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Official files are being served from a site called SourceForge, so do not be alarmed when clicking on a download link brings you to a SourceForge download page.

SourceForge is used by software projects as a means to offer fast and easy downloads and installation. For more information about SourceForge, check here and here.

Please note that not all download links mentioned below are official ones, i.e., files/packages whose integrity has been checked by the Scribus Team.


The current stable release is 1.6.2

Note: Newer Scribus major versions can open the older version's files, but the opposite is not true. Scribus cannot open Scribus 1.4.x files. There is no way to convert the file back once you switch it to the newer major branch. However, all "point" or "dot" releases in a stable branch can exchange files flawlessly, so you can open, for instance, a file created in 1.4.5 with 1.4.0.


This is where the exciting new features of Scribus are going. However, there could be many stability problems due to frequent changes, so you are only advised to use this version for small very specific tasks and for keeping abreast of the Scribus development, but not for day-to-day production work.

Source code for compilation

See Official:Compile_with_CMake for building instructions.