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Scribus Document Information


There are a couple of important points to consider in the doc info fields:

  1. Scribus supports an initiative called the Dublin Core Initiative. Dublin Core, for short, is a set of specification on document meta-data.
  2. The other feature is the fields on the First tab are used in PDF export, as well as also being part of Dublin Core meta-data. This data can be used by special indexing servers which can index PDF files, as well as Acrobat Reader. The Second tab contains meta-data in Dublin Core form which can also be used for using a database to track Scribus files.

"Scribus Document Information Window tab 1"
Docinfo: First tab is the Document tab

The Second tab is document info which is strictly Dublin Core, thus defined by the specifications:

"Dublin Core Properties"
Docinfo: Second tab is "Further info"
Publisher The person or organization responsible for making the document available or for putting into print.
Contributors A person or organization responsible for making contributions to the content of the document.
Date A date associated with an event in the life cycle of the document, in YYYY-MM-DD format, as per ISO 8601.
Type The nature or genre of the content of the document, eg. categories, functions, etc.
Format The physical or digital manifestation of the document. Media type and dimensions would be worth noting. RFC2045,RFC2046 for MIME types are also useful here.
Identifier An unambiguous reference to the document within a given context such as ISBN or URI.
Source A reference to a document from which the present document is derived, eg. ISDN or URI.
Language The language in which the content of the document is written, usually a ISO-639 language code. Optionally suffixed with a hyphen and an ISO-3166 country code, eg. en-GB, fr-CH.
Relation A reference to a related document, possibly using a formal identifier such as a ISBN or URI.
Coverage The extent or scope of the content of the document, possibly including location, time and jurisdiction ranges.
Rights Information about rights held in and over the document, eg. copyright, patent or trademark.
This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, v1.0 or later. Distribution of the work or derivative of the work in any standard (paper) book form is prohibited unless prior permission is obtained from the copyright holder. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "Text of the Open Publication License."