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How do I find Scribus help?

  • First, look at the low-hanging fruit in this wiki - Category:Tips and Category:HOWTO are good starting points as they encompass the most frequently encountered issues.
  • If you can't find the help you need in the documentation, then it's time to ask real people for help. Start with the IRC channel #scribus on You can use web interface to IRC chat to make it easy to connect and ask.
  • A much wider audience of experts on DTP and Scribus use can be found on our mailing list. See Mailing_List for more details on how you could use this valuable support resource.
  • There is also a helpful community of Scribus users and developers in Scribus forums in which you can participate after registering.
  • Eventually, if all other options have been exhausted you might have to file a bug report. This is not a difficult undertaking. Read the above page for step-by-step details. Bug reports create a record, so they are an excellent tool for you to push the development of Scribus in the right direction and possibly get the problem you are having resolved.