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Color Palettes in Scribus (6): Special Purpose Colors

Name Description Number of Colors Color Model Spot
Crayola® Crayon Colors A set that contains the standard crayon colors of the American paint supplier Crayola®. These colors are widely used in American schools and other educational institutions. 137 RGB No
Japanese Traditional Colors A set that contains the traditional Japanese colors. The traditional Japanese color system has historical origins in their cultural and social framework, with connections to various ceremonies. Some background knowledge about the system is recommended to utilize the color palette efficiently. 470 RGB No
Standardised Rock Colours This is a color set that is often used as a reference for rock colors in geography and geology. It should only be used in geological or similar publications. 26 RGB No
GCMI Colors This is a color set that was first released in 1949 by the former Glass Container Manufacturers Institute (GCMI). Since then it has seen numerous updates and is known as the "FLEXO Color Guide". The guide is mainly used in the packaging industry, and you are advised to use it only in conjunction with a current version of the FLEXO Color Guide, which can be obtained from GCMI's successor, the Glass Packaging Institute.
The color set contains three kinds of colors. Simple numbers refer to the colors available in all recent versions of the FLEXO fan. Those starting with the Roman number "VIII" are only available in version VIII, while those starting with "IX" are only available in version IX.
58 CMYK Yes
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