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Mailing List Policy and Disclaimers


Scribus is developed by a team whose members are located on every continent and often are geographically quite far from each other. The larger Scribus Community is even more diverse and geographically distributed. Therefore, IRC and e-mail are the preferred ways to discuss Scribus use and development. The email communications for the Scribus Developers and the Community are supported by Scribus Mailing Lists.

Our lists are public, meaning anyone can read everything that is posted, and participate in the discussions. Everyone is encouraged to help with the development of Scribus and to spread the word of Free Software. The "scribus" list is intended for Scribus usage and general Desktop Publishing discussion, requests for help, and announcements. The "scribus-dev" list is intended for development-related discussions between the Scribus Team and interested members of the Scribus Community.

Basic Use

Each Scribus mailing list (henceforward referred to as "listname") has a submission address in the form, a control request address in the form, and a web page at

To send an email to a list, simply send it to the submission address To subscribe to a list to be able to read incoming mails as they arrive, or to unsubscribe from a list, use the control request address (see below).

The current list of available mailing lists is at presented as an alphabetical list.

Subscription / Unsubscription

Anyone is able to subscribe/unsubscribe on their own to any mailing list, presuming the subscription policy for a particular list is open.

You can use simple web forms to subscribe or unsubscribe from individual mailing lists, available at their respective web pages at

The requests for subscription or unsubscription can also be sent by email, to a special control address, which is slightly different from the lists address. Subscription or unsubscription messages should NOT be sent to the address of the mailing list itself.

To subscribe to or unsubscribe from a mailing list, please send an email to

with the word subscribe or unsubscribe as subject.

Please remember the -REQUEST part of the address.

As part of the subscription process, the list software will send you an email to which you must reply in order to finish subscribing. This is a security measure to keep people from subscribing others to the lists without their permission.

Please remember that an unsubscription request should be sent from the address that is subscribed. If that is not possible, the Subject: header should be: unsubscribe subscribedaddress@subscribed.domain

If you're receiving mail from a mailing list but you can't find the address through which you are subscribed, you can use the full headers of the received messages which will include lines like these:

     To:     List-Id: <>     Sender: 

This tells you reliably that the list in question is called scribus and that the subscribed address is In this (fictional) case you would send e-mail to with unsubscribe in the Subject field.

Member Options Page

  • This page is located at (For example,
  • This page can also be accessed by going to the listinfo page (For example, and entering your email address into the box beside the button marked "Unsubscribe or Edit Options" near the bottom of the page.
  • To log in to your member options page: If you are not already logged in, there will be a box near the top for you to enter your password. Enter your password in the box and press the button. If you do not know your password, click on the "Email My Password To Me" button in the lower left area of the page and check your email for the automated message from the list server software.
  • The member options page allows you to log in/out, change your subscription settings, unsubscribe, or get a copy of your password mailed to you.

Code of Conduct

When using the Scribus mailing lists, please follow these rules:

  • Do not send spam; see the advertising policy below.
  • If you can, please send all of your list emails in English. You may attempt to use other languages as the Scribus Community consists of people speaking many languages of the world, but you are not guaranteed to receive a response in your native language. Altogether, Scribus Team developers speak English, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Czech, Swedish, and Luxembourgish languages.
  • Make sure that you are using the proper list. In particular, don't send user-related questions to the scribus-dev development-related mailing list.
  • Wrap your lines at 80 characters or less for ordinary discussion. Lines longer than 80 characters are acceptable for computer-generated output (e.g., ls -l).
  • Avoid Top Posting:Here is why. Many list readers get the digest format which really loses readability with top posting.
  • Do not send automated out-of-office or vacation messages.
  • Do not send subscription or unsubscription requests to the list address itself; use the respective -request address instead.
  • Never send your messages in HTML; use plain text instead
  • Avoid sending large attachments. There is a message size limit for Scribus Lists and your attachments will also be automatically removed from the message and made accessible only through the web interface to the Scribus Lists.
  • Use your subscribed email to communicate with the list. If you use a different email address to send a message to the list your message will be held for moderator approval.
  • Do not quote messages that were sent to you by other people in private mail, unless agreed beforehand.
  • When replying to messages on the mailing list, do not send a carbon copy (CC) to the original poster unless they explicitly request to be copied.
  • If you send messages to lists to which you are not subscribed, always note that fact in the body of your message.
  • Do not use foul language; besides, some people may receive the lists via a medium such as packet radio, where swearing is illegal.
  • Do not flame – it is not polite.
  • Use common sense all the time.

List Maintenance and Administration

Sometimes our Mailing List Server may be down for maintenance or we could be performing upgrades to the mailing list software. Do not be alarmed as we'll make everything possible to bring the lists back up as soon as possible.

If you're having problems subscribing or unsubscribing, please make sure you've followed the proper procedure before trying to contact us. Make sure that you have seen the caveats regarding subscription/unsubscription.

To contact the list maintainer, send an e-mail in English to Alternatively, you can file a bug report in our Bug Tracking System at

If you were unable to unsubscribe from a mailing list, please include a copy of all the headers of an example message that you have received from that list in your e-mail.

Disclaimer/Privacy Policy

The mailing lists are public forums.

All emails sent to the lists are distributed both to the list subscribers and copied to the public archive, for people to browse or search without the need to be subscribed.

Furthermore, you can browse our mailing lists as Usenet newsgroups. It can be done using a web interface, like Google or Gmane.

There may be other places where lists are distributed – please make sure you never send any confidential or unlicensed material to the lists. This includes things like e-mail addresses. Of particular note is the fact that spammers, viruses, worms etc have been known to abuse e-mail addresses posted to open mailing lists.

The Scribus Team maintains the mailing lists in good faith and will take steps to curb all noticed abuse and maintain uninterrupted normal service. At the same time, the Scribus Team is not responsible for all mailing list posts or anything that may happen in relation to them.

Scribus Mailing List Advertising Policy

The sending of any kind of unsolicited bulk email (also known as spam) to any of the Scribus lists is prohibited. Senders of such messages can get blocked from posting on lists and/or reported to the relevant authorities.

The Scribus Listmasters do their best to stop as many such emails as possible from reaching the lists.

Many of the rules we use to block spammers and their messages have been reported to us by subscribers. If you wish to help us reduce the amount of spam even more, your help is very much appreciated. To report spam you may send email to with the URL of the message from the mailing list archive. You will get a reply when we act on your submission. Please bear in mind that we will only act on reported spam messages/patterns that have been sent in the last few hours, because there is no point in having out of date filtering rules.

Do not allow any emails that you receive from any Scribus mailing lists to be sent to an automated spam reporting system. Doing so is often harmful to all users and will force us to block you from receiving traffic from all Scribus lists until you prove that you will not do so again.


This document has been adapted from the Debian Project's Mailing Lists description. This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, Draft v1.0 or later, the latest version is usually available at

This material may be distributed only subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Open Publication License, v1.0 or later. Distribution of the work or derivative of the work in any standard (paper) book form is prohibited unless prior permission is obtained from the copyright holder. A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "Text of the Open Publication License."