GSoC 2007 Publishing Solution Task Plan

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Task #1 - Standalone Story Editor (SSE)

This is the main qt4 gui.

  1. SSE engine - should be a decent text editor in itself.
  2. Editor GUI - should support as many Scribus text attributes as possible with a clean interface to apply them.
  3. Output - Scribus native new file format (see /dtd directory for the draft).
  4. Connector - interaction with the file server/store/engine.

Task #2 - Web-based Story Editor (WSE)

Web-based php|python/ajax. Same output functionality as SSE.

Task #3 - Scribus Object Exchange Engine

  1. Connects to a file store
  2. Retrieves named text containers and feeds them to the SSE
  3. Pushes edited containers back into the file store/server