News 2009-04-04

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Update on the Official Manual


Books are on their way to buyers in North and South America!

Mardigrafe is now printing the books going to the EU.

Go to this page for estimated arrival dates for various locations.

Also, for those of you in Australia, Asia, and Africa, Mardigrafe will also be printing and shipping your books.

As of late Friday, April 3rd, Louis reports that all books have been printed and bound, the only remaining step being the shipping. So at this point, it's up to the Canadian Postal Service and the postal service in your country.

I would add that and should be able to be used for orders even though the site says Not in Stock, but not sure what that means for a print-on-demand book. The book is aso available online at Barnes & Noble, and no doubt other online book sites.

You should also be able to order from FLES Books.