GSoC 2009 Implementing XPS support by vipx

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My project aims at improving the import and export features in Scribus by implementing XML Paper Specification (XPS) support. After this project is completed, Scribus will be capable of handling Microsoft's latest XPS document format files in both import and export.


XPS Documents maintain a consistent appearance for documents—despite environmental variables—through the use of a fixed page layout and new technologies such as the Open Packaging Conventions, the XPS print path and XPS Viewer. XPS document format consists of structured XML markup that defines the layout of a document and the visual appearance of each page, along with rendering rules for distributing, archiving, rendering, processing and printing the documents and allowing it to incorporate vector-graphic elements in documents. The ability to import XPS files allows users to easily extract data from any file generated by future Windows applications. The XML Paper Specification (XPS) describes electronic paper in a way that can be read by hardware, software and even by people.


  • XPS export feature files with extension .xps.
  • XPS import feature files with extension .xps by using ghostxps.
  • Documentation


April 21, 2009 Start of the project. Discussions with mentor to make the ideas clear. Detailed study of source code. Collecting the necessary components for the completion of the project.

July 03, 2009 Complete the XPS export and start revising this feature and fixing bugs after discussions with the mentor and the development team.

August 10, 2009 Complete the XPS import and therefore the entire project will be completed and submit all deliverables for the final evaluations.


First Name : Vipin

Name : Vipin Vichattu Johney

Email Id :

IRC nick : vipx

Location : Kerala, India

Time zone : GMT + 5:30

Education :‭ ‬Computer Science Engineering

I am Vipin Vichattu Johney and currently a second year (4th semester) student for B.Tech at Govt. Engineering College, Trichur, Kerala, India. I have been coding C++ for the last 5 years and coding C and Basic for the last 2 years.

I have been participating in many programing contests. I have done many projects in C++ and C. I know basics of SQL and Python programming languages. I am an active member of Free Software Users Group, Thrissur I have started reading the source code of Scribus.