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Other PDF Viewers

Another useful PDF viewer to use with Scribus is GSview which is a graphical viewer/front end to Ghostscript. The latest version (4.9) with Ghostscript 8.5+ work very nicely together allow you to convert PS to PDF, as well as view and convert EPS, PS and PDF files among other tools. GSview runs natively on Linux/Unix. OS/2 and Windows. More details are in GSview and Scribus.

Kpdf 3.5+ / Xpdf The most recent Kpdf in KDE 3.4 shows me the the developers "get it". Based on Xpdf 3.x it has many nice touches and seems to be a pretty fast renderer. I say this not as a KDE fanboy, but based on using quite a bit in comparison to the larger Adobe Readers. One other note, look through Settings and enable "aggressive" in the performance options. If you have the required memory, enabling this makes a big difference in loading larger or complex documents. You still might want Xpdf 3.02+ from Foolabs, as it includes some command line tools for converting PDFs to PS. To display properly embedded fonts with Xpdf in all PDFs, not just Scribus ones, you should read the Xpdf man page about setting up the fonts paths correctly via the .xpdfrc file. Otherwise, embedded fonts may not display properly. One known limitation is the inability to display transparency in Scribus generated PDFs.

In KDE 4, Okular, the sucessor to KPDF is a versatile PDF viewer which also can view a number of different image formats like Tiff and PSD.

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