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About the Scribus Team (in order of joining)

Franz Schmid - "Our Linus..." original author, main coder, software developer

Peter Linnell - aka mrdocs - started with testing the 0.3.6 version, took over the documentation writing for 0.5.0; tester, rpm builder, original web master for [], Pre-Press/IT consultant for publishing and e-commerce companies.

Craig Bradney - aka MrB - started with 1.1.1, testing, setup of and, manages the IRC channel #scribus on; IT Manager for global e-commerce company.

Petr Vaněk - started with 1.1.4, plug-in specialist, has written several Scribus plug-ins and the how-to for Scribus plug-in writing; software engineer.

Riku Leino - aka Tsoots - started with 1.1.5, wrote the Document Template plug-in and the OO/HTML importers for 1.2.2; IT Manager for large non-profit in Finland.

Craig Ringer - Worked on the scripter, build system and tested Windows and Mac OSX port beginnings. Contributed fixes for Python and other enhancements; IT/DTP administrator for daily newspaper.

Andreas Vox - pronounced [fox] -- started with 1.3.0. Developed original Mac OS X native port, font API specialist, hates C++, likes good layout and has a stupid comment for anything: software developer.

Jean Ghali - handles the Windows native port and much of the color management coding. Pre-press and software engineer for printing company.

Oleksandr Moskalenko, Ph.D. - aka malex - maintainer of Scribus Debian packages, works with internationalization, translation, and user support in #scribus on IRC, tool scripts and the many Scribus websites and back-end infrastructure, GSoC representative; molecular biologist.

Pierre Marchand - fonts, canvas, text layout and shaping. Developer of FontMatrix, owns an IT company.

Christoph Schäfer - Leading bug reporter and tester for bleeding edge Scribus. Wiki editor and doc translator/proofreader, one of the main authors of the Official Manual.

Hermann Kraus - Wrote the Render frame system and GraphicsMagick and UniConvertor integration.

Jain Basil Aliyas - Wrote the XTG and IDML import filters.

The Supporting Cast and Former Developers

Active users/contributors who have added to the Scribus community (in no particular order):

Paul F. Johnson - aka Nodoid - started with sending patches for 0.8, did code review and code optimizing.

Steve Callcott - aka sjc - wrote the Python plugin font sampler, which showed the real power of the Python Scripter in Scribus; works on systems control and consumer electronics, custom software and support.

Alessandro Rimoldi - added fixes for localization and code clean-ups.

J.J. Sarton - added some key patches for improving image handling and other improvements. Added the GIMP support to Scribus.

Alistair Robinson - added some important fixes for font handling in early Scribus versions. Also wrote the clever hack for GIMP to create CMYK TIFFs.

Maciej Hanski - Polish translator and writer of the PDF Forms how-to. One of the primary contributors to the Scribus wiki.

Yves Ceccone - Original French translator, wrote many of the Python scripts included with Scribus, maintained a large number of Docs for Scribus in French.

Martin Costabel - maintains the Scribus port and support libraries for Fink, allowing Scribus to run under X11 on MacOSX.

Niyam Bhushan - contributed a terrific tutorial on Scribus.

Marti Maria - for answering tons of our questions on color management and providing littlecms.

Johannes Rüschel - Excellent bug finder, former German translator.

Alexandre Prokoudine - Russian Translator, has helped a bunch with internationalization issues, as well as designing UI improvements; professional technical writer.

"Lukasz [DeeJay1] Jernas" - PLD Linux package maintainer.

Howard White - Retired Pre-Press Engineer - Testing and testing and more testing. Always daring to test bleeding edge code.

Cedric Gemy - Graphics Professor and author - UI testing and feedback, GSoC mentor.

Dr. Greg Pittman - One of the primary contributors to the scribus wiki and the documentation, one of the main authors of the Official Manual; author of several useful Scribus scripts.

Paul Smedley - Maintainer of the OS/2 port.

Volker Ribbert - started with the German translation of the German docs.

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