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Empty White Spaces

Launching Scribus

Making a New Document

  • Adjusting size (Custom)
  • Choosing units (mm)
  • Facing pages
  • Margins

Cover Page

Hiding Grid lines (if necessary)

Introduction of concept: working with frames


  • Mouse-over to see Tool Tips
  • Click Image Frame icon
  • Placing Image Frame on page

Bringing up Properties Tool

Appearance of a selected frame/selecting

Changing frame name

Adjusting position and size (full page)

Right-click frame > Context Menu

Get Image

  • File dialog - importing image file
  • Adjusting position of image in frame

Selecting a color profile

  • (brief) something about lcms/monitor profiles

Save File (File > Save and toolbar icon)

Selection of transparency feature

Shape icon - rectangle

  • Place shape on page
  • adjust position, size
  • select None for border color
  • adjust background fill color and transparency

More shapes

  • Two with same colors
  • Fourth shape - new color

Edit Colors - New

  • CMYK select
  • sliders for values
  • Color Name
  • Back to Properties > Color to select

Lock frames

Unselect Text Flows Around Frame for Shapes

Working with Layers on a Page

Concept of Layers

  • Rationale: option of hiding/showing layers
  • Concept: Multi-language files, with only desired language shown

Bring up Layers requestor

Changing layer name

Adding layers

  • Prior elements on one layer of cover
  • Text will be on a new one

Hiding/showing layers

Selecting the working layer

Adding text frame

  • Uncheck Text Flows Around Frame
  • Story Editor for text entry
  • Save and Exit Editor

Context menu > Show Properties tool

Text Tab

  • Font selection
  • Size
  • Color
  • Kerning
  • Line spacing

Edit Contents of Frame mode

  • Adjust only highlighted text

Resize, reposition frame over shape

New Text Frame for subtitle

  • Enter text, adjust as above
  • Reposition

More text, as above

Design Multiple Pages

Concept: Templates

Templates requestor: Edit > Templates

  • New template, name
  • Adding guides to templates
  • Concept: math operations in numerical requestors
  • Lock guides
  • Add text frames to template
  • Add page numbering
  • Page Palette
  • Making your document from templates

New Text Frame - body text (manual)

  • Setting columns in Properties
  • Adjust gap
  • Uncheck Text Flows Around Frame

Concept: Paragraph Styles

  • Adding/Editing Styles
  • Baseline grid
  • Adjust font, other features (no detail)

Context Menu: Get Text

Linking Frames

Setting Style (after text imported, frames linked)

Adjust text frame sizes

Add images

Drop caps - automatic (mention only)

Hanging Drop Caps

  • Initial letter in its own frame

Ctrl-Shift-click to select frame in layer

Use of invisible frame for space around image frame

Gradient fill background for Text Frame

Shape to mark story end

Design with Graphics and Freedom

Copy feature from one template to another

  • Select a group with mouse
  • Copy > Paste
  • Use of multiple vertical guides to align elements

Text > Convert to Outline

  • Edit Shape (no detail)
  • Lock Shape

New Shapes, Polygons - editing

  • Convert to Text Frames
  • Enter text, apply style
  • Use of Scrapbook for Repetitive Features
  • Text Frame - Rotate

Set Fire with SVG Graphics

New Template

Import SVG

  • Edit size
  • Copy, position copies
  • Edit individual colors
  • Clicking, dragging guides to SVG borders

New text frames aligning with guides

  • Automatic drop caps in styles

Edit Template - move page number

Text on curve

  • Make Text Frame
  • Enter text
  • Make Bezier curve
  • Select both Frame and curve
  • Item > Attach Text to Path
  • Rotate as desired

Publishing Demands Freedom. PDF.

(This part not completed yet)