News 2008-12-05

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Scribus: Open-Source Desktop Publishing --- The Official Scribus 1.3 Manual Now Open For Pre-Orders

After almost a year of collaborative effort, the official Scribus manual can now be pre-ordered from our publisher, FLES Books. Weighing in at just under 450 pages, this heavyweight was designed as a comprehensive guide to Scribus 1.3.3.x.

The year's wait was well worth it: the collaborative efforts of developers, designers, pre-press experts and experienced Scribus users has provided a comprehensive guide to Scribus's features, ranging from the most basic to the most complex of functions. These are tackled from all the perspectives that one would expect from the diverse group of authors. As a demonstration of the utility of Scribus, the layout for our manual was done in its entirety using Scribus – so it's a book about Scribus made with Scribus.

The book provides a significant stepping stone for Scribus in helping the development of the software. Each book pre-ordered leads to approximately £12 going straight to the Scribus project. The Scribus team hope that the manual will improve the project's image with professional DTP users, who now more than ever will be looking for a less expensive option that is comprehensively documented.

Go to the pre-order page now to order your copy. FLES Books are currently offering 10% off and free shipping worldwide for pre-orders.

Update! Our new estimated release date is January 18th, and until the actual release, the pre-release discount will continue!