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Community Resources

The scribus mailing list is on-line at There is a multi-lingual interface to the mailing list manager. This list is for end-user support and DTP discussion.

The scribus-dev mailing list is on-line at There is a multi-lingual interface to the mailing list manager. This list is for Scribus development discussion.

Mailing List Etiquette

The Scribus mailing list is active and very friendly. Do not be suprised if your questions receive several replies within a day. That said, there are a few rules we (and most list readers) like folks to follow. Please read our <a href="mailing_lists.html">Mailing List policy and disclamers</a>

The Bug Tracker is located at

The Wiki is located at

An IRC channel #scribus on is quite active. There is usually at least one person from the core development team present there. For immediate assistance, this is the best along with the mail list, but does not excuse not searching the docs :-) See: [[Help:Reference_Community_IRC|Scribus IRC]

The Scribus Developers maintain a blog at: This would be of interest to anyone using Scribus.


Open DTP a German language forum on all things related to page layout and using open source graphics applications. Hosted by long time Scribus user and contributor Thomas Zastrow.

There is a German Scribus documentation site, based on an earlier (1.1.x )version of Scribus.


Pour les francophones, trois de l'equipe parle français. Nous vous demandons d'abord d'essayer en anglais, mais en français marche aussi sur IRC et sur la liste. Il y a plusieurs francophones souvent sur le canal. Il y a aussi un forum dedie pour Scribus sur


There is an introduction to Guida a Scribus, thanks to Tommaso Cappello


There is a Polish translation of the "Get Started with Scribus" tutorial at:

French, German and Polish versions of the docs are making progress and will be viewable at this address.


Русскоязычный сайт о работе с графикой в Linux:

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