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Color Management Tools

A website with color theory info and the best explanation of how postscript handles color I've found yet.

This website has downloadable icc profiles for standard commercial printing processes in Europe, mostly Germany. Also many white papers. In English and German.

Guide pratique de la gestion de la couleur en français

Karl Heinz Kremer's site has an experimental gimp plug-in which can assign RGB device profiles to images. Basic CMYK support is in the betas of Gimp 2.0. Note when compiling you may need to run: export LDFLAGS="-lm" running ./configure/ This site also has an extensive listing of links to color management.

is the home of icclib V 2.0 - this is a icc color profile library, not necessary for Scribus, but these libraries have been included in the latest 7.0x AFPL and GNU releases of Ghostscript to support CMYK printing and icm profiles in images.

Recommended Set of basic icc profiles for use with Scribus. Contains some basic well tested RGB and CMYK profiles which are very useful in Scribus.

Home of ICC - International Color Consortium - Papers and specs with more links for learning color theory.

has more links on learning color theory and other color related sites.

This site has experimental packages and applications for color management. Interesting and of interest to those who are interested in color management on Linux.

This is a KDE File Plug in which works with littlecms to give you information about icc profiles.

A blog about color management and advanced photography o­n Linux. Good hints o­n printing photographs o­n Linux.

Along with the littlecms libraries, there is a very useful and accurate monitor profiler and scanner profiler which works with littlecms. These are standalone Qt applications, so you will need at least the Qt development libraries, along with littlecms.

LPROF is the only open source ICC profiler with a graphical user interface. This project continues the work started by Marti Maria, the author of lcms, on the Little CMS Profiler. The current lead developer of the project is Hal Engel.

OpenICC has two main goals. The first goal is to work out a common set of settings for color savvy applications to share profiles and settings. The second goal is to bring together those developers in areas like printing, display and desktop applications to work together to make color management end to end work for open source applications.

A working group concerned with optimizing colors with digital cameras and printing. They have several useful profiles for printing with digital cameras and high end inkjet printers among others. Website is in German and English.

is the home page of one of the major contributors to Gnome graphic libraries as well as being the maintainer of Ghostscript.

A general overview of color management on Linux