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early draft

11:26 < a_l_e_> i guess scribus should be able to support most text features from inkscape... if not all of 
11:27 < su-v> 'Flowed text' in Inkscape is not SVG-compliant
11:27 < su-v> a known and long-standing issue
11:27 < su-v> where Inkscape went ahead and implemented a feature from a working draft
11:27 < su-v> which was later dropped or changed (for SVG 1.2)
11:28 < a_l_e_> i think that scribus should be able to import SVGs from inkscape wether they are standards 
                or not.
11:28 < a_l_e_> at least, when they are well defined, have matching feature in scribus and are not too hard 
                 to implement...
11:28 < su-v> (only refers to 'flowed text' 
11:28 < su-v> a_l_e_: no browser or SVG renderer can handle Inkscape's flowed text
11:30 < su-v> a_l_e_: flowed text reflows when you resize the text frame
11:30 < su-v> regular text has hard line breaks
1:31 < a_l_e_> well, this is something well understood in scribus... should not be a problem...
11:31 < su-v> a_l_e_: <>
11:31 < a_l_e_> and scribus is not a SVG renderer... it converts SVGs in native structures.
11:31 < su-v> but still  Scribus relies onthe SVG spec for that conversion not on Inkscape
11:31 < a_l_e_> well, scribus relies on any spec available to get the job done...
11:32 < su-v> (else it would for example use the same dpi (90) when importing SVG, but it doesn't)
11:32 < a_l_e_> i don't think that the guy are picky about SVG specs
11:32 < su-v> a_l_e_: Inkscape's flowed text implementation is not compliant to the current spec
11:32 < su-v> nor to drafts of future specs
11:32 < a_l_e_> well, that dpi issue is imo overrated... you just have to resize your objects after 
                importing them.
11:33 < a_l_e_> on the other side, you can't easily reformat badly imorted text.
11:33 < su-v> that's not the point here (users don't expect to have to ersize them, nor do they usually 
              understand why the units arelost)
11:34 < a_l_e_> my point is that there is an easy workaround, so both inkscape and scribus can stick with 
                their specificity...
11:34 < su-v> a_l_e_: see here: <>
11:34 < a_l_e_> even if the users are not fully happy with it.
11:35 < su-v> Inkscape and SVG need to address the issue first
11:35 < a_l_e_> the issue with importing text -- despite having a workaround, too -- is more serious.
11:35 < su-v> k
11:36 < su-v> it would be great if Scribus imports regular text and can use the same fonts
11:36 < su-v> as in Inkscape, resulting in identical visual appearance
11:37 < su-v> as text and not as paths