How to create a heart shape

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This tutorial will show you how to use some of the Scribus drawing tools to make a simple "heart" shape.

Specific techniques used in this tutorial

  • Setting a grid.
  • Creating a circle.
  • Creating a bezier curve.
  • Converting to a polygon.
  • Joining curves.
  • Joining shapes.


  • Open Scribus and create a new document. (A4/Letter portrait will do.)
Figure 1

First, you should display the grid and set grid snapping on. This is important because it will allow you to create the shapes much easier than otherwise.

  • Choose menu FileDocument Setup
  • Select "Guides" from the scrolling list on the left.
  • Check the "Show Page Grid" icon.
  • Set the "Major Grid" Spacing to 100pt.
  • Set the "Minor Grid" Spacing to 20pt.
  • OK the dialog.
  • Choose menu PageSnap to Grid. If "Snap to Grid" was already ticked then don't select it, leave it ticked.

Your document should look like figure 1.


Figure 2
  • Choose menu InsertInsert ShapeDefault ShapesCircle
  • Draw a circle the same size as two of the larger grid squares.
  • Choose menu ItemDuplicate
  • Drag the duplicated circle across to the right of the original so that the duplicate overlaps the original by two of the smaller grid squares - see figure 2.


Figure 3

It might be helpful to look at figure 3 before trying the next bit so that you have a better idea of what the instructions mean.

  • Choose menu InsertInsert Bezier Curve
  • Click at the point seven small grid squares down from the bottom of the two circles aligned vertically with the point where the two circles meet.
  • Drag the pointer down from the left of the left-hand circle by the same distance as one of the larger grid squares and release the mouse button.
  • Right-click to complete the bezier curve.
Figure 4
  • Select the curve you've just drawn.
  • Choose menu ItemDuplicate
  • Go to Tutorial template icon window.pngProperties 〉〉 X,Y,Z and press the "Flip Horizontal" button.
  • Drag the flipped curve so that its bottom end meets the bottom end of the original curve.

You should now have something that looks like figure 4.

Joining Up

Figure 5
  • Select one of the curves.
  • Shift-select the other curve.
  • Choose menu ItemPath ToolsConnect Paths
  • Set "Connect First Line" to "Starting Point".
  • Set "with Second Line" to "Starting Point".
  • Check to see that the dialog box looks like figure 5 and press OK
  • Re-select the new joined curve.
  • Choose menu ItemConvert toPolygon
  • Select one of the circles.
  • Shift-select the other circle.
  • Choose menu ItemPath ToolsPath Operations…
  • Accept the dialog box as it is and press OK
  • Select the joined circles.
  • Shift-select the joined curves.
  • Choose menu ItemPath ToolsPath Operations…
  • Accept the dialog box as it is and press OK
Figure 6

You should now have you heart shape as it looks in figure 6.

You can now add this shape to your scrapbook and use it wherever you need it.