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Title/Summary Xml Editor Student Vijay Kartick Student Email Student Major Electronics and electrical Student Degree undergrad Student Graduation 2009


In this project the an xml editor will be created to edit the whole scribus document.All the design and styles can be expressed as tags which eventually describes the entire document so that advanced users can edit the tags manually.

Project Goals:

  • Create an xml editor describing the whole document like SVG
  • Xml editor should have option of defining styles like css
  • Availability of built in styles like text on path,etc
  • Facility to import/export styles from/to external files
  • styles to format images like bloom effect,high contrast,gamma,etc

Detailed Description

Name:Vijay Kartick.P University: College of Engineering ,Guindy,Chennai,India I am studying Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics Department. Year of passing:April 2009

Biographical Sketch:

I took computer science group in my tenth grade and learned C and visual Basic 6.0.Around that time designed simple games like chess,monopoly and tic-tac-toe with VB6.0. I was also the Head of the computer club during year 2002-2004 and was editor of maths and science magazine for the school.I joined college in the year 2005 in Electrical and Electronics department.I gained interest in ethical hacking during second year. I learned python,xml,PHP,MySql,windows and unix system and network programming,etc by myself.I also started preparing for CEH certification and accustomed myself with various tools. I partcipated in both international and national level hacking and programming contest and won them. In 2007 i organised "404- File not found" an online hacking contest for our college symposium "Kurukshetra" which got UNESCO patronage.

We got participation of 1188 students from colleges all over the country and outside. I also created various libraries in c# for image processing and pattern recognition. My recent project is "RssGlut" an opensource rss feed reader designed using python and sax parser. It reads the rss feeds and converts them into Html pages.It requires a Html generator module and GUI which are under development. Apart from that i'm also a pretty good painter.

  • Did you ever code in C, C++ or Python? Please provide examples of code.

Yes.i have written programs using C/C++ for image processing,win32 api,and networking like portscanner and I wrote a Rss feed parser and a ping program in python recently.

  • Do you use Scribus? Please provide examples if you do.

Yes. For design of College Magazines.

  • Do you make other use of Scribus than for laying out articles? Please describe and show examples.


* Were you involved in Scribus development in the past? What were your contributions?

No. I was not involved in scribus development in past.

  • Were you involved in other OpenSource development projects in the past? If yes, please tell us project, when and in what role were you involved.

No.I started to involve myself in opensource projects only now.

  • Why have you chosen your development idea and what do you expect from your implementation?

The idea is similar to how css is used for html pages.I got the idea while trying to create descriptive html pages. Using separate styles and importing styles,reusing them will help in faster and easier formatting and xml editor makes it easier for advanced users to customize manually.

  • Are you confident that you will be able to dedicate time and effort necessary for the successful completion of your GSoC 2008 project?

yes. Except during my exams during april end, i can work daily 14 hours for GSoC project.

I'm willing to be open about any difficulties i might encounter and learn from that.

Vijay Kartick.P