How to submit bug report with sensitive data

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Encountering a critical bug in a confidential project

This may be subject to occurring. The need then arises to fix the issue but how if the content is sensitive. In this case the Scribus community has set up a few options:

Option #1 Submit the bug report as Private status in the Mantis Bugtracker

Only the core devs will see the issue.

Figure 1: Scribus MantisBT Bug Report form attachment function

Option #2 Use Scrambling Script

A Python script called Scrambling Text (written by Greg Pittman) can be run on the Scribus .sla file and obfuscate any text (not the pictures...Yet).


 Hourglass1.png This feature/option is considered experimental
  • ToDo: Add side-by-side before/after screenshot


  • Scribus version >=1.4.x (?)
  • Greg Pittman's Scrambling Text Scribus python script – there are 3 versions:
    • will scramble the text of a selected individual frame
    • will scramble all text frames in a document
    • will scramble all text frames on the current page

Important Note

  • Backup the .sla file before executing script
  • The script may wipe out the bug so you will need to confirm the bug is still there after the contents of the .sla have been 'scrambled'.