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Communication end-points and channels for prospective GSoC 2010 participants

First things first

You must have a wiki account to be able to present your idea, so send a short e-mail to Wiki account at scribus info.jpg and ask for it now.


IRC channel #scribus on is the main real-time hangout place where prospective GSoC students can communicate with the larger Scribus community and developers to get to know each other and discuss ideas and issues. IRC channel #scribus-dev on is the place for technical real-time communications related to Scribus development and GSoC day-to-day activities. Overall, this would be the main channel for students to be present in throughout the GSoC program.

Mailing Lists

scribus-dev list should be used for asking general questions about Scribus codebase.

gsoc list is for general GSoC discussion including technical and organizational matters. All Scribus Team GSoC mentors, administrators, and accepted students are automatically subscribed to this list.

gsoc-announce is a very low traffic list for GSoC announcements. All Scribus Team GSoC participants are automatically subscribed to this list.

Scribus Administrator, Mentor, Developer email

Join the #scribus-dev channel and ask our bot mrscribe for "!devemails" and you will be provided with a list of all Scribus developer email addresses. Similar lists for !gsocmentors and !gsocadmins and !gsocstudents will also be available.

Project Management

Acunote will again be our preferred project tracker for GSoC projects.

Revision Control

We will provide Subversion accounts for accepted students in Scribus sourceforge SVN repository and expect them to use it.

Usage of git is also acceptable.