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Scribus Command Line Reference

Just like any other program, Scribus can be launched from the command line. Below you find the command line options for Linux/UNIX (including Mac OS X). On other operating systems the parameters may have to be used differently.

  • -l, --lang xx
    Overrides the system locale and runs Scribus in language xx. The language is specified with the same POSIX language codes that are used in the LANG and LC_ALL environment variables. For example, English can be selected with 'en' (generic English), 'en_GB' (British English), 'en_US' (American english), etc. Similarly, German can be selected with 'de' or 'de_DE'.
  • -la, --langs-available
    Print a list of languages for which user interface translations are available. To use that language run Scribus as 'scribus -l xx' where xx is the short language code.
  • -v, --version
    Prints the Scribus version number and exits.
  • -f, --file
    Open the specified file. It's possible to simply pass the file name as an unqualified argument instead of using this, though if the name begins with a - you will need to use --, eg 'scribus -- -myfile.sla'.
  • -h, --help
    Print a brief usage summary.
  • -fi, --font-info
    Shows the font file listing as Scribus starts. This can be used for diagnosing missing glyphs within fonts or possibly broken font files.
  • -pi, --profile-info
    Shows the color profiles listing which Scribus can use. This can be used for diagnosing missing or broken color profiles.
  • -ns, --no-splash
    Suppresses display of the splash screen during Scribus start-up.
  • -nns, --never-splash
    Stop the showing of the splashscreen on startup. Writes an empty file called .neversplash in ~/.scribus.
  • -sb, --swap-buttons
    Use right to left dialog button ordering (e.g. Cancel/No/Yes instead of Yes/No/Cancel)
  • -u, --upgradecheck
    Downloads a file from our scribus server indicating latest available versions.
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