Adding Hyperlinks to your Scribus PDF document

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This article is part of the Tips & Tricks series.
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If you can't see the PDF Tools in the toolbar, check if you have Windows > PDF Tools menu entry enabled.

Method A

Insert link annotation.png
  1. go to the PDF toolbar, select Insert Link Annotation and draw with it a rectangle above an element (e.g. a text frame) you wish to become a hyperlink
  2. double click on the new rectangle (with the left mouse button)
  3. select External Web-Link as annotation type and insert your URL into the Destination field

Method B

  1. Click the OK button for Insert PDF fields.
  2. Make a box to surround the text and/or graphics from which you want to create a hyperlink.
  3. Double click this box, which opens the Field Properties dialogue box.
  4. In the Appearance tab, choose "None" for colour of the border (unless you really want a border added).
  5. Click on the Action tab.
  6. From the Type pull-down menu, choose JavaScript.
  7. To the right of the Script box, click Edit.
  8. Enter the following: app.launchURL("", true);
  9. Click File > Save and Exit.
  10. Click OK.

If you now open that PDF version in a web browser, you will find those text (and/or graphics) areas linkable. The "true" parameter in the JavaScript is important so a new frame (window or tab) is opened for the link. This way your PDF document remains open and available in its original frame.

Variation on Method B

If you want to create a link to an email address, modify the JavaScript above like this:

  • app.launchURL("", true);

This is dependent on having the preset link to the appropriate email client.