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Contributions to the Documentation

This Online Help is the latest generation of the Scribus online documentation. The initial documents were written by Peter Linnell with help from Franz Schmid. Since then, the Scribus Team has grown, as did the number of contributions from other people, and we have seen an increasing number of additions and updates. The following table attempts to list the contributors to the documentations. Hopefully we didn’t miss anyone out (if so, please contact us and we will add you in):

Online Help

Craig BradneySite implementation, management and documentation verification
Maciej HańskiPHP form document
Václav HlobilTitle graphics
Paul JohnsonCoding Standards document
Riku LeinoGet Text plug-in Howto
Peter LinnellOriginal documentation
Gregory PittmanMain author of the next generation of the “Get Started with Scribus” tutorial, one of the main authors of the latest updates to this Online Help, proofeader
Franz SchmidScribus :) and documentation verification
Petr VaněkScripter and plug-in documentation
Craig RingerScripter documentation
Christoph SchäferOne of the main authors of the latest updates to this Online Help, proofeader, German translation of this Online Help and the Scribus Wiki.

Translators of the Online Help

Louis DesjardinsFrench
Frederic DubuyFrench
François Lanctôt, thanks to GRICSFrench
Volker RibbertGerman
Johannes RüschelGerman

Additional Documentation

Niyam BhushanInitial version of the “Get Started with Scribus” tutorial
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