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Ghostscript Docs

Ghostscript is used from scribus for stuff like pdf export, maybe raster image export, too (to be checked)

Input File

gs takes Postscript and PDF.

Render to a PDF file - vast pdf rendering options are available

Render to PDF from Ghostscript via the PDF Output device. Its name on the gs commandline is "pdfwrite". It options are documented in Ps2pdf.htm linked above.

-dCompatibilityLevel=1.x -- PDF version

Render an image

Interesting image formats:

Commandline options

-dCOLORSCREEN=false -- no screening

-dDOINTERPOLATE -- interpolate all images, better quality

-dNOSUBSTDEVICECOLORS -- do not change color space (eg. RGB, CMYK stays same)

-dBATCH -- sets batch mode

-dQUIET -- no messages

-dNOPAUSE -- dont stop after each page -dSAFER -- dont execute malicious commands e.g. delete file

-sDEVICE=device -- select the output or in my case, the file format -sOutputFile=filename -- contains processed image or pdf

-c 30000000 setvmthreshold -f -- more memory for VM, more speed for pdf generation .