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Mouse Usage Hints


Mouse usage in Scribus has some subtle, but once learned, very useful shortcuts with the mouse.

  • Space Bar + Left Click - toggles panning mode for the mouse
  • Click third button, or on two button mice ("chord" them by click left and right together), refreshes the view
  • Ctrl > Wheel - zooms the view in and out.
  • Ctrl > Right Button Drag - allows you to pan the document up or down and/or left to right depending on the zoom factor.
  • Right Click - brings up the Context Menu for the document canvas as shown below.
"Context Menu for the document canvas"


  • Shift + Left Click - dont clear the selection but add to it
  • Alt + Left Click - allow selection of objects within groups
  • Hence, Ctrl + Shift + Left Click extends the selection with the item below the currently selected one beneath the cursor
  • Ctrl + Left Click cycles through all objects at the position from top to bottom, finally deselecting all and then starting with the top again
  • Ctrl+ Alt + Left Click will include group members in the cycle
  • Control + Left Click resize/move for lower objects. Release + drag resizes. Hold down Control + Drag moves.
  • Left Click > Drag resizes Frames
  • Right Click > Drag copies or moves Frames - a context menu will pop up asking your choice

Text Frames

  • Shift + Left Click - selects the text between cursor position and the click.
  • Ctrl + Double Left Click - selects the current paragraph.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Double Left Click - selects the current paragraph first, and subsequent clicks will add text between the selected paragraph and the click position to the selection.

The Color Eye Dropper

Select a:

  • fill color with Left Click
  • text color with Ctrl + Left Click
  • line color with Alt + Left Click.

In the Properties Palette

  • Ctrl + Wheel - increases/decreases units 10 at a time.
  • Shift + Wheel - increases/decreases units 1/10 at a time.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Wheel - increases/decreases units 1/100 at a time.


  • Shift + Arrow Key increases/decreases units 10 at a time.
  • Crtl + Arrow Key increases/decreases units 1/10 at a time.
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