GSoC 2012 Student Evaluation

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Evaluation of students' proposals and their community and bug fixing work that qualifies them for GSoC 2012 participation

Proposal list page with links to Google Melange

Student Proposal Easy Hacks (state if reviewed or not) Proposal Evaluation Notes
Chelen (Pierrick Brunet) Improve usability #7793 (merged in trunk by franz) and #10571 (merged too by franz)
proKrammer/iampartha (Parthasarathy) Project Manager #10581 (reviewed by mabri and JLuc who have found various problems) exams
XML File Format
baazigar (Rajat Gupta) Project Manager #10409 (reviewed and found OK by JLuc) and #10455 (not reviewed yet ) exams
invercity (Andrey Ermolenko) Project Manager #10487 to be reviewed had exams
janardhan (AJReddy) Rendering speedup wiki page #10631 (reviewed and found OK by invercity) was available only after 6th for an easyhack + has not had much technical feedback about multithrading on irc