GSoC 2012 Projects

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This page will list accepted submitted student proposals for GSoC 2012 when they are announcement. At the moment it lists project "classes" that remove duplicates to help us match mentors with projects/students. Again, these are not final assignments.

Number Student Project Mentor Additional mentor(s) Notes
1. Chelen GSoC_2012_Usability_Improvements a-l-e JLuc, jghali
2. baazigar GSOC_2012_Project_Manager_Core MrB JLuc, malex
3. proKrammer GSoC_2012_XML_File_Format Avox malex. jghali RELAX-NG based .sla2
4. invercity GSoC_2012_Project_Manager_Front MrB JLuc, malex