Installing Scribus on Mac Intel

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This article is outdated. Please update the information to reflect the current status or knowledge. We will deprecate/delete in the future.

I've taken Martin Costabel's response from the mailing list to create this page:

Q: Any advance on an (easily) dowloadable set of binaries for Intel Mac?

Here are the steps to use Fink:

  1. Make sure the xcode dev tools from the system disk are installed (plus the optional X11User.pkg if they want to use X11 graphics)
  2. Download and install the Fink-0.8.1 installer for Intel from the web site.
  3. Activate "unstable" as explained in the Fink FAQ and run "fink selfupdate-cvs"
  4. Run "fink install scribus-aqua". This will give scribus- with aqua graphics. Also available are scribus- with X11 graphics and scribus-1.2.5 with X11 graphics.

These new machines are so fast that this procedure, which compiles scribus and most of its prerequisites on the user's machine, does not take very long, typically half an hour.

Note: Installing Scribus trough MacPorts will allow you to run a Intel version of Scribus.