Alignment of stroked frames

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When a frame is stroked, Scribus aligns it with the middle of the stroke-width to guide-lines, page-borders and so on. That's not what I want: I normaly need an alignment where the outer side of the frame, including the whole stroke-width, is used as snap-in for the guides.

There's a workaround for getting this behavior:

  1. Create your stroked frame with - for example - a stroke-width of 2 mm. Scribus will add the stroke-line centered to the frame's border.
  2. Create another frame without any stroke. Set it's height and width to the values of the stroked frames, adding the width of the stroke. For example: When your stroked frame has a height of 50 mm, a width of 20 mm and a stroke of 2 mm, set the new frame's height to 52 mm and it's width to 22 mm.
  3. Now align the two frames so that their upper right corners are overlying. In the example above: Set the non-stroked frame's X- and Y-positions to 0, then set the stroked-frames X- and Y-Positions both to 1.
  4. Group the two frames. The group will now aligned with its outer border to guide-lines etc. The frame with no stroke can be send to back.