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Enhancing Scribus PDF with JavaScript

Scribus has very complete support for adding interactive features to PDF. With the exception of Acrobat Pro, perhaps no other application can offer more in the area of PDF forms, presentations or other interactive elements than Scribus. This is enabled via dialog boxes in the field properties and by adding JavaScript based functions attached to PDF buttons and text fields.

There is an article on the wiki:

How to enhance your PDF Forms with JavaScript

which shows some basic examples. There are more comprehensive resources as well. At Adobe's site:

JavaScript for Acrobat

look for links under Acrobat 8: JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference and Developing Acrobat Applications Using JavaScript, which are downloadable PDFs which have more than enough documentation to get you started. If you go to the above Scribus wiki link you see that in Scribus you enter your JavaScript commands in a dialog.

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