinked (cbradney) - closed.
6333: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Weird display of indicators for linked text frames (cbradney) - closed.
6361: [Story Editor / Text Frames] cursor in text box is four lines higher than the click point (avox) - closed.
6363: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Canvas: Text frame resize does not reflow existing text (avox) - closed.
6378: [Story Editor / Text Frames] inserting glyph from another font into story using insert menu results in incorrect cursor placement & more (pierremarchand) - closed.
6405: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Pasting text in frames results in red squares (jghali) - closed.
6406: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Overwriting sample text triggers a crash (fschmid) - closed.
6407: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Pos1-key moves cursor to the end of the previous line (avox) - closed.
6413: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Impossible to leave text frame (avox) - closed.
6415: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Shapes don't work for text frames (fschmid) - closed.
6416: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text flow around objects doesn't work (avox) - closed.
6417: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Special characters inserted via the "Insert" menu are initially displayed as red squares (subik) - closed.
6421: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text in frames becomes invisbile if selected in the Document Outline (subik) - closed.
6435: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Styles aren't available in the Story Editor (fschmid) - closed.
6457: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text on path does not print correctly to a GDI printer (jghali) - closed.
6460: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Optical margins aren't indicated correctly (pierremarchand) - closed.
6511: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when double clicking one of the "empty" spaces in the character palette (subik) - closed.
6549: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Unable to enter text in Documents. (cbradney) - closed.
6577: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Deselecting all text doesn't work. (jghali) - closed.
6577: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Deselecting all text doesn't work. (jghali) - resolved.
6577: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Deselecting all text doesn't work. (jghali) - closed.
6577: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Deselecting all text doesn't work. (jghali) - resolved.
6632: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when copying text from an external text editor to story editor (jghali) - closed.
6703: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Same as bug 6692 on 1.3.5 : editor mess up when cut and paste (jghali) - closed.
6707: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash with Alignment Button in Text editor (jghali) - closed.
6728: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Tabs arent applied to first line in Text frame/ PDF export messes up fill chars in tabs (jghali) - closed.
6746: [Story Editor / Text Frames] double linespacing with text flows around frame and align to baseline grid (avox) - closed.
6760: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text layout changed when reopening existing sla made by (avox) - closed.
6802: [Story Editor / Text Frames] A selection of text in text frames is not cancelled by a single click somewhere within the text (fschmid) - closed.
6818: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Superscript/subscript formatting doesn't work correctly for text on path (jghali) - closed.
6883: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Unbreakable spaces are missing after reopening document (fschmid) - closed.
6891: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Dehyphenat single word resets all hyphenations in linked text frames (jghali) - closed.
6956: [Story Editor / Text Frames] scribus crashes when i try to mark some text (cbradney) - closed.
6968: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when inserting text into empty text frame (jghali) - closed.
6969: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Setting style for a paragraph past the first page or story editor makes cursor jump back to first paragraph (jghali) - closed.
6980: [Story Editor / Text Frames] The alignment of the last paragraph is used for the whole text in the SE (jghali) - closed.
6991: [Story Editor / Text Frames] "Text overflow" warning when there is a text underflow in fact (jghali) - closed.
7030: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Incorrect semi-manual hyphenation (jghali) - closed.
7031: [Story Editor / Text Frames] infinite loop in PageItem_TextFrame::layout() (jghali) - closed.
7058: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Story Editor / File / Load from File: first two characters cut off (jghali) - closed.
7123: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text Frames: Context menu Convert > Outlines disregards text modifiers (jghali) - closed.
7154: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Double spaces at end of sentence can line break between the two spaces (jghali) - closed.
7310: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Auto Line Spacing Doesn't seem to work (jghali) - closed.
7401: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Line following a hyphen is overlapping when in Automatic linespacing mode (jghali) - closed.
7430: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Selection in Text Frame with "Right To Left Writing" is inverted (jghali) - closed.
7536: [Story Editor / Text Frames] If the fill character for a tabulator has been changed, the change is not applied to a text frame. (jghali) - closed.
7597: [Story Editor / Text Frames] when converting group shapes to text frame, the text is not shown (fschmid) - closed.
7614: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Load Text - fileFialog: filter for filename extensions not changeable after changing once (jghali) - closed.
7640: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Fonts in text frames changed or are not visible (jghali) - closed.
7669: [Story Editor / Text Frames] When duplicating a text frame, font size gets reset to default from the second line of the same size (jghali) - closed.
7682: [Story Editor / Text Frames] page number frames are not copyied when copying page (jghali) - closed.
7714: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Tabs are unable to be edited in text frames - closed.
7770: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Incomplete relayout of text chains (pierremarchand) - closed.
7794: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Square chars after use of Short Words again (jghali) - closed.
7795: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Very poor perfomance if text is hyphenated (jghali) - closed.
7798: [Story Editor / Text Frames] ctrl+shift+"X" deletes any selected text (cbradney) - closed.
7810: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Inserting characters from the extended character palette does not work (jghali) - closed.
7825: [Story Editor / Text Frames] right click on selection removes selection (fschmid) - closed.
7826: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus crashes in spellchecker if English aspell dictionary is not installed (cbradney) - closed.
7826: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus crashes in spellchecker if English aspell dictionary is not installed (cbradney) – closed.
7829: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Spell checker doesn't recognize non-breaking space as word boundary (jghali) - closed.
7832: [Story Editor / Text Frames] missing specialchars.h (fschmid) - closed.
7834: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Ctrl-Alt resizing text frame distorts glyph horizontally (jghali) - closed.
7836: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Import of large amount of text is very slow (patch attached) (jghali) - closed.
7840: [Story Editor / Text Frames] advanced settings in a text frame (jghali) - closed.
7843: [Story Editor / Text Frames] tabs entered with keys are changed (jghali) - closed.
7847: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text attached to path do not print correctly (jghali) - closed.
7867: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text selection shifted after using the scratch space (pierremarchand) - closed.
7870: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Document check with many linked text frames slow (patch attached) (jghali) - closed.
7876: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Changing text with the spellchecker is not recorded as a document change (subik) - closed.
7898: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Slow saving of documents with many linked frames (patch attached) (jghali) - closed.
7908: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text relayouting is slow (partial patch attached) (jghali) - closed.
7933: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Switching between text frames non-intuitive (patch attached) (jghali) - closed.
8004: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copying text frames with leading newlines skips the newlines (jghali) - closed.
8009: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Item duplicate changes text formatting (jghali) - closed.
8011: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Changing size of multiple text frames from PP does not work correctly (jghali) - closed.
8129: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Highlighted text deslected right-hand mouse button is pressed (jghali) - closed.
8194: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Wrong text alignment under some point size (jghali) - closed.
8208: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Manual indent adjustments on ruler work only for 1st paragraph (jghali) - closed.
8210: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Adding tabstops on ruler do not work for several paragraphs (jghali) - closed.
8250: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Textflow is broken after loading a file - closed.
8260: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus crashes when closing while story editor active (window visible or minimized is equal) (jghali) - closed.
8331: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Pasting text into a text frame with mouse doesn't work (cbradney) - closed.
8374: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text in text frames is aligned with reference to the first line's x-height if no ascenders are present (christoph_s) - closed.
8410: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Baseline shift is not saved for tab characters (jghali) - closed.
8477: [Story Editor / Text Frames] graphical selection of link position in Annotation Properties doesn't work (jghali) - closed.
8577: [Story Editor / Text Frames] manually typed glyph number not inserted in text (cbradney) - closed.
8642: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Inconsistent use of gWidth versus Width when laying out lines with inline frames (jghali) - closed.
8676: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Newline badly handled when saving/opening causing text overflow (jghali) - closed.
8717: [Story Editor / Text Frames] First line of text cannot be centred (jghali) - closed.
8726: [Story Editor / Text Frames] No visual indicator for manual adjustments of tabs via the horizontal ruler (avox) - closed.
8787: [Story Editor / Text Frames] make proportional resize of frames disabled by default (jghali) - closed.
8909: [Story Editor / Text Frames] <tab> does not replace the current selection (jghali) - closed.
8946: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Closing Story Editor with Escape key : "Cancel" functions as "Yes" (jghali) - closed.
8964: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Scribus uses 100% CPU for a long time when editing drop caps in layout view (jghali) - closed.
9010: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Impossible to remove Frame Breaks in text frames with Delete key (cbradney) - closed.
9031: [Story Editor / Text Frames] tabs can't be changed from properties palette when working in edit mode (jghali) - closed.
9037: [Story Editor / Text Frames] rename smart hyphens to soft hyphens (jghali) - closed.
9053: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text alignment doesn't work with some fonts if an automatic page number is inserted (jghali) - closed.
9119: [Story Editor / Text Frames] can't import utf-8 encoded text file (cbradney) - closed.
9188: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Incorrect update of text layout when changing layer properties (jghali) - closed.
9189: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Misleading tooltip for "flow in lower layer" option in layer palette (jghali) - closed.
9190: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Copying page fails to copy tab settings for text frame (jghali) - closed.
9333: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Cursor doesn't jump to next line upon "soft-return" (jghali) - closed.
9337: [Story Editor / Text Frames] The font of the first line of the text in the story editor cannot be changed after first change (the 2nd change is not allowed) (jghali) - closed.
9428: [Story Editor / Text Frames] copy/paste in text frame are modyfing other characters (jghali) - closed.
9436: [Story Editor / Text Frames] wrong text formating - text extend margins or columns (jghali) - closed.
9499: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Hyphen extends past column edge (avox) - resolved.
9502: [Story Editor / Text Frames] patch for Shift-LMB selects text again (cbradney) - closed.
9552: [Story Editor / Text Frames] StoryText::nrOfParagraph take uint parameter and return int type (cbradney) - closed.
9592: [Story Editor / Text Frames] crash with sequential cutting of text (jghali) - closed.
9838: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Crash when changing any text setting after entering some new text in a new frame (jghali) - closed.
9909: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Text frame contents do not adjust when resizing with Align and Distribute (jghali) - closed.
9912: [Story Editor / Text Frames] [FIX] make cursor jumps between frame on moving (cbradney) - closed.
9932: [Story Editor / Text Frames] First text line does not flow around objects (jghali) - closed.
9964: [Story Editor / Text Frames] Character styles applied on inline object lost after using Story Editor (jghali) - closed.
9983: [Story Editor / Text Frames] text added to an empty linked frame is put at the beginning of the first frame (jghali) - closed.

10012: [Styles] Many duplicates of paragraph styles "Copy of Style (nnn)" (cbradney) - closed.
10053: [Styles] Style change not reflected in frame when working on legacy docs (jghali) - closed.
10078: [Styles] Changing styles imported with text from ODT documents doesn't work properly (jghali) - closed.
1485: [Styles] Set pt as the default unit for Above and Below in the Paragraph Style dialog (cbradney) - closed.
1579: [Styles] styles manager - mockup included (Tsoots) - closed.
2091: [Styles] Clear style attributes (avox) - closed.
3344: [Styles] After deleting a style, Scribus should ask for alternatives (Tsoots) - closed.
3639: [Styles] Sample Lorem text in Edit/Paragraph Styles all caps (avox) - closed.
3679: [Styles] Crashes when creating styles (avox) - closed.
3709: [Styles] changing text style name - works wrong (avox) - closed.
3755: [Styles] Edit/Paragraph Styles: "lock to baseline grid" is hidden and doesn't work as expected (cbradney) - closed.
4125: [Styles] Odd text size created when copying bold (and others?) text (avox) - closed.
4239: [Styles] Assertion `!style.font().isNone()' failed (avox) - closed.
4300: [Styles] We need to have options how to justify text. (avox) - closed.
4465: [Styles] Paragraph styles not applied properly on a doc load (avox) - closed.
4501: [Styles] the first two costum styles don't appear in the "edit styles" list (avox) - closed.
4559: [Styles] Style modification apply occasionnaly (avox) - closed.
4764: [Styles] Style Manager buttons truncated (cbradney) - closed.
4795: [Styles] double click on style in style manager should bring up details (Tsoots) - closed.
4842: [Styles] Drop caps hang in margin or overlap above line and needs further fine tuning (avox) - closed.
4992: [Styles] doc opening with text crashes at text asserts (avox) - closed.
5033: [Styles] Existing paragraph style not available in the text filter dialog (Tsoots) - closed.
5213: [Styles] Paragraph indent is not saved in Style Manager (jghali) - closed.
5291: [Styles] Renaming a parent style doesnt update children (Tsoots) - closed.
5332: [Styles] Hang when deleting (para) style that has a child and replacing with no style (Tsoots) - closed.
5333: [Styles] Create two new (para) styles, if you set the parent of the 2nd one to the first new one, it doesnt stay when you hit apply (avox) - closed.
5334: [Styles] If SM is in apply mode, and you hit new button, SM expands before you have selected the style to create (cbradney) - closed.
5497: [Styles] When copy/pasting a frame with a style applied that is a child style, the child style is duplicated (avox) - closed.
5510: [Styles] copy paste doesnt copy parent styles (avox) - closed.
5547: [Styles] Creating a new line style doesn't change document status (avox) - closed.
5622: [Styles] Styles in imported odt and sxw files aren't listed in the style manager (pierremarchand) - closed.
5647: [Styles] Style-defined manual tracking ignored (jghali) - closed.
5682: [Styles] Kerning modified when saving (avox) - closed.
5702: [Styles] Trying to open the StyleManager results in an immediate crash (Tsoots) - closed.
5720: [Styles] properties not applied (avox) - closed.
5721: [Styles] char styles not displayed (avox) - closed.
5729: [Styles] Inserting column-break applies character/paragraph styles (avox) - closed.
5733: [Styles] Applying paragraph styles completely broken (avox) - closed.
5876: [Styles] Trying to edit a line style makes crash (jghali) - closed.
5877: [Styles] Trying to select many paragraph styles make a crash (jghali) - closed.
5980: [Styles] Text on Path looses its formatting when the document is loaded again. (avox) - closed.
6098: [Styles] crash when creating a new style (jghali) - closed.
6099: [Styles] Selecting a line colour in the Style Manager triggers crash (jghali) - closed.
6100: [Styles] Drop down lists for fontface and font style are too smal (subik) - closed.
6132: [Styles] Duplicating text box, duplicated style (avox) - closed.
6143: [Styles] "Points de conduite" not functionnal (jghali) - closed.
6145: [Styles] Incorrect behaviour of the context menu in the Styles Manager (subik) - closed.
6146: [Styles] Impossible to send styles to the scrapbook (cbradney) - closed.
6155: [Styles] Comboboxes in the style dialog are to small. (cbradney) - closed.
6165: [Styles] Applying character style on last character applies style on whole text on next open (avox) - closed.
6209: [Styles] Crashes when creating a new style (subik) - closed.
6299: [Styles] Style Manager is empty (fschmid) - closed.
6344: [Styles] Double click in the Style Editor triggers crash (jghali) - closed.
6459: [Styles] Assigning a style using baseline grid line spacing hangs scribus (jghali) - closed.
6481: [Styles] Impossible to create a new style in the Style Manager from the context menu (subik) - closed.
6503: [Styles] Bad alignment when using tabs in paragraph styles (jghali) - closed.
6622: [Styles] Missbehavior when setting space above or below in paragraph styles (fschmid) - closed.
6989: [Styles] Applying styles to text imported via "Get text" doesn't take effect (jghali) - closed.
7029: [Styles] strange style selection (pierremarchand) - closed.
7133: [Styles] Wrong default values (cbradney) - closed.
7179: [Styles] Translation of Default Style names still not consistent (cbradney) - closed.
7357: [Styles] Infinite loop or crash when default style has a parent (jghali) - closed.
7360: [Styles] New styles should pick up hyphenation settings from doc settings if they do not inherit from another style (pierremarchand) - closed.
7384: [Styles] Importing Default Styles is allowed where they shouldnt be (pierremarchand) - closed.
7385: [Styles] After style import, the style manager is in edit mode (cbradney) - closed.
7487: [Styles] Text frame looses style after editing (jghali) - closed.
7491: [Styles] Cant remove style from paragraph in story editor (jghali) - closed.
7611: [Styles] Scribus hangs when "first line indent" has negative value below certain value (fschmid) - closed.
7668: [Styles] style nesting blocks ALLKAPITALS (fschmid) - closed.
7779: [Styles] Paragraph styles duplicated on copy/paste (fschmid) - closed.
7887: [Styles] Can't handle styles based on default style (jghali) - closed.
7946: [Styles] style not cloned under right parent when cloning paragraph style (jghali) - closed.
8137: [Styles] select an item in style manager applied the style to text frame (pierremarchand) - closed.
8230: [Styles] Style hotkeys do not work (cbradney) - closed.
8307: [Styles] crash when deleting line style in style manager (jghali) - closed.
8891: [Styles] crash with signal 6 after the change tab position in styles (jghali) - closed.
9144: [Styles] Scribus crashes when changing the tabulator position of a paragraph style which hasn't a tabulator at all (jghali) - closed.
9248: [Styles] Language settings in character styles aren't saved (jghali) - closed.
9776: [Styles] Duplicated Styles due to Special Characters (jghali) - closed.
9778: [Styles] Crash when applying paragraph style (cbradney) - closed.
9809: [Styles] Crash When Creating New Style (cbradney) - closed.
9884: [Styles] Character styles not working (jghali) - closed.
9966: [Styles] Allow sorting styles list by names in Style Manager (cbradney) - closed.
9985: [Styles] Styles using tabs duplicate when copying object (jghali) - closed.

8092: [Tables] Applying a shape to a table makes the Group tab inaccessible (jghali) - closed.
9512: [Tables] X-Pos and Y-Pos no more active after having selected a table cell (jghali) - closed.

10378: [Typography] [FIX] baseline offset shifts first line from top frame border (jghali) - resolved.
10385: [Typography] [FIX] rotated text first/last line look awful & baseline shifted glyphs move whole line when fixed linespacing (jghali) - resolved.
6821: [Typography] Additional blank space under drop caps (jghali) - closed.
7432: [Typography] Incorrect style assignment when loading 1.3.3.x files (jghali) - closed.
7580: [Typography] First character wrapped VERY prematurely when using a large font (jghali) - closed.
8627: [Typography] Convert to outlines then to image frames, click undo - page content disappears (jghali) - closed.
8739: [Typography] Line breaking do not work. (jghali) - closed.
8799: [Typography] Wrong apostrophe in Sample Text (cbradney) - closed.
9060: [Typography] Centered text with umlauts gets uncentered (jghali) - closed.
9221: [Typography] Underlined text's line cut in parts (in PDF) when manual tracking has negative value (jghali) - closed.
9376: [Typography] Text Display Broken (jghali) - closed.

10234: [Undo/Redo] new table is not added to undo history...which leads to crash (jghali) - closed.
10276: [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo with imagescaling breaks screen-rendering (jghali) - closed.
3428: [Undo/Redo] refresh issue when undoing a text frame creation (avox) - closed.
3599: [Undo/Redo] Undo: Clear content is not recorded by the undo engine (cbradney) - closed.
4174: [Undo/Redo] Wrong page is deleted when canceling insert page (Tsoots) - closed.
4325: [Undo/Redo] Loading of pattern(s) is included in undo/redo (fschmid) - closed.
4369: [Undo/Redo] Grouping/ungrouping objects triggers crash (fschmid) - closed.
4442: [Undo/Redo] Switching doc from the windows menu doesn't change the undo stack (Tsoots) - closed.
4443: [Undo/Redo] undo shape resize undoes more then i have done (Tsoots) - closed.
4446: [Undo/Redo] undo image resize (Tsoots) - closed.
4822: [Undo/Redo] Master Pages: Crash when trying to undo non existing objects (Tsoots) - closed.
4826: [Undo/Redo] Guides: remove all guides is not recorded by undo system (subik) - closed.
4837: [Undo/Redo] changes on rotation of bezier curves are not recorded by the undo system correctly (jghali) - closed.
4893: [Undo/Redo] move more than one selected obejct should only create one undo record (Tsoots) - closed.
4929: [Undo/Redo] Layers: undo record should not be created if the name of a layer is not really changed (cbradney) - closed.
4930: [Undo/Redo] Layers: Mode and transparency are not recorded by undo system (cbradney) - closed.
4931: [Undo/Redo] Sending a line to fill patterns creates to undo actions: move and rotate (fschmid) - closed.
5087: [Undo/Redo] Undo "Convert to Outlines" doesn't work correctly (jghali) - closed.
5095: [Undo/Redo] layers: only the print setting creates an undo action - all other settings not (cbradney) - closed.
5814: [Undo/Redo] Give barcode creator unique name for undo actions (subik) - closed.
6595: [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo doesn't work at all (avox) - closed.
6607: [Undo/Redo] ISBN barcode does not resize (fschmid) - closed.
6769: [Undo/Redo] Crash when cancelling item creation and pressing escape, and repeating this multiple times (jghali) - closed.
7046: [Undo/Redo] Crash after selecting "Initial State" and "Show selected Object only" in "Action History" (jghali) - closed.
7619: [Undo/Redo] Redo an object creation crashes the program (jghali) - closed.
7620: [Undo/Redo] Undo/Redo doesn't work on grouping operations (jghali) - closed.
7761: [Undo/Redo] undo/redo Convert to outlines won't work (jghali) - closed.
8167: [Undo/Redo] Redo Shortcut Conflict (cbradney) - closed.
8269: [Undo/Redo] Undo of deleting page does not restore deleted objects (cbradney) - closed.
9543: [Undo/Redo] Add horizontal guide displayed as vertical in history (ale) - closed.
9564: [Undo/Redo] [BUG] Action History holds action steps above maximum lenght (jghali) - closed.
9568: [Undo/Redo] [FEATURE SOLVED] undow for text frames (plinnell) - closed.
9733: [Undo/Redo] language not changed (cbradney) - closed.
9811: [Undo/Redo] [FIX] undo for changing image scaling type, undo for clear contents of image frame and fix undo loading new image (cbradney) - closed.
9816: [Undo/Redo] [FIX] undo transaction for clearing content of selected image and text frames (cbradney) - closed.
9817: [Undo/Redo] [BUG] unwanted undo state is created after selecting image frame with image sclaed to frame size (cbradney) - closed.
9860: [Undo/Redo] [FIX] urgent patch for undo text related crashes (cbradney) - closed.
9861: [Undo/Redo] [FIX] fix creating undo state if cursors is placed after last text char (cbradney) - closed.
9865: [Undo/Redo] [FIX] wrong restore paragraph`s alignment changes (jghali) - closed.
9867: [Undo/Redo] [BUG] text undo strange behaviour for line spacing changes (jghali) - closed.
9875: [Undo/Redo] Add undo/redo for text frame linking/unlinking (cbradney) - closed.
9894: [Undo/Redo] [BUG] undoing reversing write direction (jghali) - closed.

0482: [Usability] Illogical behaviour when resizing/moving a frame below another. Ctrl should not be required to do the action. (avox) - closed.
0504: [Usability] We need more accurate object selection (avox) - closed.
10172: [Usability] Duplicated line's outline not drawn while moving (jghali) - closed.
1109: [Usability] Inserting shapes / pictures / frames with click needs default size (fschmid) - closed.
1118: [Usability] Give instant access to Style editor from within the Properties palette>Text (Tsoots) - closed.
1119: [Usability] Font size and line spacing in the Properties palette are available but have no effect on styled text (avox) - closed.
1764: [Usability] Preference: make a restore defaults button for every preference section (subik) - closed.
2311: [Usability] integrate an extra cursor when the colour picker is activated (fschmid) - closed.
2313: [Usability] add improved cursor icon to zoom tool (fschmid) - closed.
2345: [Usability] Snap to margins and guides too strong (cbradney) - closed.
2377: [Usability] Attempting to drag handles activates higher z-order objects. (avox) - closed.
2429: [Usability] Settings - Shortcuts needs a better structure (cbradney) - closed.
2582: [Usability] Snap to guides doesn't pick closest guide (fschmid) - closed.
2777: [Usability] Better Selection of Items for Copying (cbradney) - closed.
3184: [Usability] PDF EXport: set the export directory to the one where the document is saved (fschmid) - closed.
3283: [Usability] Difficulty resizing objects (avox) - closed.
3379: [Usability] Preflight verifier: Refresh button needed (subik) - closed.
3437: [Usability] Misleading menu entry: Save page as EPS (cbradney) - closed.
3527: [Usability] No way to set Preview Quality for the whole document. (fschmid) - closed.
3535: [Usability] Hide/unhide all windows (F10) should remember what windows were open when unhiding (fschmid) - closed.
3608: [Usability] resize errors with groups of rotated objects (fschmid) - closed.
3611: [Usability] Guide Manager ignores decimal point and also ignores gap (subik) - closed.
3641: [Usability] don't toggle flip icon in properties when flipping a shape (cbradney) - closed.
3643: [Usability] allow flipping lines in properties (fschmid) - closed.
3644: [Usability] groups should flip as groups (fschmid) - closed.
3647: [Usability] can't select multiple objects behind another (avox) - closed.
3720: [Usability] snap to grid does not give feedback on snap behavior, but guides do (fschmid) - closed.
3726: [Usability] first corner of new frame doesn't snap to guides (fschmid) - closed.
3754: [Usability] dropdown menu options for leading (text properties pallette) do not work (Tsoots) - closed.
3767: [Usability] Default paragraph style should be configurable, not "No style" (avox) - closed.
3791: [Usability] wrong scaling of group with center basepoint (fschmid) - closed.
3792: [Usability] wrong rotation displayed for group when changing properties (fschmid) - closed.
3814: [Usability] Manage Pictures: Add button to search for all pictures in one directory (cbradney) - closed.
3817: [Usability] Map styles to keyboard shortcuts (Tsoots) - closed.
3839: [Usability] Resize option for the properties dialog not obvious with some window managers (cbradney) - closed.
3871: [Usability] coordinates of group shown as zero on paste (fschmid) - closed.
3884: [Usability] Rotation doesn't use basepoint (fschmid) - closed.
3895: [Usability] Use name of color from palette (cbradney) - closed.
3937: [Usability] Changing number of columns of a text frame (cbradney) - closed.
3943: [Usability] Properties/Shape/Distance of Text: Please unhide "Gap" between columns (Tsoots) - closed.
3978: [Usability] New Scrapbook tab in the Preferences needs tool tips (plinnell) - closed.
4015: [Usability] Creating a new color overwrites existing color if you dont change the proposed color name (fschmid) - closed.
4037: [Usability] pressing escape should deselect the active object (fschmid) - closed.
4046: [Usability] Shortcuts: if an already assigned shortcut is pressed for an action the original one will be cleared (cbradney) - closed.
4101: [Usability] make "Image Effects" more accessible (fschmid) - closed.
4188: [Usability] (Shift +) PgUp/PgDown keys should switch pages (fschmid) - closed.
4196: [Usability] Add "Paste Position" and "Paste In Place" (cbradney) - closed.
4198: [Usability] Make it possible to break a frame link by pasting text in the middle of a chain (avox) - closed.
4294: [Usability] Arrange pages dialog: Improve deleting pages (cbradney) - closed.
4337: [Usability] ZWSP unicode does not function (avox) - closed.
4372: [Usability] Implementing a character palette (subik) - closed.
4449: [Usability] Print preview: Please rename "Device settings" and "Job settings" (they're not end users friendly) (fschmid) - closed.
4494: [Usability] convert to... only works on first selected item (cbradney) - closed.
4500: [Usability] Popupmenue entry "Scale image To Frame Size" (cbradney) - closed.
4629: [Usability] Grey out all glyph/character related items in the "Insert" menu if no no text frame is selected (cbradney) - closed.
4829: [Usability] Guides: column/row setting is not copied with pages (fschmid) - closed.
4835: [Usability] color list on property palette is updated very often (jghali) - closed.
4839: [Usability] Objects won't snap to "Automatic" Guides (fschmid) - closed.
4881: [Usability] pressing ESC in text edit mode should only leave text edit mode but let the object be active (fschmid) - closed.
4889: [Usability] picture browser (fschmid) - resolved.
4912: [Usability] Right-click into bleed doesn't show page-specific content. (fschmid) - closed.
4924: [Usability] Open document should propose current (1.3.4) file version (cbradney) - closed.
4985: [Usability] Scribus is very slow in 1.3.4 cvs 23-12-06 (jghali) - closed.
5047: [Usability] select all objects sets coordinate display in PP to zero (cbradney) - closed.
5074: [Usability] copying a page should also copy vertical automatic guides (subik) - closed.
5115: [Usability] Change size dimension and orientation creates page with wrong orientation (fschmid) - closed.
5141: [Usability] undo/redo steps preference value is not saved when scribus exits (fschmid) - closed.
5142: [Usability] Disable the right mouse key for tools (fschmid) - closed.
5226: [Usability] ESC key commits instead of cancels mouse operations (avox) - closed.
5672: [Usability] Copy paste of a frame filled with a pattern does not copy the pattern info in the same doc (avox) - closed.
5684: [Usability] Copy paste of a frame filled with a gradient into a new doc without the required colours does not copy the colours over (jghali) - closed.
5773: [Usability] gradients etc dont open up enough (subik) - closed.
5780: [Usability] Scribus doesn't track what documents are already opened (subik) - closed.
5800: [Usability] color gradient - delete color stops doesn't work (jghali) - closed.
5853: [Usability] Multiple duplicate of group requires negative gap (cbradney) - closed.
5900: [Usability] Reasonable default values for Scribus (plinnell) - closed.
5929: [Usability] Add Thai, Lao, Khmer and Vietnamese to "language" (cbradney) - closed.
5958: [Usability] Delete all Scrapbook objects (fschmid) - closed.
6030: [Usability] Drag and drop from outside Scribus should work (fschmid) - closed.
6046: [Usability] When moved after first use, Scribus.app fail to launch (avox) - closed.
6202: [Usability] Only lower case extension can be allowed in Scrapbook objects (subik) - closed.
6252: [Usability] Missing "new doc using a template" tab in splash dialog (fschmid) - closed.
6265: [Usability] should keep "edit text" mode (jghali) - closed.
6300: [Usability] Message stating Document-1 has changed on exiting when no changes were made (subik) - closed.
6377: [Usability] Result is not obvious when dragging a preexisting item to insert glyph quick palette (subik) - closed.
6381: [Usability] Feature request: checkbox for hiding unused colors (fschmid) - closed.
6382: [Usability] Feature request: pointing the print preview to the actual page (fschmid) - closed.
6383: [Usability] Feature request: enhance the scrapbook (fschmid) - closed.
6403: [Usability] Dragging frame off edge of screen fails to scroll and then causes all frame handles to disappear, requiring restart. (cbradney) - closed.
6524: [Usability] Line thickness in document settings. (fschmid) - closed.
6674: [Usability] Layers blocks navigation between pages (jghali) - closed.
6723: [Usability] RFE: Allow copy, cut, paste, delete in Scrapbook (fschmid) - closed.
6764: [Usability] Enhancements to Extras > Manage Images (fschmid) - closed.
6825: [Usability] Better usablity of the Font Preview (subik) - closed.
6874: [Usability] Pages return to 1 (fschmid) - closed.
6876: [Usability] Objects changing from layer after save, quit and reload (fschmid) - closed.
6909: [Usability] Don't display all pages when inserting (fschmid) - closed.
6932: [Usability] scribus main window always catches attention while running long-during script (subik) - closed.
7015: [Usability] Manage guides will not accept manually input units if I press <TAB> (jghali) - closed.
7107: [Usability] Unusable options in text property dialog (fschmid) - closed.
7387: [Usability] Limit of position field of guide line (subik) - closed.
7411: [Usability] Remove frame handles when Selection switchs to Editing tools (jghali) - closed.
7412: [Usability] Paint overflow sign [X] in selected frame color (fschmid) - closed.
7501: [Usability] Object drag is broken by 'snap to guides' (jghali) - closed.
7595: [Usability] undo remembers to many steps while dragging guides (jghali) - closed.
7627: [Usability] No close button on the Window Gabarit (fschmid) - closed.
7652: [Usability] Focus and highlight list entry when adding guide (subik) - closed.
7981: [Usability] Vertical destribute always moves up (cbradney) - closed.
8109: [Usability] Scribus forgets window positions of related windows on two screen workplace (jghali) - closed.
8133: [Usability] Have blinking cursor stay showing whenever it is active (cbradney) - closed.
8375: [Usability] Better error messages for Render Frames (Herm) - closed.
8476: [Usability] crash due to signal 0000006 after the delete of table of contens item (jghali) - closed.
8917: [Usability] Icons are not shown in menus (cbradney) - closed.
9059: [Usability] Rotated text frame corrupts large document. (jghali) - closed.
9073: [Usability] PDF Bookmarks work incorrectly. (jghali) - closed.
9074: [Usability] Copy & Paste Fails on Outline Palette. (fschmid) - closed.
9129: [Usability] Outline Palette incorrectly updated when pasting to page (jghali) - closed.
9275: [Usability] After running script, setting a text frame as a PDF Bookmark creates duplicates bookmark entries. (jghali) - closed.
9517: [Usability] Fonts/headers are not carried over when copy-pasting LaTeX Render frames. (cbradney) - closed.
9555: [Usability] Width and Height not greyed out for Locked object (jghali) - closed.
9632: [Usability] Wrong duplicates pages (fschmid) - closed.
9760: [Usability] Preflight Verifier nightmare - document check is called twice for each error item selection (fschmid) - closed.
9787: [Usability] [PATCH] making Edit/Contents/Clear warning appearing once (cbradney) - closed.
9877: [Usability] Select single file by default in recent documents list (cbradney) - closed.

0398: [User Interface] kerning information not updated when selecting text (cbradney) - closed.
0451: [User Interface] Tools>Scrapbook needs to be made consistent with "Layers" (cbradney) - closed.
0502: [User Interface] Multiselection in items Overview (fschmid) - closed.
0505: [User Interface] Object sellection with Ctrl (avox) - closed.
0512: [User Interface] Better guide dialog (subik) - closed.
0532: [User Interface] enable right-click in the object outline (fschmid) - closed.
0569: [User Interface] Insert Special window is modal, complicating multiple insertions of special characters (subik) - closed.
0605: [User Interface] CTRL+SHIFT doesn't work... (avox) - closed.
0607: [User Interface] Align=center causes wrong cursor positioning (avox) - closed.
0717: [User Interface] rename objects in object tree by context menu not only by right click (fschmid) - closed.
0937: [User Interface] highlight guideline when clicking on one in the guide line manager (subik) - closed.
10157: [User Interface] mistakes in "About Scribus" panel (cbradney) - closed.
10190: [User Interface] Add options for transfering page origin to Top Center and Bottom Center positions (cbradney) - closed.
10263: [User Interface] [patch] Better Masterpage Import (cbradney) - closed.
10266: [User Interface] Tweak ruler presentation to be more pleasant on eyes (cbradney) - closed.
10337: [User Interface] In "points" (shape) edit palette : points moved with arrows become invisible (fschmid) - resolved.
1532: [User Interface] Layers palette (fschmid) - closed.
1569: [User Interface] Drag-scrolling while drawing, moving and resizing objects doesn't work (avox) - closed.
1635: [User Interface] cursors for instruments - closed.
1648: [User Interface] Ability to get the line count in a text frame (fschmid) - closed.
1678: [User Interface] Picture Management dialog needs a rewrite (fschmid) - closed.
1717: [User Interface] Make sliders in colour picker update when colour changes as user drags. (fschmid) - closed.
1754: [User Interface] Ability to change the color for the object frames (fschmid) - closed.
1927: [User Interface] focus for dropped in things (fschmid) - closed.
2057: [User Interface] preferences -> Fonts: improvement in usability (subik) - closed.
2078: [User Interface] improve guide manager dialog (subik) - closed.
2080: [User Interface] cursor in panning mode is wrong (fschmid) - closed.
2141: [User Interface] improve action history dialog (Tsoots) - closed.
2143: [User Interface] Change PDF version text in UI from "PDF 1.x" to "PDF 1.x (Acrobat X+1)" (cbradney) - closed.
2158: [User Interface] scripts deleted from script menu (cbradney) - closed.
2163: [User Interface] Drag cursor on canvas doesn't always match up to drag theshold around grab point (cbradney) - closed.
2164: [User Interface] Guides won't let go of snapped items (jghali) - closed.
2176: [User Interface] wrong automatically applied colors (jghali) - closed.
2229: [User Interface] Shade/Opacity values improperly stored in Properties/Colors for gradiated fill (fschmid) - closed.
2237: [User Interface] Magnifying glass zooms in unpredictably (fschmid) - closed.
2244: [User Interface] Enabling/disabling toolbars doesn't work as it should (cbradney) - closed.
2250: [User Interface] Paragraph styles UI needs work (cbradney) - closed.
2299: [User Interface] rulers behave strange when zooming (fschmid) - closed.
2350: [User Interface] Add search pane for keyboard shortcuts (cbradney) - closed.
2358: [User Interface] Style menu: not possible to change the color only with keyboard. when pressing up or down in the combo box, scribus leaves the m - closed.
2363: [User Interface] unreadable rulers if zoom percentage < 30 % (cbradney) - closed.
2379: [User Interface] Outline not updating and other Outline issues. (fschmid) - closed.
2404: [User Interface] inaccurate moving of guidelines (fschmid) - closed.
2584: [User Interface] 'Nudge' tool doesn't work correctly with guides (fschmid) - closed.
2641: [User Interface] Improvements to "Distribute and Align" dialog (cbradney) - closed.
2670: [User Interface] Enhance colour wheel with dialog for cmyk and rgb colours (subik) - closed.
2691: [User Interface] widgets in dialog Properties / Shape (fschmid) - closed.
2827: [User Interface] set options over group, (fschmid) - closed.
2939: [User Interface] even better progress dialog for export (cbradney) - closed.
2965: [User Interface] Preflight Verifier Prefs needs PDF1.5 setting (fschmid) - closed.
2980: [User Interface] Proportional resize of groups (inc tables) from a handle other than bot-right distorts shape on drop (avox) - closed.
3006: [User Interface] Show undo action name in Edit menu (Tsoots) - closed.
3045: [User Interface] background of icons should be the widget color (jghali) - closed.
3048: [User Interface] bug in converting portrait to landscape orientation (fschmid) - closed.
3056: [User Interface] implement an Apply button to the document setup (subik) - closed.
3092: [User Interface] undo system: when adding pages the undo system records the path and filename of the current document (Tsoots) - closed.
3102: [User Interface] Deleting colors does not always update paragraph/line styles. (avox) - closed.
3127: [User Interface] help browser: add network access to help browser with Qt class (cbradney) - closed.
3163: [User Interface] page palette: after every applied masterpage the the last position is lost (fschmid) - closed.
3183: [User Interface] Page Prooperties: add combobox to choose/change the master page (fschmid) - closed.
3215: [User Interface] Move mode cursor inconsistencies (fschmid) - closed.
3233: [User Interface] link paragraphs unfindable (cbradney) - closed.
3244: [User Interface] Cannot set decimal point settings in styles (Tsoots) - closed.
3262: [User Interface] Use Tango Icons for the Interface (cbradney) - closed.
3275: [User Interface] Preview mode (fschmid) - closed.
3319: [User Interface] Mouse pointer improvements (cbradney) - closed.
3330: [User Interface] When changing ruler relative setting, update GUI from selection (avox) - closed.
3331: [User Interface] User preference for move timeout (fschmid) - closed.
3360: [User Interface] guides cursor shows up even when guides are in background and objects are placed in front of guides (cbradney) - closed.
3367: [User Interface] draw guides: wrong cursor when removing the guide directly (fschmid) - closed.
3381: [User Interface] initial misdisplay of toolbars on starting Scribus (cbradney) - closed.
3389: [User Interface] Drop down list for text colour in the properties palette behaves weird (cbradney) - closed.
3412: [User Interface] Chosen preset layout not displayed in Page properties (cbradney) - closed.
3415: [User Interface] Duplicate masterpages creates endless names if you dont change them. (cbradney) - closed.
3449: [User Interface] Put styles into separate palettes (Tsoots) - closed.
3507: [User Interface] more mnemonics in Insert menu (cbradney) - closed.
3569: [User Interface] Guide Manager: ignores any units (subik) - closed.
3570: [User Interface] Guide Manager: Moving guides adds new guides in the manager instead of replacing the original ones. (subik) - closed.
3571: [User Interface] File->Open offers all registered file formats, even PDF (fschmid) - closed.
3581: [User Interface] guide manager: gap text field in automatic guides is active although the checkbox is not checked. (subik) - closed.
3594: [User Interface] Guides: possible to create new guides when guides are disabled (subik) - closed.
3605: [User Interface] focus jumping to menus (cbradney) - closed.
3614: [User Interface] PDF Goto preview does not work right (fschmid) - closed.
3638: [User Interface] selection menus and tooltips appear behind windows (cbradney) - closed.
3655: [User Interface] Better usability for text flow around objects (jghali) - closed.
3660: [User Interface] Preflight Checker: add a check for Images with a too high resolution. (fschmid) - closed.
3717: [User Interface] can't add to a selection by drag-selection (fschmid) - closed.
3719: [User Interface] adjusting object size causes undesired snap (fschmid) - closed.
3742: [User Interface] Spin boxes in the properties palette count wrong (cbradney) - closed.
3758: [User Interface] String sometimes doesn't change after switching UI language (cbradney) - closed.
3782: [User Interface] property palette hides behind the scribus main window (jghali) - closed.
3807: [User Interface] Fonts viewed in font preview are added to the doc for PDF export (subik) - closed.
3829: [User Interface] The Rotate Item tool is serverly limited when trying to rotate an allready rotated item. (fschmid) - closed.
3842: [User Interface] Confusing preflight checker dialog (fschmid) - closed.
3872: [User Interface] Layers dialog needs tool tips (plinnell) - closed.
3887: [User Interface] dialogs creep on each open (fschmid) - closed.
3913: [User Interface] Font menus aren't real menus. (cbradney) - closed.
3921: [User Interface] Relative ruler to page is broken (fschmid) - closed.
3977: [User Interface] Scribus uses UI font for font preview (subik) - closed.
3979: [User Interface] Clicking "Cancel", "Apply" or "OK" in the Document Setup or Preferences triggers crash (subik) - closed.
3980: [User Interface] Palettes: Inconsistent font size of palette titles (cbradney) - closed.
3995: [User Interface] Misleading and outdated tooltip (plinnell) - closed.
4008: [User Interface] Shift and Ctrl not consistent (large/small steps) (cbradney) - closed.
4009: [User Interface] Clicking the "Tools" tab in prefs blocks GUI (subik) - closed.
4010: [User Interface] Spin box smaller than the others without apparent reason (fschmid) - closed.
4013: [User Interface] layer palette: replace those ugly icons by some icons from the new scribus icon set. (cbradney) - closed.
4028: [User Interface] PDF Export: overwrite existing file dialog not necessary with "create a pdf per page" option (fschmid) - closed.
4038: [User Interface] guide manager: wrong guide count (subik) - closed.
4039: [User Interface] guide manager: window is not active after calling it. (subik) - closed.
4041: [User Interface] guide manager: automatic guides disappear after moving an object on the canvas (subik) - closed.
4042: [User Interface] Shortcuts: shortcut for edit frame content cannot be set in preferences (cbradney) - closed.
4044: [User Interface] Guide manager doesnt use guide value and crashes when editing a guide's value (subik) - closed.
4075: [User Interface] GUI Language Preference not saved (cbradney) - closed.
4106: [User Interface] Make an easy Insert Frame menu option (cbradney) - closed.
4122: [User Interface] Inconstant handling of guides and right clicking when using magnifying glass selects guides (cbradney) - closed.
4128: [User Interface] Input box problems in guide manager (subik) - closed.
4136: [User Interface] scribus complains about not existing directories instead of just creating them (subik) - closed.
4153: [User Interface] Save... option for preferences also appears on the document setup screen (subik) - closed.
4162: [User Interface] PDF Screen Options Disappear if you switch color mode when exporting PDF (fschmid) - closed.
4202: [User Interface] The red border of the frames are un-elegant (fschmid) - closed.
4212: [User Interface] Page Setup Size displays inccorectly when changing page sizes in Doc Setup (fschmid) - closed.
4229: [User Interface] Masterpages - wrong page assigned (fschmid) - closed.
4268: [User Interface] Improvement to style manager: double clicks (Tsoots) - closed.
4269: [User Interface] Tree view for dependent styles (Tsoots) - closed.
4286: [User Interface] Some copied items do not refresh or copy correctly (cbradney) - closed.
4289: [User Interface] View Master page by double click in "Arrange Pages" works only after prior right click or focus change. (fschmid) - closed.
4306: [User Interface] Irritating behaviour of the cursor (fschmid) - closed.
4315: [User Interface] Some dialogs are too small by default (cbradney) - closed.
4323: [User Interface] Selecting Pattern Fill without any patterns confuses Properties Palette (fschmid) - closed.
4324: [User Interface] Pattern fill options do not work in libart build (fschmid) - closed.
4331: [User Interface] Add "Fit to Width" and "Fit to height" to the "View" menu (fschmid) - closed.
4332: [User Interface] Grey out "Generate Table of Contents" if no TOC is configured (cbradney) - closed.
4334: [User Interface] Remove *.scd from the "Save" and "Save as" dialogs (fschmid) - closed.
4344: [User Interface] Wrong cursor displayed: Double arrow while it should be a crossed arrows (avox) - closed.
4345: [User Interface] New Guide Manager extremely slow (cbradney) - closed.
4359: [User Interface] Help browser: new cursor for hyperlinks (subik) - closed.
4368: [User Interface] Add tooltips to all entries of the status bar (cbradney) - closed.
4389: [User Interface] Reselecting a pattern filled object with transparency does not update the transparency % on mpalette (fschmid) - closed.
4479: [User Interface] Group opacity has unexpected behavior (fschmid) - closed.
4488: [User Interface] Printer options dialog is only a tiny spot (fschmid) - closed.
4489: [User Interface] Slightly irritating behaviour of the "Sections" dialog in the Document Setup (cbradney) - closed.
4523: [User Interface] "Embed all fonts" checkbox is not saved (subik) - closed.
4532: [User Interface] Slightly confusing string in the New Document dialog (plinnell) - closed.
4533: [User Interface] Add Bleed display only as an option (Document Setup, Prefs, View) (fschmid) - closed.
4535: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in 1.3.3.x (cbradney) - closed.
4591: [User Interface] Bleed setting not applied correctly (fschmid) - closed.
4592: [User Interface] color wheel gets bigger and bigger (subik) - closed.
4596: [User Interface] Different file dialogs (cbradney) - closed.
4598: [User Interface] Document Outline: Switching to/from master pages closes tree view (fschmid) - closed.
4599: [User Interface] Different icons for "printable" in layers dialog and PP (fschmid) - closed.
4625: [User Interface] Enable identical margins for single pages (as in bleed) (cbradney) - closed.
4628: [User Interface] Enable the switching off of columns in "Manage Pictures" (fschmid) - closed.
4633: [User Interface] Add a button to remove all patterns at once (fschmid) - closed.
4639: [User Interface] Disable "Shade" spinbox for patterns (fschmid) - closed.
4689: [User Interface] Columns and Gap inverted in New Dialog (with Auto text frame checked) (subik) - closed.
4696: [User Interface] Tooltips in Style Manager window are a bit mixed up (cbradney) - closed.
4719: [User Interface] Horizontal ruler guides not applied to right pages (fschmid) - closed.
4720: [User Interface] Ruler guides' positions aren't displayed correctly during dragging (fschmid) - closed.
4725: [User Interface] Change dialog caption for EPS/PS import progress dialog (fschmid) - closed.
4733: [User Interface] Impossible to delete a guide by dragging it back to the rulers (fschmid) - closed.
4776: [User Interface] Inconsistent terminology in Scribus (cbradney) - closed.
4777: [User Interface] Scribus guides could be a bit more "sticky" again (fschmid) - closed.
4786: [User Interface] Crash with sticky tools enabled (fschmid) - closed.
4799: [User Interface] Display page properties in the context menu only after click on page (fschmid) - closed.
4802: [User Interface] Improvement to the "Options" tab in the new "Insert Frame" dialog (cbradney) - closed.
4803: [User Interface] Improvement to the "Location" tab in the new "Insert Frame" dialog (cbradney) - closed.
4806: [User Interface] Deleting a page lets Scribus jump to page 1 (fschmid) - closed.
4811: [User Interface] Add "Delete Page" entry to the context menu for pages (fschmid) - closed.
4815: [User Interface] in path edit mode the cursor changes quickly and constantly between cross and arrow. (avox) - closed.
4827: [User Interface] Copying pages is recorded in the Undo system as apply masterpage to (Tsoots) - closed.
4834: [User Interface] if size of an object is locked, the fields for width/height on property palette should be greyed out. (fschmid) - closed.
4848: [User Interface] Mark a selected page in "Arrange Pages" (fschmid) - closed.
4865: [User Interface] Wrong radio button behaviour in "Insert Frame" dialog (cbradney) - closed.
4872: [User Interface] Shapes and frames remain in editing mode for gradients after closing the PP (fschmid) - closed.
4873: [User Interface] Change English string for short words or enlarge dialog (cbradney) - closed.
4875: [User Interface] Make entries in the Help menu consistent with other apps (cbradney) - closed.
4880: [User Interface] Changing the values for bleed switches first page on canvas (cbradney) - closed.
4894: [User Interface] Serious redraw issue with text flow (avox) - closed.
4900: [User Interface] Columns in the guides manager are too small (cbradney) - closed.
4908: [User Interface] Zoom tool: draw a rectangle to set the zoom range is randomly wrong (fschmid) - closed.
4933: [User Interface] Scribus forgets status of the bleed "chain" (cbradney) - closed.
4937: [User Interface] Warning for vector import is displayed even if the action is aborted (fschmid) - closed.
4939: [User Interface] Grey out "Edit > Clear Content" if no items with content are selected. (fschmid) - closed.
4954: [User Interface] Wrong actions and tooltips assigned to icons in Distribute and Align: (cbradney) - closed.
4961: [User Interface] Insert Glyph inserts from the selected list when double clicking on quick palette (subik) - closed.
4965: [User Interface] Only one layer indicator per group (fschmid) - closed.
4972: [User Interface] artifacts when starting a selection on a non active page (avox) - closed.
4974: [User Interface] Scribus ignores a selected page for zoom (fschmid) - closed.
4976: [User Interface] Text is not displayed with zoom levels larger than 279% (fschmid) - closed.
4980: [User Interface] Fill colour for pages isn't remembered (fschmid) - closed.
5012: [User Interface] Grey out "Edit > Contents" if no item is selected (cbradney) - closed.
5020: [User Interface] Remove the font name from the caption in the quick palette dialog (subik) - closed.
5023: [User Interface] Sequence of entries in the "Item" menu could be better (cbradney) - closed.
5024: [User Interface] Separate the new Preview Mode from zoom in the "View" menu (cbradney) - closed.
5025: [User Interface] Grey out checkbox in the "Windows" menu if only one doc is opened (cbradney) - closed.
5027: [User Interface] Grey out "Attributes" in the context menu for vector objects (cbradney) - closed.
5034: [User Interface] Unpleasant display of patterns in the pattern dialog (fschmid) - closed.
5039: [User Interface] Control characters are displayed in preview mode (fschmid) - closed.
5041: [User Interface] Empty entry in File > Import (cbradney) - closed.
5070: [User Interface] grey out non functional buttons on layer palette (cbradney) - closed.
5073: [User Interface] guide manager: if there is no selection this option should be disabled for automatic guides. (subik) - closed.
5103: [User Interface] selecting zoom field in text edit mode leaves focus in frame (fschmid) - closed.
5122: [User Interface] Grey out Item > Convert To if no conversion is possible (fschmid) - closed.
5123: [User Interface] Correct display of default colour values in the Colour Wheel (jghali) - closed.
5132: [User Interface] cursor is wrong with zoom tool active and doing file -> quit and the open document is not saved (fschmid) - closed.
5136: [User Interface] snap distance in preferences cannot be changed with the arrows. (fschmid) - closed.
5145: [User Interface] wrong cursor when a line is snapped to a guide (avox) - closed.
5152: [User Interface] Guide lines cannot be set precisely (cbradney) - closed.
5197: [User Interface] Enlarge the Group Box for the "Document Layout" (cbradney) - closed.
5201: [User Interface] Colours from PS import have EPS import name (fschmid) - closed.
5214: [User Interface] Menu item "Styles" can be checked while it opens a dialog (cbradney) - closed.
5221: [User Interface] "Level" arrows in the PP don't work for imported vector items (fschmid) - closed.
5227: [User Interface] Simplifying Items menu -- some suggestions (cbradney) - closed.
5233: [User Interface] Import colors from color sets on a case by case basis (fschmid) - closed.
5268: [User Interface] Changing zoom by one percent at a time is not useful. (fschmid) - closed.
5335: [User Interface] SM is missing a lot of labels for controls and the layout needs tweaking (cbradney) - closed.
5336: [User Interface] If Scribus is closed with SM in edit mode, when it reopens, it is in apply mode but sized for edit mode (Tsoots) - closed.
5350: [User Interface] Add "Paste" to the context menu of text frames (cbradney) - closed.
5452: [User Interface] Page frame is drawn with a slight offset (fschmid) - closed.
5458: [User Interface] Context menu key does not work in Scribus (cbradney) - closed.
5469: [User Interface] quick character palette UI is not space savvy (subik) - closed.
5511: [User Interface] Add tooltips for pdf export dialog (plinnell) - closed.
5579: [User Interface] display additional font directories in preferences with backslashes on windows (jghali) - closed.
5613: [User Interface] ScPainter() is broken for imagemode in cairo (avox) - closed.
5645: [User Interface] Story editor opens underneath main menu bar (cbradney) - closed.
5664: [User Interface] Add Online Documentation Links Directly to the Help Menu (cbradney) - closed.
5671: [User Interface] Remove copy paste debug messages (avox) - closed.
5675: [User Interface] Selecting group from Outline dialog and click selection on canvas have the same effect but noticable different performance (fschmid) - closed.
5697: [User Interface] Gradient in colour indicators for barcode generator (jghali) - closed.
5698: [User Interface] Colour wheel angle spinbox does not affect the dots when spun. You have to click on the wheel for a refresh (subik) - closed.
5699: [User Interface] Quick palette has some memory corruption issue. Resize shows it. See screenie (subik) - closed.
5706: [User Interface] Scribus crash when opening StyleManager and approaching line/character style with no document opened (jghali) - closed.
5710: [User Interface] Toolbar icons have inconsistent size (cbradney) - closed.
5732: [User Interface] ctrl+w should close windows (cbradney) - closed.
5751: [User Interface] Can't get style properties (christoph_s) - closed.
5753: [User Interface] wrong part of palette stretching (fschmid) - closed.
5765: [User Interface] One selected page in the "Arrange Pages" dialog isn't marked as selected (fschmid) - closed.
5767: [User Interface] One column in the font preview is too small (fschmid) - closed.
5772: [User Interface] character palette shows unicode numbers but not glyphs (subik) - closed.
5792: [User Interface] "Paste Recent" lists wrong object names (fschmid) - closed.
5793: [User Interface] The list of objects in "Paste Recent" uses an alphabetical order, not the order of copying actions. (fschmid) - closed.
5796: [User Interface] Switching off Sticky Tools should set cursor to "Select" mode (cbradney) - closed.
5810: [User Interface] Spin box for preset layout doesn't work (cbradney) - closed.
5819: [User Interface] "Select All" doesnt indicate a selection of items (fschmid) - closed.
5825: [User Interface] Text frame sent to scrapbook looks like being converted to outline (fschmid) - closed.
5838: [User Interface] Pressing escape while the error message "this key sequence is already in use" duplicates the alert (cbradney) - closed.
5839: [User Interface] General Properties: Keyboard Shortcuts: crash when defining a shortcut without an entry selected (cbradney) - closed.
5861: [User Interface] Issues with switching the UI language (jghali) - closed.
5882: [User Interface] Disabled toolbar buttons look unprofessional (gray squares) (cbradney) - closed.
5936: [User Interface] preview problem for Screen blend mode (jghali) - closed.
5938: [User Interface] Scribus doesn't take into account bleed for the display of the first page (fschmid) - closed.
5954: [User Interface] Scribus doesn't read Qt4 theme's color palette (fschmid) - closed.
5969: [User Interface] Add EPSF as file extension for EPS files (cbradney) - closed.
5984: [User Interface] Items in the Outline Window get deselected when some actions are applied to their objects (fschmid) - closed.
5991: [User Interface] Property Palette text input box focus stays even when on another tab (subik) - closed.
5995: [User Interface] Sticky previews in Insert Glyph (cbradney) - closed.
5998: [User Interface] Style manager can't be resized (cbradney) - closed.
6022: [User Interface] Minimising the character palette doesn't work (subik) - closed.
6023: [User Interface] Position and availability of toolbars is not saved (fschmid) - closed.
6024: [User Interface] Adding a glyph to the character palette with double click doesn't work (subik) - closed.
6026: [User Interface] A missing dot (jghali) - closed.
6110: [User Interface] Unnecessary button in the font preview (jghali) - closed.
6152: [User Interface] spine reflection on GUI (subik) - closed.
6185: [User Interface] Icon field bigger in 1.3.5svn then in 1.3.4 (fschmid) - closed.
6259: [User Interface] Severe issues with the preferences (subik) - closed.
6260: [User Interface] The "Open" menu entry is gone in the "File" menu (cbradney) - closed.
6271: [User Interface] Zoom levels behave odd after change of theme (avox) - closed.
6277: [User Interface] Indicator for new frame size is wrong (avox) - closed.
6288: [User Interface] Enlarge the display of glyphs in the small character palette (subik) - closed.
6376: [User Interface] Undo dialog doesn't display all actions (subik) - closed.
6379: [User Interface] UI language of the guide manager doesn't switch (cbradney) - closed.
6385: [User Interface] Hitting return in the File > Save dialog brings up a fragmented Save dialog (jghali) - closed.
6400: [User Interface] Item > Shape > Edit Shape not availaible (cbradney) - closed.
6430: [User Interface] Windows > Tools/PDF Tools aren't indicated as "on" by default (subik) - closed.
6455: [User Interface] Wrong order of icon bars in default install (subik) - closed.
6498: [User Interface] Integrate Outline palette with selection (fschmid) - closed.
6554: [User Interface] Square colored Layer marks still visible when switching preview mode on (jghali) - closed.
6558: [User Interface] resizing frame does not force contents redraw (fschmid) - closed.
6559: [User Interface] multiple Object selection (avox) - closed.
6560: [User Interface] incorrect icon for paragraph alignment in SE (jghali) - closed.
6587: [User Interface] Opening the Preferences/DocSetup dialog takes forever (fschmid) - closed.
6588: [User Interface] Dragging a glyph in the Glyph dialog makes the dialog dysfunctional (subik) - closed.
6589: [User Interface] Wrong colour selected for editing (fschmid) - closed.
6623: [User Interface] Settings of scratch space and space between pages are not saved (fschmid) - closed.
6668: [User Interface] layer Indication in layer drop down menu (fschmid) - closed.
6671: [User Interface] Enhancement: Option for Baseline Grid units in points (fschmid) - closed.
6676: [User Interface] Translation error in properties window (jghali) - closed.
6684: [User Interface] Microscopic labels in Properties > Colours drop-down list of gradients impossible to read (jghali) - closed.
6712: [User Interface] print preview (like when using ctrl+alt+P) doesn't show all pages (avox) - closed.
6738: [User Interface] display adjustment slider : improve (fschmid) - closed.
6773: [User Interface] Missing EPS file extensions in the file dialogs (cbradney) - closed.
6777: [User Interface] Show Text Frame Columns not accessible from right-click when on a page (cbradney) - closed.
6795: [User Interface] Preview doesn't work in "File > Open" dialog (jghali) - closed.
6801: [User Interface] Font preview doesn't remember its display settings between sessions (subik) - closed.
6827: [User Interface] String change in context menu for pages (cbradney) - closed.
6856: [User Interface] Add licensing info to "About Scribus" (cbradney) - closed.
6858: [User Interface] Fix of message in Scripter console (cbradney) - closed.
6864: [User Interface] Display columns as a default (fschmid) - closed.
6866: [User Interface] Columns drop down list (fschmid) - closed.
6881: [User Interface] Replace "LaTeX frame" with "Render frame" (Herm) - closed.
6892: [User Interface] Magnetic snapping doesn't work while creating frame (fschmid) - closed.
6896: [User Interface] Python console is indicated as "active" after Scribus launch (jghali) - closed.
6926: [User Interface] Panning with Space bar and mouse doesn't work (jghali) - closed.
6927: [User Interface] print preview : actualization needed after frame resize (subik) - closed.
6936: [User Interface] Page Layout options repeated 3 times in "File > New Document" and in "Window > Arrange Pages" dialogs - closed.
6940: [User Interface] The Basepoint picker in the PP is not drawn properly (fschmid) - closed.
7003: [User Interface] Specifying guides at positions over 1000 is impossible (subik) - closed.
7028: [User Interface] "Item->Send to Layer" should be disabled when there is only one layer (fschmid) - closed.
7034: [User Interface] Scribus should be able to use the display resolution setting (fschmid) - closed.
7126: [User Interface] [PATCH] Add keyword/regexp filter to the Outline palette (fschmid) - closed.
7138: [User Interface] naming menu item (cbradney) - closed.
7166: [User Interface] About.cpp using Tables for Author credits? (ale) - closed.
7291: [User Interface] The default in the Convert to Master Page dialog is always Right Page. (cbradney) - closed.
7292: [User Interface] The search feature in the Document Outline is case sensitive, which is inconsistent with other dialogs (jghali) - closed.
7294: [User Interface] In the Print Preview, there's no space between the Close and Print buttons and the border of the dialog (cbradney) - closed.
7295: [User Interface] Fix English in the dialog for editing colours, we have HSV-Colourmap (cbradney) - closed.
7296: [User Interface] Add warning to colour edit dialog when user attempts to edit the registration colour (fschmid) - closed.
7297: [User Interface] In all font dialogs (Prefs, DocSetup, Font Preview), replace the Style caption with Face or Font (cbradney) - closed.
7298: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in Manage images dialog (cbradney) - closed.
7299: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Layers dialog: Blend Mode, Opacity (fschmid) - closed.
7300: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Arrange pages dialog: Document layout area (cbradney) - closed.
7301: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Font Preview dialog: Set button (subik) - closed.
7302: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Insert Frame dialog (cbradney) - closed.
7303: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Spell checker dialog and non standard button names (cbradney) - closed.
7304: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in Lens Effects: No tooltips at al (fschmid) - closed.
7305: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in Boolean Path Operations dialog: Under Operation: no tooltips for any of the buttons; Under Options: no toolt (fschmid) - closed.
7306: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in the Mesh Distortion dialog: No tooltips at all. (fschmid) - closed.
7307: [User Interface] Missing tooltips in Advanced Select All: no tooltips at all. (cbradney) - closed.
7311: [User Interface] In the New > From Template dialog, replace the Image caption with Preview. (cbradney) - closed.
7313: [User Interface] Allow drag n drop of PDF/EPS/PS onto image frames for rendered image (fschmid) - closed.
7314: [User Interface] UCP palettes in the Insert > Glyphs dialog aren't saved with a ucp extension (cbradney) - closed.
7315: [User Interface] If a number of styles is imported from another SLA file, the last one in the list is displayed with bold glyphs. (cbradney) - closed.
7316: [User Interface] If a number of styles is imported from another SLA file, the last one is not shown in the list to import from. (pierremarchand) - closed.
7317: [User Interface] Importing all styles from another document can be a chore if one wants to import all styles. There should be an option to import (cbradney) - closed.
7318: [User Interface] Importing many styles lets the SM grow, ie. the more styles one imports, the more vertical space is used by the SM on canvas. (cbradney) - closed.
7325: [User Interface] HSV colour map selector/pointer movement is erratic (jghali) - closed.
7365: [User Interface] Underline and Underline Words, Strikethrough all are at 100% by default (fschmid) - closed.
7408: [User Interface] Field next to Linespacing icon is showing "Auto" when set to "Lock to Baseline Grid" (cbradney) - closed.
7417: [User Interface] Adjust margins and column resizability in Extended Image Properties dialog (cbradney) - closed.
7422: [User Interface] New Document "Show Settings After Creatio" (note the "n" for Creation is missing). (cbradney) - closed.
7433: [User Interface] The tooltip for the glyph palette needs a line break (cbradney) - closed.
7434: [User Interface] "First Line Offset" in the PP > Text tab needs tooltips (cbradney) - closed.
7435: [User Interface] The feature to insert a glyph by its Unicode value has disappeared from the Insert > Glyph dialog (subik) - closed.
7436: [User Interface] Remove the preview option from the import dialog for colours (unnecessary and doesn't work anyway) (cbradney) - closed.
7437: [User Interface] In DocSetup/Prefs the order of steps with the tab key is wrong (from bottom to top, not top to bottom) (cbradney) - closed.
7438: [User Interface] In DocSetup/Prefs > General, moving with the tab key between fields doesn't take into account Time before a Move or Resize start (cbradney) - closed.
7439: [User Interface] Render Frames don't remember resolution and position of images in frames when Scribus has been closed and reopened (fschmid) - closed.
7445: [User Interface] Render frame window issues (Herm) - closed.
7450: [User Interface] Tab order in ToC setup (cbradney) - closed.
7451: [User Interface] Tab order in Keyboard Shortcuts prefs (cbradney) - closed.
7452: [User Interface] Move Render Frame icon and menu item (cbradney) - closed.
7453: [User Interface] Guide selection over item issue (pierremarchand) - closed.
7454: [User Interface] Items dragged from scrapbook are not indicated correctly on PP (pierremarchand) - closed.
7474: [User Interface] Insert Glyph palette display issue (subik) - closed.
7493: [User Interface] Mesh distortion doesn't work for rotated objects, as the mesh doesn't cover the object anymore after the rotation (fschmid) - closed.
7496: [User Interface] In the Path along Path dialog, Gap between Objects should be greyed out if a Single..." effect has been selected (fschmid) - closed.
7497: [User Interface] The offset values for patterns in the Colour tab of the PP should use the document values. Currently it's always pt. (fschmid) - closed.
7522: [User Interface] It's possible to enter text into spin boxes and the page selector (status bar). While the result in spinboxes is resetting the v (cbradney) - closed.
7523: [User Interface] In the spell checker, the only option to change the dictionary is to open the spell checker dialog. However, changing the dictio (subik) - closed.
7525: [User Interface] Control points in the Mesh Distortion dialog don't coincide with the grid of the dialog (fschmid) - closed.
7538: [User Interface] There's no way to switch off the new cursor measurement indicator (perhaps an option for the Display tab of Doc Setup/Prefs? (fschmid) - closed.
7541: [User Interface] There should be only one dropdown dialog for units in the measurement palette (fschmid) - closed.
7542: [User Interface] In the guide manager it's possible to select multiple guides, but clicking Delete will only remove a single guide (subik) - closed.
7543: [User Interface] Copying a page or adding it to the Scrapbook changes the first letter of each paragraph back to the default font in text frames (jghali) - closed.
7547: [User Interface] In the Page > Import dialog replace Change with Select or something similar, as there is no default choice the could be changed (cbradney) - closed.
7549: [User Interface] Master Pages can be deleted even if they are used. There should at least be a warning if one tries to delete a used page. (fschmid) - closed.
7550: [User Interface] It's impossible to select more than one master page in the MP dialog to delete a set of master pages. This can be a real chore i (subik) - closed.
7559: [User Interface] Guide manager: wrong unit conversion (subik) - closed.
7560: [User Interface] Guide manager issue: Guide position modification discarded (jghali) - closed.
7561: [User Interface] Guide manager issue: Guides cannot be deleted at all (subik) - closed.
7585: [User Interface] inconsistant color set name (fschmid) - closed.
7621: [User Interface] Wrong column width in Unicode Symbol Search dialog (subik) - closed.
7653: [User Interface] Linked Image Scale/DPI controls in Property Palette get unlinked when Shift-scrolling (fschmid) - closed.
7697: [User Interface] Options for optical margins are completely available only in paragraph styles. The PP shows only default and none (cbradney) - closed.
7698: [User Interface] The dropdown list for optical margins in the paragraph styles dialog needs to be slightly moved left or resized (cbradney) - closed.
7703: [User Interface] Copy page does not work properly (fschmid) - closed.
7710: [User Interface] layer focus supression (fschmid) - closed.
7717: [User Interface] Prefs->Fonts has confusing checkbox setup that doesnt work reliably (pierremarchand) - closed.
7728: [User Interface] layer and content information in the preflight verifier (subik) - closed.
7762: [User Interface] middle mouse panning (GIMP+InNkscape like) (fschmid) - closed.
7807: [User Interface] do not rely on only color coded icons in preflight verifier (fschmid) - closed.
7823: [User Interface] X,Y,Z tab doesn't get activated (fschmid) - closed.
7833: [User Interface] Statusbar Page Selector not working right (pierremarchand) - closed.
7841: [User Interface] Resize arrows appear fuzzy or out of focus. (pierremarchand) - closed.
7865: [User Interface] Holding down the left mouse button on an object brings up the copy/move/cancel menu that the right mouse button should show (fschmid) - closed.
7907: [User Interface] Improved splash screen (cbradney) - closed.
7953: [User Interface] incorrect update of combo boxes when switching language (jghali) - closed.
7984: [User Interface] Assigning values in the object property dialog is not possible (pierremarchand) - closed.
7985: [User Interface] About page lacks licence notice (cbradney) - closed.
8006: [User Interface] Scribus freeze after DragAndDrop of an Image from konquerror (jghali) - closed.
8026: [User Interface] Creating a document from template without selecting the template makes scribus crash (jghali) - closed.
8058: [User Interface] Text in status bar almost unreadable (jghali) - closed.
8099: [User Interface] Lines don't snap to guides well (cbradney) - closed.
8131: [User Interface] White pixel on left mouse click (fschmid) - closed.
8215: [User Interface] Bad UI language update (cbradney) - closed.
8261: [User Interface] Hyphanation grayed out until active textframe has been left and is re-entered again (cbradney) - closed.
8273: [User Interface] Color selector inconsistency (cbradney) - closed.
8283: [User Interface] English-American UI still uses settings from non-English OS: default colour "Geen" in stead of "None" (cbradney) - closed.
8315: [User Interface] UI in breton language (jghali) - closed.
8448: [User Interface] Userdefined Shortcuts of Group "Style" delete Text during editing. (cbradney) - closed.
8491: [User Interface] Wrong tooltips for font dropdown lists (cbradney) - closed.
8494: [User Interface] Cannot browse images in 'Manage images' with arrow keys (jghali) - closed.
8497: [User Interface] "Link text frames" and sticky tools (cbradney) - closed.
8555: [User Interface] when using spinbox arrows or arrow keys, Ctrl, Shift, etc. do not modify the digit changed (cbradney) - closed.
8661: [User Interface] Selection by shift-clicking is not possible (avox) - closed.
8683: [User Interface] magnifier does not work (jghali) - closed.
8756: [User Interface] Error when entering Document Setup and freezes after apply any change (jghali) - closed.
8786: [User Interface] Click on frame resizes it (jghali) - closed.
8816: [User Interface] Zoom level cannot go below 10% (fschmid) - closed.
8821: [User Interface] Style editor/manger creeps offscreen (jghali) - closed.
8867: [User Interface] Delete page range tries to be smart too soon (cbradney) - closed.
8879: [User Interface] List of typos found in the EN version (christoph_s) - closed.
8890: [User Interface] incorrect XYZ tab measurements for straight lines (jghali) - closed.
8905: [User Interface] "Move Pages" calculates valid range too soon (cbradney) - closed.
9000: [User Interface] Grammatical error in scrapbook palette hint bubble (jghali) - closed.
9058: [User Interface] Toolbars checkboxes (cbradney) - closed.
9114: [User Interface] Missing accelerators (main menu) (cbradney) - closed.
9140: [User Interface] Placement of guidelines on the page border causes mouse cursor to remain showing the "move guide" symbol (jghali) - closed.
9183: [User Interface] Mouse arrow with "minus" symbol remains when moving guideline across the page border and back (jghali) - closed.
9186: [User Interface] Necessary addition to "About > License" (christoph_s) - closed.
9225: [User Interface] When moving the mouse from a guide to the ruler, the "move guide" mouse cursor icon remains (jghali) - closed.
9226: [User Interface] When moving frame across guide on page border, frame temporarily snaps to border of opposite page (jghali) - closed.
9242: [User Interface] Tooltips are displayed in one line (cbradney) - closed.
9266: [User Interface] Remove the "Color" entry in the extended "Save as Template" dialog or make it useful (cbradney) - closed.
9291: [User Interface] When selecting multiple items, the Properties Palette is not updated with the combined width/heights (cbradney) - closed.
9293: [User Interface] Properties Panel / Palette does not appear (cbradney) - closed.
9298: [User Interface] remove the option to edit styles when using the story editor (cbradney) - closed.
9305: [User Interface] if no frame is selected the PP should not show any level (cbradney) - closed.
9316: [User Interface] Alternative icon for Render Frames (cbradney) - closed.
9386: [User Interface] Line unit non consistent (cbradney) - closed.
9418: [User Interface] BMP missing in the list of supported image file types (cbradney) - closed.
9437: [User Interface] in 1.3.9svn - "-" on keyborad in Save dialog box not insert character - zoom out page instead (fschmid) - closed.
9443: [User Interface] Copy of pdf fields locks the copied field name (cbradney) - closed.
9503: [User Interface] Palettes in ./scribus/swatches aren't available after saving (fschmid) - closed.
9521: [User Interface] FIXES for patch in 9502 ticket (cbradney) - closed.
9832: [User Interface] "Replace file?" dialog shown twice when overwriting character palette (cbradney) - closed.
9863: [User Interface] Improved text cursor visibility (cbradney) - closed.