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Name Country Photo Summary
Jain Basil Aliyas India profile-crop_reasonably_small.jpg http://www.jainbasil.net/
Craig Bradney Luxembourg BSc Comp. Sci, Lead Support Technician at Amazon, 15+ years of user support and infrastructure. On LinkedIn.
Jean Ghali France scribus-j-ghali-1.jpg Software engineer in the graphic arts industry, master in signal and image processing, has noticeably spent a bunch of hours in classes learning color management
Hermann Kraus Germany R2D2_C3PO.jpg studying physics at Universität Regensburg
Riku Leino Finland 2fba617.jpg Webmaster at National Land Survey of Finland
Peter Linnell Germany/USA scribus-peter-linnell.jpg LGM 2007 Scribus: Open Source Desktop Publishing
LGM 2008 Scribus Presentation
Pierre Marchand 3321838331_8ff5a4147f_o.jpg http://prokoudine.info/blog/about/
Oleksandr Moskalenko USA Bioinformatics Specialist at University of Florida (UFL.edu) Research Computing https://sourceforge.net/users/oleksa
Christoph Schäfer Germany Christoph s.png Documentation, testing, teaching
Franz Schmid Germany scribus-franz_ret.jpg Software Developer Automotive Testsystems
Paul Smedley Australia
Petr Vanek Czech Republic
Andreas Vox Germany LGM 2009 Future Directions for Scribus – An Open Discussion
Name Country Photo Summary
Craig Bradney
Yves Ceccone
Cedric Gemy
Alessandro Levati
Peter Linnell
Oleksandr Moskalenko
Gregory Pittman LGM 2009 Scribus: The Official Manual
co-author - Scribus: Open-Source Desktop Publishing
Holger Reibold
Christoph Schfer
Petr Vank
Thomas Zastrow

LGM = Libre Graphics Meeting